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Dia Frampton: Walk Away Meaning

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Song Released: 2011

Walk Away Lyrics

Looking back on younger days, the time has passed,
And nothing stays the same. Hey hey hey!
She was such a pretty girl, with glowing eyes and yellow curls. Hey hey hey!
Stars are in a summer night,
She's wishing that they'd fall down through...

  1. anonymous
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    Apr 13th 2021 !⃝

    The song reminds me of the book walk two moons and the character phoebe winterbottom when it says glowing eyes and yellow curls because she has an appearance similar to that. Another thing that makes me think that is because it says she’s telling tales through the telephone that make you cry chill to the bone when in one part she learns that her mother is missing. I think it’s a good song and if you read walk two moons it might make sense.

  2. anonymous
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    Aug 3rd 2013 !⃝

    "Walk away"
    I was sitting with a friend one night, talking about first loves. I rambled on...Yeah, my first love was my boyfriend in high school. We had our first kiss on a hammock outside. He called me, "My sweet," because that's what they say in Hemingway novels. Etc. Etc. (That really was my first love. I was 15). He then story-topped mine. He got really quiet for a moment and then said, "My first love was when I was 11. She was nine. Her name was ****." I interrupted, "Aw, cute! When was your first kiss?" He said, "I never kissed her. We just held hands all the time. We'd sit together on a hay stack outside, or by our secret tree. Her dad used to share her with his friends for entertainment." I asked, "What do you mean?" He looked down and said, "Ya know. They'd all come over for a football game or something, and then he'd let them take her in a bedroom...." I was absolutely shocked. "You didn't do anything? And all these GROWN MEN thought it was okay? All of them?" He shrugged. "I was too young...I didn't know who to tell. I wish I did say something.... But, when she was with me...she felt safe. I told her I loved her all the time and would take care of her." He shrugged again. "One of his dad's friends got her name and painted it on his truck." I was even more shocked. "He did what? And no one noticed or thought it was weird!? How do these things happen?" He shrugged again. "It was a weird time...a weird neighborhood." He paused. "I wish I would have said something." I asked, "Well, what happened to her?" He said, "I tried to find her on the internet once but I couldn't. I don't know what happened to her."
    I thought on his terrible story for a few days, and then I also thought...."Where is she? What became of her?" And then I decided that ... if she didn't get her vengeance... if she didn't get her revenge...I was going to give it to her, in this song. All of a sudden I started day dreaming, and thought of her as a girl in black, running across roofs, catapulting from the ceilings of tall buildings like a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE chick. Running on moving trains, hitting targets from miles away with her hand guns. She became this...weird kinda super hero to me. And then I thought about her going back for all those men who hurt her. She had, as the lyrics say, "A bullet with their names," and she was coming to get her revenge! I know it sounds kinda silly, but it made me happy to think of an alternative ending to her story. And of course I wouldn't want someone to go shooting everyone's brains out. 100 years in jail would be more like it, but sometimes I get carried away, and she just looked so cool in my head as some kind of CIA chick with guns on her thigh holsters and an evil "Cat woman-ish" glint in her eye. Go get 'em girl, and then "walk away!" (Dia Frampton gave the meaning in her song)

  3. anonymous
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    Dec 11th 2012 !⃝

    pretty self explanatory, she finds herself falling for guys who have been hurt before

  4. anonymous
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    Nov 19th 2012 !⃝

    This song is about a true story of a girl who was given to her fathers freinds for entertainment at the age of eight.

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