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To Be Alone Lyrics

Never feel too good in crowds,
With folks around
When they're playing
The anthems of rape culture loud,
Crude and proud
Creatures baying
All I've ever done is hide
From our times
When you're near me
Honey, when you kill the lights

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    Mar 27th 2020 !⃝

    i really think this guy had some huge drug issues during his time.,he seem to have lost the sense of reality and the...mind play of drugs, but yet he so clearly sees through the crowd., that you actually try and see through his eyes at that moment when he is really high and he is in a populated place simply glancing at people., thinking of all there pretenses., there fake smiles and everything about their actions. He escapes through drugs. when he drives himself to the absolute brink of intoxication is the time he can actually see himself as a real person.. when his imaginary lover (from hallucinations) kisses him and feels loved and alive.He probably might be be taking 'meth' which which make you hallucinate(skin crawling)or (also you itch a lot) so its a terrible experience after the high,'you don't know the hell you put me through, to have to kiss the skin that crawls from you" so basically there is a love and hate relation., where he knows its bad for him., puts him through hell, but he can't stop.,so he feels good to be just with his drugs and his imaginary lover, In second para he most probably is in rehab where "there are questions i can't ask" (can i get just one hit please?)or something like that., he hates the place so he thinks he should run away with his imaginary baby and the baby's mother (from his hallucinations)., but he don't know what else he could do than to just take drugs which creates this completely different happy world for him (and his imaginary lover whom he can hold only when he is hallucinating while on high) so he just keep on going... the songs of this singer are always somehow connected with drugs..i gives me shivers to think what he had experienced.

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