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Duran Duran: Save A Prayer Meaning


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Song Released: 1982

Save A Prayer Lyrics

You saw me standing by the wall,
Corner of a main street
And the lights are flashing on your window sill
All alone ain't much fun,
So you're looking for the thrill
And you know just what it takes and where to go

Don't say a prayer for me...


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    Jun 15th, 6:04am report

    According To Simon Le Bon, The Song's Chorus Structure Is Based On Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind" And The Lyrics As Being Contrary To The Then-Popular New Romantic Movement By Being "Realistic, And Not Romantic" And "For Seeing Things As They Really Are". Simon Sums Up "Save A Prayer" As "It's Definitely A Freedom Song But Like A Kinda Nobody Owns Anybody Kinda Song".


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    Dec 11th, 2013 12:05pm report

    "And the lights are flashing on your window sill"

    Implies that she is in the red light district and for sale(her light is on). Simon is the John.

    The chorus is probably what the girl is saying.

    "Pretty looking road" again is the red light shop street.

    "Try to hold the rising floods that fill my skin"

    He's trying not to get a boner walking down the shop street looking at all the naked women.

    I think she is a new prostitute just starting.

    She wanted to dance first. She is scared of her first John experience.

    One of the reason's she is becoming a prostitute is that she is tired of being alone.

    Some my take...

    Food for thought.


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    Dec 19th, 2012 12:26am report

    I think HE is the one "selling his body", because she's in a car and he's in a corner. Besides, she is "looking for the thrill" and "knows where to go", also she is the one who's nervous, shy and scared.

    The prayer would be for his soul, because of his job or maybe her spontaneous "Oh my God" 's when he went a little more "physical" or "rough", lol. The "save to the morning after" part is he saying she should forget about her religious and/or moral rules that say they shouldn't do it and just think about it after it's done.

    They might have never left the very place where they met: he didn't take her to dance, he merely invited her to and is trying to convince her to do it (or him, lol).

    I think he feels excited as in "try to hold the rising floods that fill my skin" because he has to seduce her first, not because he's the one looking for sex, as some suggested.


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    Oct 18th, 2012 10:37am report

    yesterday I saw a tv programme about duran duran 's classic album "Rio" where Simon Le Bon explains what he means with his Lyrics in save a prayer.It's about a one night stand, where we should enjoy the moment with another person and not think about tomorrow, or think about he or she really loves you truely, or wants a relationship or not, etc.... Don't expect to much. Don't think what he or she wants or thinks. Just enjoy the moment don't worry about tomorrow, enjoy the connection between two people meeting each other, having sex, being intimate....


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    Jul 23rd, 2011 7:53pm report

    This song is about a one night stand with a prostitute. The line "don't say a prayer for me now, save it tilthe morning after" refers to the way people tend to pity prostitutes and look down upon them amd she is basically saying that while she is having fun with this man she does not need their pity and she does not need to be saved. It is not until the morning after that she starts to have regrets and feelings of sorrow. that is when she truly needs a prayer. it has also been suggested that this song has something to do with a pregnancy that occured because of this one night stand.


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    Apr 22nd, 2009 4:12pm report

    It's about a one night stand; he's says it in the song "Some people call it a one night stand, but we can call it paradise". It's the progression of an evening in a bar or something. It starts at the beginning of the song where she's sitting by herself, but she's looking for someone ("looking for a thrill, but you know just what it takes and where to go"). She wants him to make the first move, as most women want men to do, so he does to "break the ice". He asks her to dance, etc . . . and the title of the song refers to him to "Save a Prayer" til the morning after so that they can deal with everything "after the deed".


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    Mar 18th, 2009 3:35pm report

    Don't be afraid to take a chance, live one day at a time. Dance and you will conquer the fear that is in your soul.

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    Duran Fan
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    Aug 29th, 2005 8:45pm report

    This song, as Simon LeBon said at Live Aid, is about being able to happily live your life amongst those around you.

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