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Imagine Dragons: Demons Meaning

Tagged: Disease [suggest]

Song Released: 2013

Demons Lyrics

When the days are cold
And the cards all fold
And the saints we see
Are all made of gold
When your dreams all fail
And the ones we hail
Are the worst of all
And the blood’s run stale
I want to hide the truth
I want to shelter you


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    Apr 3rd, 2013 4:42pm report

    i found this on another site:

    "when the days are cold" - things are dark and depressing
    "the cards all fold" - everyone has given up
    "the saints we see are all made of gold" - there isn't anyone truly good left
    "when your dreams all fail" - life is getting hard and things aren't happening for people
    "and the ones we hail are the worst of all" - the people who have the most influence are the people are are the worst influences (famous musicians, etc.)
    "the bloods fun stale" - nobody has passion anymore
    "I wanna hide the truth, I wanna shelter you" - he wants to hide the terrible world from someone he loves
    "but with the beast inside, there's nowhere we can hide" - the things that make man fallen are inside of him, so he could cut her off completely from bad people and she would still have a beast inside her
    "no matter what we breed, we still are made of greed" - same idea...man's fallen traits are engrained in him, and you can't make them go away
    "this is my kingdom come" - this is my reality, i realize that now, and this is as good as it's getting

    "when you feel my heat look into my eyes, it's where my demons hide" - I may seem like a better person on the outside, but in reality I'm just as bad as everyone else on the inside, I've got problems too
    "don't get too close, it's dark inside" - you're too innocent for me

    "when the curtain call is the last of all" - the show's over, now you see who the people really are, but they've still got smiles on their faces
    "when the lights fade out all the sinners crawl" - but when your not looking anymore, the people are just humble sinners on their hands and knees just like everyone else
    "so they dug your grave" - everyone is just waiting for you to fall too, because they know you will
    "and the masquerade" - like I said before, everyone is just a fake
    "will come calling out at the mess you made" - even though they're just fakes, they are just looking for their chance to criticize you and pull you down, which s why they've dug your grave
    'don't wanna let you down, but I am hell-bound" - I really don't want to hurt you, but even though I know you trust in my, I'm gonna have to burst your bubble cuz I'm as bad as everyone else
    "don't wanna hide the truth, know this is all for you" - he wanted to hide he truth earlier, but now he knows he can't keep deluding her, she needs to know who he really is, who people all really are, and it may hurt her but it's all for her in the end
    "they say it's what you make, I say it's up to fate" - some people say that what you do and how hard you work determines the outcome of life our a relationship, but he thinks it't just gonna happen like it happens and there's nothing he can do to change it: people will always have demons inside them
    "it's woven in my soul" - his demons are a part of him, he's never going to shake them
    "I need to let you go" - she's innocent, and he doesn't want to ruin that and since he's stuck with his demons forever, he needs to separate himself from her
    "your eyes they shine so bright, I want to save that light" - again, he wants to preserve her innocence
    "I can't escape this now" - again, he thinks he's stuck with his demons forever
    "unless you show me how" - here's the note of hope in this song. He thinks he's pretty much stuck like he is forever, but whoever he is talking to is so innocent and 'her eyes shine so bright' that he thinks just maybe possibly she might be able to show him the way out


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    May 20th, 5:13pm report

    Very interesting comments ( I'm here the first time). I looked closer into the song because a) I liked it and b) wanted to know the context of "my kingdom come". Well, for me as a christian I have to say that from a biblical viewpoint he's very right - we are born as sinners and as the bible states, "greed is the root of all evil" - it is only by accepting Christ as our Savior ( from sin and darkness ) that there is a way out for him ( the singer) going to hell as he states himself. Basically he realized it and wants to protect a loves one from this realization. Thank God for Christ - He can bring Light ( I am the light of the world)- hopefully the singer or songwriter will know that before its too late.


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    Aug 6th, 2013 8:08pm report

    so for me it has two meanings
    it talks about a demon we all have inside us. that one thing we try to hide by putting a mask on. and that no matter how hard we try to destroy or hide that part of us it will always be there because its a part of us.
    this man wants to protect that person he loves so much from other people demons and from his demon too because he knows how hard and evil the world can be and he doesn't want that person to suffer as much as he did.


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    Sep 14th, 00:49 report

    I like to see that this song can affect so many. I think it's great that there can be general meanings. I do think it possible that for the writer of this song that the biblical references are exactly that. Perhaps, refereeing to the boy with cancer...the singer met with him and found he was placed on a pedestal by this boy-Tyler. So, line by line, he is tracing his emotion by meeting with this boy. I agree very much with the interpretation from the original poster. But the saints reference...I think it means this- when the saints we see(both literally as in past actual saints and figuratively as in people we suppose to be saint-like) turn out to be nothing more than something we've built in our minds using the most precious medium available. IOW, fake, not real. He's saying that when we realize that everything is over and the buzz has worn off and we come back to reality...
    Perhaps Tyler was a boy of strong faith and discussed this with the singer. The writer doesn't want to let Tyler down, but in his effort to hide his demons, he begins to face them. His view of the world and mankind is bleak. He focuses on maintaining Tyler's innocence but realizes at some point that if he cares so much as to protect this boy from these demons that possess him, then he may not be as bad as he first thinks. Thus, Tyler may show him how to return to light. Just my humble opinion and imaginings. Oh yeah, the blood runs cold... This happens in death and I believe that is a reference, like the saints. The singers faith is dead. Jesus's blood no longer spills for him. But Tyler does give him hope. God bless that boys soul.


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    Sep 6th, 9:53pm report

    Well this song contains a lot of biblical elements. The other parts of the song were broken down well but the biblical references were lacking. When they say kingdom come they are alluding to the coming of Christ. The coming of Christ is a purge of all sin in the world and a final confrontation against the devil. So in my opinion the message of that verse is saying that this his confrontation with the demons. That this is it for him and he will make his stand. Demons are another biblical allusion. They could represent the evil in us all or the challenges that face us in life. The Devil sends demons to kill, steal, and destroy. When he says "your eyes they shine so bright" that is also a biblical allusion. Eyes shinning bright is like youthfulness of spirit. This fraise is used often in the Bible to describe elderly servants of God and can be interpreted as purity. Sin is also used a lot in the song. Sin means to miss the mark and is another biblical allusion. It could mean how we all sin at one point or another in our life. Sinners are just people who haven't repented. Hell is also a biblical allusion. We all have an idea of hell and when he says he is "hell-bound" he may be saying that he has no hope or that he has done something so bad that he is guaranteed to go to hell. The Bible says that those who repent will be forgiven of their sins. At the end of the song it could be saying that whoever he is with has not done anything wrong or has not sinned yet and that maybe he/she "could show him how".


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    Jun 28th, 6:44pm report

    For me its not what I think they are talking about but what the song means to me, I suffer from mental illness and have done since I was 16- when it comes to talking about I want to hide the truth, I dont want people to know what I have exactly. It is the demon inside, which if I get ill can come out and when it comes to relationships with others, not romantic I have that in my life, my spouse but others in general, I dont want people to get to close lest the discover this demon inside I try to keep to myself so much, I dont want to seem different to them from then on, people have such terrible stereotypes and assumptions of those who have one of those illnesses are like- they see the ones who go off the deep end and think- we all must be that wa. This song means alot to me because its says what I cant say to others, how I feel about what I deal with every day and yes I would love to be shown how to without feeling scared.


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    Jun 8th, 6:01pm report

    The song is about a guy talking to a girl he loves, telling her that he is monster and he needs to let her go because the demons inside him willl hurt her, purposefully or not. He didn't want to show her what kind of person he really was at first because he thought that would hurt her too, but he realizes now that she will be hurt worse if he doesn't tell her and let her go than if he tells her and lets her go.
    "Your eyes, they shine so bright. I want to save that light" shows that the girl is good and kind, and he wants her to get away from him because that "light" might be extinguished by his darkness.
    "I can't escape this now unless you show me how" shows a grain of hope that maybe her goodness might be strong enough to drive away the demons inside of him.


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    May 28th, 5:41pm report

    So lets not get literal about the "woven in my soul" part like bro it's a song some parts can't happen in reality.

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    May 18th, 5:37pm report

    It means that he has challenges that he wants to keep person involved with from seeing. He sees her as naive and a need to protect her from himself. He wants to hold on to their relationship but is torn because he doesn't want to hurt her with his challenges. He let's her know he needs to let her go for her own well-being but recognizes she is the one loving innocent who can influence him to become a better person. She brings light and hope to his darkness.


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    May 1st, 5:51am report

    Talking about having done great atrocities (like ward in agents of shield).

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    Apr 28th, 4:40pm report

    This sounds to me like a Narcissist. Narcissist are hiding demons and even though they tell you they love you and want to protect you they only hurt you. If a person would dedicate this song to me I would run! They tell you the truth but we dont believe we think we can change them. No one can change an Narcissist. RUN!!!

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    Apr 27th, 4:34pm report

    In the beginning, it mentions that "the saints we see are all made of gold." To me, this says that people who we think are perfect (or close to perfect) have a greedy side too (because they are metaphorically made of gold). It is also possible that the song may mean that something is causing the person to be nice that most people may be disappointed in. For example, if a teenager's parents pay them to be nice, are they really nice?

    Later, it states that our role models are the worst ones to follow: "When your dreams all fail and the ones we hail are the worst of all." This line simply says that idols are dangerous. If you really look up to someone who has flaws (because everyone has flaws), you will eventually, whether you know it or not, take on those flaws in an effort to be like that person. It's sad but true. It has also given me second thoughts about role models.

    Later on, it says, "I wanna hide the truth/I wanna shelter you/But with the beast inside/There’s nowhere we can hide." Basically, the person singing the song wants to help the one they love, but end up confessing that there's nothing they can do to shelter them from the cruel and unforgiving world. The singer knows that, although they try to be as good of a human as they can, there is no way to stop the sin that is waiting to emerge from inside. The singer could try to protect them from the world, but it would be pointless because the flaws would emerge on the person they were trying to protect. This is also sad but true, but reenforces the idea of the song interpreting that no one is perfect.

    Thus, the chorus to the song:
    "When you feel my heat
    Look into my eyes
    It’s where my demons hide
    It’s where my demons hide
    Don’t get too close
    It’s dark inside
    It’s where my demons hide
    It’s where my demons hide"

    Of course, the author does not actually mean that they have physical demons inside of them, but demons are a reference to the sin and flaws that rest within. The rest is pretty much self explanatory:)

    The rest of the song goes on to support the "thesis" more if you take the time to read into it.

    Overall, the singer loves the person they are singing to, the intended audience. He wants to protect the intended audience from the darkness of the world, but it comes out as warning of the lingering dangers because he can not do anything to prevent his inner "demons" from hurting them.

    If you ask me, this is a pretty depressing song. It is also and eye opener to see that other people actually notice that this world has become crueler over the years.


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    Apr 26th, 4:55pm report

    This song was written in memory of a boy named Tyler Robinson. Tyler was just like any other one of their fans- only he had cancer. He died at the age of 18, in 2013. Imagine Dragons wanted to write a song in memory of him, because the band has a connection with their fans, one most bands these days don't have. If you look up the music video, at the end there is footage of Tyler singing the last chorus of "It's Time" with Dan Reynolds, the band's lead singer. The actual meaning of the words in this song is very deep, so deep Adele couldn't roll in it: Bad things have happened to the singer of the song, and he wants to shelter the person he loves from the world, but he can't, because demons stay with you forever. The line "unless you show me how" is a ray of hope: the singer's so messed up, but the person he loves is so pure and innocent she/he might be able to show the singer how to get out of the cage made by his demons.


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    Mar 25th, 3:51pm report

    I actually keep questioning myself if there is a real meaning about it at all... then i realize, hey! its jut a song no? so what the f#$@ im looking in this song.
    As I said there is not a whole meaning, its your life and u can interpretate it how ever you want.
    I think maybe its about a guy who´s life has gone to hell because his own demons, his own defects(like if he keps making the same mistake with her), so if its like that when they say "I want to hide the truth I want to shelter you But with a beast inside, There is no where we can hide" maybe he is protecting her from himself. dunno, just saying.

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    Mar 16th, 2014 3:15pm report

    My boyfriend used this song as an example of what he's feeling... He's been acting weird and began getting more and more distant. When I decided we needed some space from each other, he told me, "take a quick listen to this song. it'll explain why i haven't been wanting to hang out with you." He's been holding in his anger the entire time and is scared he might do something to me that he would regret... "i don't want to hit you." that was what he said...


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    Mar 16th, 2014 3:31am report

    I personally think that this message fits the song best. Throughout the song the lyrics are written as if it is about two people coming from the point of view of one of them. It talks about a person wanting to protect and shelter someone he loves from other people’s inner demons, his demons and the world’s cruelty and that he can only do that by letting the person go because he has no other option but to settle to the fact that he has these demons. At the end of the song it talks about a small glimmer of hope being that the person he loves is so innocent and pure that only they can save him from the reality of the world and himself.

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    Mar 8th, 2014 3:30pm report

    i believe that the song means that we as human beings are all greedy and do care about one another showing hatred. it tells us that we all need to love one another and care about each other no matter what and to give up our selfish ways


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    Feb 19th, 2014 2:20am report

    This song was made for a man who had cancer. It basicly means, we all have troubles ( aka: demons ) with certan things. It's not evil, it just refers to hard times and stress.

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