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Aerosmith: Angel Meaning

Tagged: Angels [suggest]

Song Released: 1988

Angel Lyrics

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  1. anonymous
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    Feb 11th 2022 report

    This Angel can be God, that saves us from everything. An homage to great almighty power of Gods Will.

  2. anonymous
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    Jul 3rd 2014 report

    From my point of view Steven is singing about a lost lover. I think that the person left him for some reason and he is suffering so much that he's literally dying.
    Obviously many will disagree with me, but I think the person is Joe Perry. I know it sounds strange, but that's exactly what happened during the 70's when Joe left him and the band. He was so sad and missed him so much that his addiction became even worse, almost killing him. I don't believe that they are gay, since they both shared women and got married, but I strongly believe that they are bissexual and had a bizarre relationship during the 70's. Maybe Joe doesn't love him anymore (since he seems to be happy with Billie) but I think that steven never forgot him.
    I read his book 'Does The Noise in My Head Bother You?' and I tought that Steven speaks about Joe in a very romantic way, with adoration. First, that's how he talks about the day they met:

    "He had his Keith Richards moves down. The menacing hatchet-face scowl and bent knees as if the riff was so heavy it was weighing him down. The cool-chop look slightly undercut by his horn-rimmed glasses, white tape in the middle, hair down to his shoulders. (...) Fuck! When I heard him play that, ah man, my dick went sooo hard! He blew my head off! I heard the angeltown
    sound, I saw the light. I was having that moment — the moment. (...) It was so fucking great it made me cry (...) When I met Joe, I knew I’d found my other self."

    Then he goes on and start talking about their relationship:

    "We’ve been chained together for almost forty years (...) Writing songs together, living next door to each other, touring, sharing girls, taping, getting high together, cleaning up together, splitting up ... getting back together. There is a love there, no matter what. As soon as the anger gets resolved, nothing can ever drive us apart. (..) Nobody can make me as crazy as Joe (..) I see him from the outside. Joe fucking Perry is the ultimate ... but I’m the one who can see the shadow over, under ... and inside him."

    Then, they started living together, but later Joe decided to live with Elyssa Jerret, Steven begged him to stay, saying:

    'When I met you, I knew I’d found my guy. Come on now, man . . . you gotta stay.'

    But even so, he left, then Steven wrote:

    "I felt that Joe abandoned me, that he cared more about Elyssa"

    "After all these years, it’s okay to admit it. I was really hurt that he would rather be with Elyssa than be with me."

    "I was angry at Elyssa because she stole my boyfriend, my significant other, my partner in crime!"

    "I took my anger and jealousy and eventually put it into “Sweet Emotion,” which I pointed at Elyssa directly ..."

    Well, other members of the band also got married and left their house but steven was never that sad. Their relationship got worse and when Joe left the band, Steven almost died. The story is explained in these two videos:

    Pay attention at: 5:00 (how they were agressive with each other), 5:39 (Joe talking about Cyrinda Foxe in a jealous way), 6:02-6:14 (it seems that steven only married Cyrinda to provoke Joe and Elyssa), 6:40 (he says 'maybe steven and joe are really in love with each other') and 9:27

    Pay attention at: 1:05 - 1:30 (you can feel that steven is really hurt when he talks about Joe), 1:50 ('steven missed Joe like he missed a long lost lover'), 4:33, 5:25-7:00

    Steven also hated all Joe's wives. He talks bad about Elyssa AND Billie in his book.

    "I see Billie Perry, she sees me and goes, “Joe! Joe! Steven’s here!” She starts freaking. It’s Elyssa Perry, the Wicked Witch of the North again. Billie, Elyssa, same woman. If you ever meet guys who have had three, four wives, you know they keep getting married to the same woman over and over. They pick a new woman who’s just like the old one every time."

    He also said that he had gay sex but didn't enjoy it because:

    "The idea of some guy pulling my hair back, biting my ear, and shoving his cock in my ass doesn’t appeal to me".

    Well, he didn't say anything about shoving HIS cock in another guy's ass... maybe he doesn't consider that as gay sex.

    I guess all of that mess and drugs ruined their relationship and Steven never got over it. In his book he says:

    'Joe’s been my inspiration on more songs than I would ever tell him. Sometimes, just his presence in the room is enough to inspire lyrics to the greatest melody'

    Well, I think that many of his songs were inspired on their relationship. The obvious one is sweet emotion, but there are others like:

    You see me crying: (it is clear that Steven sings this song for a man and we can relate those lyrics to the time that Joe left Steven to live with Elyssa, if that is true we can infer that Joe left Steven because he said something very bad and Steven is trying to apologise)

    Angel: "I want your love let's break the wall between us/Don't make it tough, i'll put away my pride" (well they really build a wall between them); "Without your love, i'm nothing but a beggar/Without your love, a dog without a bone" (when Joe left, he became just like that); ''You're the reason i live/You're the reason i die" (yeah Steven almost died without Joe)

    Deuces are Wild: "I love to look into your big brown eyes/They talk to me and seem to hypnotize/You say the things nobody dares to say/And i'm not about to let you fly away" (Joe has beautiful brown eyes, Joe always spoke things nobody dared to say to Steven because he's the only one who can really do that. Steven didn't want to let Joe fly away with no one) "Like deja vu i feel like i've been here/Or somewhere else but you've been always near/It's you that's in my dreams i'm beggin' for/But i woke up when someone slammed the door" (well, Joe's been always near him. He wakes up from his dream when Joe slams the door and leaves).

    Cryin': "There was a time/When I was so brokenhearted/Love wasn't much, of a friend of mine/The tables have turned, yeah/'Cause me and them ways have parted/That kind of love was the killin' kind" (...) "Your love/is sweet misery/I was cryin' just to get you/Now I'm dyin', 'cause I let you" (their ways have parted and their love was the killin' kind, it wasn't good for steven, almost killed him)

    Also, in "what it takes" if you change girl for boy you will see their relationship in the lyrics. "Devil in your eyes/kiss" is also a line that is common to many of these songs, which is something that connects them, as if they were about the same person.

    Another Last Goodbye:

    "Hey, Give my heart a break
    You say it’s you that loves me more
    And then you kick and slam your door.
    While you’re on your way
    I want to thank you for the ride
    And pull the thorn out of my side"

    "And then you throw your frozen heart
    Out in somebody else’s flames"

    "And then you go and leave me
    Pissed off and alone"

    "I believe I’ve always been in love with you
    Though we got caught up in the sway"

    Well the lyrics are very clear and to me it's obvious that this music was dedicated to Joe. Maybe as a goodbye song, maybe he finally decided to kill the love that made him suffer for so many years.

    Well there are much more stuff I could add, but this post would be even bigger. If you want to see for yourselves, download Steven's biography, read about their relationship, watch the interviews and documentaries, look at their pictures together, watch their videos together... there are many evidences that what I said might have happened, but I'm not sure about ANYTHING, It's just MY interpretation of the facts. I do believe that they had a relationship, maybe it's over now (I hope it's not).

  3. Jaynie06
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    Jan 7th 2014 report

    I think Angel is a song about the woman who helped save Steven's life when he was struggling with his efforts to find sobriety and when he was literally fighting for his life. I quess she was his rock. Those close to him said that there's no way he would have made it without her love & support. I think his real-life Angel was blonde though. I find it strange & interesting that the Angel in the music video is not only brunette, but also resembles Janie, but with no gun and wings instead.?????? Aerosmith definitely had the power to make decisions about which Models were chosen to appear in their video productions. Not sure what the practice is or what role the band plays regarding the details involved in these productions. But Steven gets what he wants and although possible, I can't see that gettin by him. Maybe I'm totally wrong about the true origin of the song & the writer's intentions. Or maybe Aerosmith is just classy & tasteful enough to appreciate NATURAL beauty, & brave enough to show Most other rock stars (who seem to regard these dippy brunette fake bleach blonde,silicone clad, legs up to their neck,almost wearing their dress bimbos, as royalty) that a pair of breast implants, a bottle of peroxide and a girl who thinks Fleetwood Mac is a burger at McDonald's is not required to promote record sales or increase your fan base. Natural brunette beauties can be included & make you money.

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