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Box Car Racer: There Is Meaning


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Song Released: 2003

There Is Lyrics

This vacation's useless
These white pills aren't kind
I've given a lot of thought on this 13 hour drive
I miss the grinded concrete where we sat past 8 or 9
And slowly finished laughing in the glow of our headlights
I've given a lot of...


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    Oct 8th 2007 report

    We all agree that in the song a boy loves a girl. Yet I think that it doesn't have to be about a breakup or going to college. It can just be about the separation of two people that love each other. Whether its a breakup, college, or a break from a relationship is not defined, but its possible that its left open to interpretation to many listeners to the song feel it relates to their situation or one they've been in. The vacation and 13 hour drive are just ways of describing the distance between the 2 of them. The pills can be drugs (maybe not) and are used to symbolize ways people cope with hardship (sometimes people can take drugs to get over broken hearts). The rest of the first verse is recalling past events they had. The entire second verse is just talking about how she wrote him letters and that whatever he puts in the letter would be full of his love, regardless of what it may actually say. The chorus has the tone of confusion and helplessness (feelings often felt when separated from a loved one). He thinks the only way to go on is to pretend the distance between them and the separation of their love is the right thing. and he knows that his girlfriend or whoever feels the exact same way he does.


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    Jan 28th 2006 report

    One of the greatest. This song speeks about how a boy will always love a girl. They have broken up but he still loves her and he wonders if she thinks about him and if there's someone out there who feels exactlly as he does at this very point in time.


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    Apr 24th 2007 report

    Well both interpretations are missing a key element. I'm not sure if they break up but the girl goes off to college leaving her boyfriend behind ("I've given a lot of thought on how to write you back this fall") fall when she'll be at college. He basically is trying to say that he doesn't want her to go but he doesn't want to take away her future. And yes he's saying he still loves her and always will. He says that there is someone out there who feels just like him because this happens a lot to couples that have been together throughout high school and go away to college.

  4. anonymous
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    May 16th 2020 report

    This isn't a breakup song

    Tom has stated that this is a song about his (then)wife Jen (who he also wrote All the Small Things and First Date for). Reminiscing to the first stages of their relationship as they were currently dealing with hard times. Him being on pain killers for his back "white pills aren't kind" and being on tour for a full year when they just had their first child.

  5. desiree.smith.9231712
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    Oct 1st 2014 report

    i think that the meaning of this song is about two people who love each other but cant be together...... because when i first listened to this song i was dating my now boyfriend (Ethan Blandford`s)friend (Nick Casillas)and me and Ethan would sit together as we woul skip school with Nick and we would listen to that song and the day after he kissed me for the first time he played that song for me and right then and there i knew that i was in love with him...... thats what this song means to me because now i am with Ethan Blandford and we couldnt be happier together. he is the love of my life and i wouldnt change anything that has happened in the world because now i have him... my true love... thats all ive ever wanted and true love never dies...... my name is Desiree Nicole Small...... and i am proud to say that im in love

  6. anonymous
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    May 27th 2014 report

    In a live version Tom says that he wrote the song for his wife. These lyrics are clearly about everything they have gone through. You can interpret it your ownqway really. It was basically a love song to his wife

  7. anonymous
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    Nov 5th 2012 report

    Go watch some videos of Tom talking about this song. It's about a guy dating a girl and having the best time of his life those very first months.

  8. anonymous
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    Jul 14th 2011 report

    this song is talking about how the girl went off to college or to continue her life after highschool..they use to be bestfriends and finally got to that next level she always wrote tom but he never responded and now the fall of her being back and graduated he wants to write back and see her but he doesnt know what to say cause it would be akward but since they were so close he just wants to see her even if its just in akward silence so he says do yu care if i dont know what to say..will yu sleep tonight or will yu think off me refers to how on this same date she left to college but now shes back so hes asking her if she remembers or already forgot.. and the other guy they show in the video was tom back then and what he shouldve done instead of letting the girl go.. but it was all thoughts cause he never got out of the car he let her goo & the white pills are painkillers

  9. anf1221
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    May 13th 2011 report

    Personally, I think this song is more of a breakup song and a love song. It seems that the girl has moved away and become distant (either metaphorically or literally) and the boy is simply trying to catch up to her or try and connect with her by taking a long "13-hour drive." In some way the boy knows that she has moved on and found someone else to be with. "There's someone out there who feels just like [him]" because he knows that now someone else loves her just like he does. He is wondering if she cares about him or if she thinks about him, or if instead she has truly moved on. The boy misses the way things used to be when they were in love but he knows he can't get that back anymore. He justifies that maybe if he reminds her of the past and just finds the right words (meaning the letters) that maybe she will come back to him. Somewhere inside, though, he already knows that "there is" someone else has fallen in love with her.

  10. anonymous
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    Apr 26th 2011 report

    Tom Delong said himself this song is about a feeling you cannot describe... he speaks about a how a boy loves a girl and he is willing to do anything for the girl but the boy has doubts about the girl feeling the same as him. there is also a suggestion of one of them has moved away with family or something and the boy misses all the things they used to do together... "will you sleep tonight" suggests that the boy worries about he girl when they are not together. "do you care if I don't know what to say?" is him saying to the girl that he has so much to say but he doesn't know where to begin or how to say to her. "will you shake this off pretend it's all okay" suggests that the boy is not happy about leaving the girl, he knows the girl doesn't want him to leave and he is asking the girl if she will be okay and there is a suggestion of a lie, that she will pretend that she is fine so he can leave alone

  11. anonymous
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    Aug 18th 2010 report

    this is about tom being on the road and missing his wife and kids. as the song goes on he is thinking about all the times they had together and wondering if other people feel the same as he does.

  12. anonymous
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    Jun 24th 2009 report

    im pretty sure this song means that toms girlfriend cheated on him , which is why like in the music video theres 2 guys trying to get in the house , toms trying to get her back and wonder if she still loves him , because he loves her , he wants to try to think that she didnt cheat on him "will i shake this off , pretend its all okay" , and he says "that theres someone out there who feels just like me." meaning that hes saying the other guy didn't know she was cheating on him too with tom so hes saying the other guy feels the same way as tom and he says"there is." after a pause , meaning that as much he doesnt want to believe it , its true that she cheated on them.
    - Matt , Schwarz , Ortalano.

  13. anonymous
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    Sep 13th 2007 report

    This song is about a boy that is in love with a girl and for some reason ( not indicated in the song they have to be apart. He says that this vacation is useless referring to the time apart as a vacation. He is depressed about the temporary lose of her indicated by the white pills taken. The boy in love is wondering if she thinks of him and if she really still cares for him the way that he does for her. He cares about her by saying that he “given a lot of the thought to the nights they used to have” and that “I’ve given a lot of thought on how to write you back this fall”. This boy feels strongly about this girl and doesn’t want to be away from her at all.

  14. anonymous
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    Sep 11th 2007 report

    Interesting thoughts.

    Tom says this song is about being in pain after taking to many meds just like tom did when recording this album. He had huge problem with his back and couldn't stand up for more than 5 minutes. He had problems with girlfriend and the life off the road and to get it all together.

    "This vacation's useless
    These white pills aren't kind
    I've given a lot of thought on this 13-hour drive
    I miss the grinding concrete where we sat past 8 or 9
    And slowly finished laughing in the glow of our headlights"

    vacation dosnt help when you're in pain, taking meds, bein oon tour and drive for 13-hour straight makes you think a lot of how it used to be.


    "I've given a lot of thought to the nights we use to have
    The days have come and gone
    Our lives went by so fast
    I faintly remember breathing on your bedroom floor
    Where I laid and told you, but you sweared you loved me more"

    this is about thinkin back, sentimental shit. It was better a couple years ago. and the words about the bathroom: there also he means bein in pain. He had to laid down when took a shower cause he couldnt stand straight up. and this made him kinda sad and down. He told his girl he loved her, she told him back.


    "Do you care if I don't know what to say
    Will you sleep tonight, will you think of me
    Will I shake this off pretend its all okay
    That there someone out there who feels just like me
    There is"

    here he means being on tour and get calls from his girlfriend. asking: will you sleep tonight ? and other cute stuff and deep inside he knows being on tour destroys their relationship, "shake it off pretend its all okey" that his girlfriend feel exactly the same.


    Those notes you wrote me
    I've kept them all
    I've given a lot of thought of how to write you back this fall
    With every single letter in every single word
    There will be a hidden message about a boy that
    loves a girl

    Being home, getting post-it notes and stuff like that from his girlfriend. just a regular thing, tom missed that. So he brought some of them on the tour and decided to wrote her back when coming home from the tour.

    This "song meaning" is inspired when I asked tom what the song was about when I met him once.

  15. anonymous
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    Jul 27th 2007 report

    "that there's someone out there that feels just like me" - I don't think this is referring to someone else in his same position (high school couples going off to college etc.), as someone said further up, but to the girl in the song. He knows that she is feeling the same as he is and loves him back.

  16. anonymous
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    May 24th 2007 report

    This song is clearly about a Boy who loves a girl and for some reason (Not mentioned in the song) He has to leave her and he is depressed and he has to take pills so he won't be depressed and things like that. Or It could be about someone who is institutionalized and Refers to there confinement as a vacation, also he was taken far away because he mentions a 13 hour drive.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway
  17. peanutbutter
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    Dec 23rd 2005 report

    This song is about a guy who has broken up with his girlfriend but he still loves her and misses her a lot. He wonders if she's as hurt and upset as he is and if there's other people somewhere who feel like him.

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