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David Guetta: Titanium Meaning


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Song Released: 2011

Featuring: Sia

Titanium Lyrics

You shout it out
But I can't hear a word you say
I'm talking loud not saying much
I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet
You shoot me down, but I get up

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire...


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    Mar 8th, 2012 3:16pm report

    I think its about how hes been bullied and put down so he had enough. He looks like he let out so much anger that it created his supernatural powers to come running to him. He then freaks out the school and tries to find somewhere he can be safe and himself without being judged. The first place anyone would think of is home. But when he sees the news report he realises hes in even more trouble because the human race does not like anything different, we are scared of it and so send in the army and whatever. He then realises he is on his own but will be bulletproof & unharmed by the bullies/army/ the people who are scared of the unexplainable. He runs away but remains unharmed because his supernatural powers saved him. I think overall it says that humans are scared of difference and that if that difference causes someone trouble, someday they will overcome it and become better then everyone. Sorry its so lenthy xx


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    Feb 20th, 2012 2:03pm report

    Never be afraid to show who you are, stand up to anyone, from bullies to gunmen! The official video shows a boy who blew up his school and is going to be shot for doing so, but he stands up and is 'Titanium', so no-one can beat him down.
    Sounds cheesy, but is true. Hope you like it!


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    Feb 8th, 2012 2:19pm report

    from listening to the lyrics for a good while and the official video i have come up with this
    it is about a kid, to be honest he is a bit goofy looking and therefor he most likely isnt very popular at school its sad but thats how it is he then makes somehting happen at school which freaks everyone out. when hes riding his bike it makes it look like hes going fast and he cant be stopped and he also passes that rather large women who again most people would laugh at the idea of her jogging but shes showing them just like the boy is doing all along. when the army get involved that just shows how humans treat anyhthing different or a threat.
    the song is about no matter who you are you can achieve anything and you can be whoever and whatever you want and always keep going. there is always inner strength even when the game is up.


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    Jan 17th, 1:01am report

    I think it means that………

    You'll have to find out, you have to use your imagination and own experiences to find the meaning :p


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    Jan 12th, 1:10am report

    For me this is all about resiliency. Being strong no matter what struggle may come across.


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    Nov 5th, 11:53am report

    There are many complications in life that you must fight through. Once somebody has been picked on an excessive amount of times, they lash out in some way. this song shows a boy who had to lash out violently, because he had so much anger built up inside of him. You have to live your own life and stay strong no matter what other people are telling you.


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    Sep 9th, 2013 9:02am report

    bullet proof and nothing to lose, fire away.
    this is a song about some1 who finds in himself extraordinary strength. tired of being shot at, declares himself bullet proof. he has taken more than enough so now he has nothing to loose, he has a thick skin-titanium. its a lesson to us all in fact. when people put you down, they think they're hurting you but in actual fact, they are making you stronger


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    Sep 8th, 2013 9:20am report

    The song is about this boy who was bullied,seen as weird,some supernatural creature however not intimidated by the haters and it was about showing them what he is made of, would never be defeated,not afraid of what they did.No matter how much they hate him,he is fine,still carry on with life.It was like 'come on,whether you hate me or not,i am strong enough to overcome.'That was a wonderful song and i love it


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    May 1st, 2013 5:41pm report

    The kid has superpowers and people fear what they cant understand. The kid searches for someplace to take him in, to love him, to understand him and understand what he has been through, what pain he felt. He created the explosion out of rage and nearly destroyed the school. Now knowing nowhere was home where no one cared and would care he does all he needs to protect him. No nothing holds him down now, nothing can stop him and restrain him from being invincible or titanium. He will now do whatever it takes to stay safe even though he will be chased by the military, air force and cost guard but he will NOT STOP. The fear caused him to loose control and now the fear has turned to rage and now to sadness at realizing he is totally alone in this world.
    -Blake Mackin



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    Apr 1st, 2013 4:47am report

    To those who have not given up from all sufferings that they are experiencing until they succeed because they always believe that " you may start nothing , but you will end up with everything ". Bullies , discriminations , or etc. are factors to make someone challenged to become strong.. Just like Titanium , has a strong chemical elements which can't be broken.


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    Mar 26th, 2013 3:39am report

    The person was bullied. He had so much, that his immense anger caused a supernatural power to be upheld from inside him, causing a rupture of power, and an explosion. The woman on the phone in the beginning was calling the police, and so the boy had to run. After the military forces were (somehow) brought to this matter, the story ends with how it began; A rupture of anger and fear, causing sudden power.


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    Feb 26th, 2013 2:43pm report

    I think this song is about bullying.
    Sometimes when you scream or cry, People won't ever hear you.
    They'll start to push you on the ground and make you stay there until you've finally given up.
    But if you get back up, You become more stonger and braver in life.
    Don't listen to people who criticize you.
    Your just being yourself and no one will ever change that about you.
    No one is perfect in this world, No matter how hard they try.
    Your unique and beautiful in every way.
    If you give up they win in the end.
    But if you prove them wrong, You win for being the brave one.
    They can shoot you down many times.
    But you'll always be standing on your feet.
    When people say they care, Most of them are lying they're only showing there fake/haunted love.
    You can raise your voice,But the words will come back,Breaking your bones like sticks and stones.
    But hang in there more longer.
    Because if you do, It'll all be better in the end.You'll find a new road with new beginnings.
    Keep walking and don't turn back.
    Your titanium.


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    Feb 14th, 2013 2:29pm report

    I think that it is about a kid who was either being bullied or he was really scared. He blew up thee school with his powers because he felt scared so he went to his house. He saw he was being hunted and he knew he was alone he uses his mind powers to get out of the house and into the woods. In the video when one of the SWAT team members scream stop the boy is crying if you look closely. He realizes that he has nowhere to go because they have guns, so he goes in the position that is in the beginning of the video and uses his powers again.


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    Feb 5th, 2013 2:39pm report

    I think it's about a kid that is really upset because he is being messed around with.he is tired of it so he releases his powers witch connect to anger it causes a big explosion and the police go after him he runs with a thought in mind saying I will be safe. The police catch him but he protects himself from getting shot that's what I think.


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    Feb 2nd, 2013 2:31pm report

    When I watch the video, it felt like the kid did something bad in the school and spent the rest of the movie running from the authorities. The fact that "a supernatural occurrence" is used in the news headline is disturbing from a faith perspective. It was obvious that harm and violence had occurred and in light of the recent violence in our schools I think this video is a bit scary.


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    Jan 5th, 2013 1:04pm report

    Well, the reason I stumbled on to this site was because I needed to "explain" the meaning of this song to a young singer so she could "get her heart behind it", so to speak. So I did. That was a little unusual for me because I usually don't think or put such things into words.. I just "feel" them. But anyway, I wanted to see what others thought. What I told my friend was.. it's like.. it could be any situation that you could imagine.. but what basically, I feel is being said can be put into very few words..just like the song.. "You can do anything at all that you want to do to me, say anything you want.. makes no difference. If you "shoot me down" in some way? I will get right back up. I am TITANIUM... bite me!" That's what I told her anyway. LoL


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    Dec 30th, 2012 12:14pm report

    I think this song is about a kid who is bullied and really just wants to be not bullied. He got so angry that his school was a big mess. When he gets home,a news report is saying the kid made the school kinda destroyed.When he saw that news report,the police came and he had the super power to make everything float. When he got into the forest,the police caught him but the kid had a powerful power to make the police men get hurt. So what I think titanium means in this music video and song is that he is very strong and powerful.


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    Nov 13th, 2012 11:06pm report

    He has some the same powers as the guys in the movie chronicle

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