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David Bowie: New Killer Star Meaning

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Song Released: 2003

New Killer Star Lyrics

See the great white scar
Over Battery Park
Then a flare glides over
But I won't look at that scar
Oh my nuclear baby
Oh my idiot trance
All my idiot questions
Let's face the music and dance

Don't ever say I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm...

  1. NikolaTeslaNow1954
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    Jul 29th 2017 !⃝

    To the reader there is far more here than an interpretation of the true meaning of the lyrics of DAVID BOWIES "New Killer Star (Nuclear Star)". Read on and learn that his New Killer Star is not figurative though cryptic in reality its based upon some very real, highly suppressed celestial events that he like millions of others more each day are discovering and David realizing the implications wants you to discover as well.

    "There's new white star over Battery Park" alludes to our sun's binary twin which revolves our sun in a highly elliptical orbit. This sister solar system consists of a brown dwarf and it planetary system which includes a planet whose mass is seven or more times that of the earth. It was known to the Sumerians and depicted as a winged sphere. Sometimes known as Planet X,Nemesis,Native Americans called it The Blue or Red Kachina depending on its juxtaposition with the earth and the book of Revelations Wormwood. (Read on you might be intrigued by what I am revealing.
    This massive planet and its brown dwarf was discovered by Dr. Robert Harrington in 1985 after he was secretly commissioned my the USGS to design an X ray telescope to verify the existence of so named Planet X which Dr.Harrington successfully identified, plotted its orbital path and that of the brown dwarf sun it orbited. Stranger yet after he published his findings he died shortly after of sudden onset Esopheogeal cancer though he was not a smoker and was in perfect health. Then it seems the USGA dismantled the telescope Dr. Harrington had designed, dismantled it and moved it to a remote location on Anartica. Dr. Harrington postulated that roughly every 3,600 years this planetary system comes through our solar system with serious potentials for devastation on a planetary scale such as Axial Polar Shifts, Reversals and what can be an explanation for the Egyptian story of the day the sun did not set for two days,did the earth stop spinning due to massive gravitational celestial body exerting both gravitational and electromagnetism so powerful that our planet was transfixed, oceans overtook the continents Antarctica which we now know was a flash frozen was roughly where Australia is presently.
    His video for New Killer Star has all the clues the second Sun in the sky, the distractions and mishaps of of those who become confused as to what they have suddenly become aware of, the characters transfixed upon this new addition to our own sun. The song is upbeat but the line "All the corners of the buildings, who but we'll remember these the sidewalks and trees". One can describe David Bowie as insider by circumstance a proclaimed follower of Alester Crowley's, schools of mystery's philosophy, his Order of the Golden Dawn practice of Kabbala (Station to Station).

    Fortunately David Bowie is unabashed willing to challenge the geopolitical arrogance of so-named power elite, The Rothchlide's, Banksters, their legions and the Luciferian driven agenda which has no regard for the likes of you and me other than to be their slaves and cannon fodder.

    "The real problem as I see it is that there are too many useless feeders. We need to implement depopulation protocols with a objective goal to bring the human population to 500,000,000 in perpetuity for an sustainable world". Henry Kissenger. Investigate REX 84, and the United Nations Agenda 21.

    Facts you may not be aware of investigate the true purpose of the Colorado's International Airport, why it cost 14 billion instead of its original 1.4 billion, why 5 15 story buildings once constructed they mysteriously condemned and buried. The buildings the luxury suites. One need only examine its very design. disturbing murals, symbolism, sculptures to realize there is much to learn and much which purposefully is hidden and cryptic to less informed individuals.

    What is C.O.G. _Continuity of Government Initiative to move most of its most deemed important agencies to Colorado. Why has there been a hushed by hastening operation underway to move the President, his staff of advisors and their families, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Congressmen, Senators and their families, the NSA, and most disturbing is the elite, Rothschild's,Rockefeller's, Bush's Kissinger's, Corporate CEO's, other influential individuals who have safe underground hideaway to ride out when the proverbial sh-t hits the fan. Strange seemingly inexplicable until you know they have good reason. So follow me down the rabbit hole that I have traversed for over 30 years.

    Bowie began his trip down the rabbit hole ever since he became so transfixed by Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece film adaptation of Arthur C. Clark's "2001 a Space Odyssey" Consider this was 1968 preceding- Bowie's rolling out of his persona Ziggy Stardust Bowie's and resulted in his own landmark song "Space Oddity" which introduced us to the character Major Tom.
    It's Time to wake up and start to look into what I have exposed and do so post-haste.

  2. kooljohn176
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    Jan 11th 2016 !⃝

    After Post 911 in New York David Bowie had visions in the form of the ''new killer star'' on the rise that was beginning to guide the War machine towards a possible Apocalyptic war with some of the middle eastern countries that he believed was wrong to go into. This song is not to be confused with the new song ''Black Star'' where on his death bed in the eyes of his loved one that is pulling him towards disintegration of thoughts, feelings and memories of love within her eyes that are like a black hole absorbing his energy in her with love to reawaken the soul when coming out on the other side as a new and moving white star somewhere in the wandering heavens. Always to R.I.P David Bowie

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