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Demi Lovato: Give Your Heart a Break Meaning


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Song Released: 2011

Give Your Heart a Break Lyrics

The day I first met you, you told me you'd never fall in love
But now that I get you, I know fear is what it really was
So here we are so close yet so far haven't I passed the test
When will you realize baby I'm not like the rest.



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    Dec 1st, 2011 12:49pm report

    i think it means that she met a guy who was too scared to "fall in love with someone" and shes kind of telling him that "if you love me i wont break you heart, im not that kind of girl who does that, ill love you for who you are and you will never regret falling in love with me". but the guy is too scared and he keeps getting away from her. the lyrics, "When your lips are on my lips then our heart beat is one
    Once you slip out of my finger tips every time you run oh" and "Don't wanna break your heart wanna give your heart a break
    I know you're scared it's wrong like you might make a mistake" kind of says it all. RATE! thanks. :)


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    Jan 6th, 2014 1:23pm report

    I think actually that this song is actually about her. Her fear to let ppl in and to accept love because of everything she's been through and all the pain and torment. Starting at a young age due to her father. When a father abuses his daughter it can be hard for her to trust another man and she is scared. Also the pain after her father that lasted for years. Imagine how alone she felt. She was bullied in school. She must have felt very alone causing her to believe no one could truly love her. So now this boy comes along and she wants to trust him and she wants to let him in but she's scared to get hurt again. I think this song is part of her story but she just wrote it like she was talking about someone else going through all this.


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    Dec 10th, 2013 12:10pm report

    i think it means that she loves someone and she is telling the person that she is not the kind of person who just go and break your heart she love you for who you


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    Jun 14th, 2013 6:57am report

    I think that she is in love with him and wants him to be in love with her. But he is scared to fall in love because of previous relationships/loves and Demi is trying to convince him to fall in love with her and it is a big fiasco that makes sense but doesn't.


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    Oct 6th, 2012 10:57pm report

    I think it's about a guy who finds it really hard to love as his last girlfriend did something to him that let him scared and then the new girl (aka demi) comes along and they fall in love , but the guy is too scared to do anything with the relationship as his last gf has hurt him badly . New girl is trying to tell him that she just won't do anything like the ex p and she loves him and she's not like anyone else has she has had hardships to .and she just wants to give him time to figure out what he wants to do with the relationship . That's what I think . Ps demi rocks . Best singer in the world !!!!


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    Jul 5th, 2012 7:01pm report

    This song obviously refers to sex. It's even in the title! If you have a relationship, your not giving your heart a break. The only time you are is when your having sex. Especially when she says "I know your scared it's wrong like you might make a mistake." The guy is scared to have sex. But she wants it so badly which is shown when she continues on to say "there's just one life to live and there's no time to waste."

    Another possible interpretation of this song is the complete opposite of what I said: instead, that the guy wants sex, just sex with no strings attached. This is evident when he says "havent I passed the test?" The "test" in this case was the sex. She unfortunately fell in love with someone who wants nothing to do with her.

    "Baby I can ease the ache." is also just one of several sexual references throughout this song.

    However you look at it, one thing is certain: this song is about sex.


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    Jun 20th, 2012 6:54am report

    WTF!? I was so sure this song was about no strings sex. That's what I thought the very first time I heard the chorus. All you fools are talking about love. lol! As if she's saying to him, "I know you've had your heart broken by other girls when you fall in love, but don't worry, I won't break your heart if you fall in love with me because I'm a special princess". LOLOLOL!! No, she's saying, "I won't break your heart because I'm interested in your dick, not your heart". THAT is how she's giving his heart a break.... by not involving the heart in sex.

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    Jun 14th, 2012 6:38pm report

    She still loves him but she knows she'll only break his heart. So she knows that she has to end things even if there in love. That's why she say give your heart a break.


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    May 30th, 2012 5:16pm report

    She's in love with a guy who doesn't appreciate the love she has for him, He's too confused to actually love her the way she wants him to love her.


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    May 21st, 2012 5:49am report

    She's in love with someone who's too afraid to take risks (and so is skeptical about love) of heartbreak. She wants to prove him wrong and that she won't break his heart, to let him relax and learn how to trust.

    Since she knows how to give someone's heart a break, not that she knows how to give someone's heart a break, if you get this.


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    May 12th, 2012 5:16pm report

    I think she loves a guy who doesn't love her back, because he is to damn scared to. So she is trying to tell him that she's not the kind of a girl that would break his heart, because she really loves him for who he is.


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    May 4th, 2012 5:41am report

    This song is meant to mean to believe who your in love with and to have to courage, and never give up and not a break up song


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    Apr 12th, 2012 4:58pm report

    i think that they are together but due to the problems that all relationships have,he's scared and tries to distance himself from her.she wants him to realise that she's not like the other girls out there who have hurt him before.and to prove this to him she will do whatever it takes because she's in lovee with him(i.e.photo montage XD )


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    Apr 5th, 2012 4:20am report

    I think the meaning of the song is that The Guy is afraid to fall in love and The Girl wants The Guy to know that She's not like the rest of the girls and wants the guy to take a chance and since The Guy's heart is sort of 'not opening' to anyone and The Girl wants to Give his heart a break. Make the heart relax and make The Guy's heart 'open' and fall in love with her.


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    Mar 31st, 2012 3:34am report

    This song is about how the guy misinterpret the girl by take advantage on her. but somehow the true love of her blind all the hurting side by letting the guys hearts to break.how sad it is..

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    Feb 11th, 2012 2:42pm report

    I think it is breaking up with a guy and they had a history.

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