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Welcome to Movie Meanings' Blog!

Posted Dec 24th 2013, 10:46 by Penguin Pete

Here we are, the first post on a fresh, sparkling new blog at moviemeanings.com. If you lean in and sniff, it still has that showroom "new blog" smell!

We're so excited to start blogging about movies, what they mean, what people think they mean, and what the creators think they mean that we can hardly wait to get started. In fact, we dithered for awhile about what our opening post should be.

We could talk about the most negative review of the original Star Wars when it came out in 1977, most notably Harlan Ellison's editorial rant "Luke Skywalker is a Nerd and Darth Vader Sucks Runny Eggs," and why he may be grouchy, but had a point. Perhaps we could have opened the holiday season by posting about movies that have Christmas running all through them without necessarily being Christmas movies, such as Die Hard, Gremlins, or Eyes Wide Shut. Or take the traditional trappings of the season a mite further by discussing movies that feature angels without being religious movies, such as Michael, Dogma, Hellboy II, Angels in the Outfield, City of Angels, or The Prince of Egypt.

Ah, but that can come later.

Instead, let's put on our Santa hat and give our readers a present: A link list of various movie-related sites which we will be referencing on and off. These are the sites that inspired us to create this site, so if you visit our neighborhood, you'll know a little more about where we're coming from and what to expect.

Places to watch movies free online:

Movie reviews and blogs:

Whoa! Sorry, we got carried away there. That's just a scoop off the top of our barrel. It's just there to give your an appetizer for what to expect here. If we later prove ourselves to have seen farther into the silver screen, you will know that it was due to our having stamped 'pon the toes of giants.

Don't be a stranger, readers!


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