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Nightmares of the Bottom Lyrics

Sleepin’ at the top, nightmares of
the bottom
Everybody wanna be fly til you
swat ‘em
But who am I to talk? I ain’t
shittin’ roses
We in in the same picture but we
all got different poses
I’m looking in my rear view, I see
the world in...

  1. anonymous
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    Apr 5th 2012 !⃝

    Lil Wayne uses the letter "F" 3 times at the end of each verse on the song,the letter "F" is the 6th letter on the alphabets,so that just make 666/FFF,666 is devil code so Lil Wayne is part of illuminati/devil worshipers. . . By The Way I'm Refilwe Mampa:facebook Refilwe Mampa:Twitter Refilwe_Mampa:Mxit 0733249277

  2. anonymous
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    Nov 20th 2011 !⃝

    That he's at the top and hes scared to go back to the bottom.

  3. anonymous
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    Aug 16th 2011 !⃝

    Sleepin at the top, nightmares of
    the bottom(he's sayin he's on top of everyone and he's sleeping on the competion because it's so easy and his demons are at the bottom like a monster under the bed)
    Everybody wanna be fly til you
    swat em(everybody want to be fly and have high hopes to do good until someone comes and end their dream)
    But who am I to talk I ain't
    shittin roses(who am i to judge them because i'm not perfect myself)
    We in in the same picture but we
    all got different poses(we all live in the same world but we all are different)
    I'm looking in my rear view, I see
    the world in it
    (i'm looking back and see that my days are behind me)
    I try to slow down, and I get rear
    (I try to stop it but it always seems to bite me in the ass like come back to hunt me)
    Pause! Like a red light, I'm dead
    (he said like no homo a term meaning don't think he's homosexual for saying he get rear ended and a read light pauses or stop things)
    Highway to Heaven, God do you
    see my headlights
    (when he dies he hope god sees him despite what he has done in his life and he gets to go to heaven)
    They say you don't know what
    you're doing till you stop doing
    Well call me clueless cause I do
    this(despite the term he will always do would he do best and that's rap)
    Attention all shooters, I'm a
    shooting star(too all gastas he's also a gasta but he's famous)
    Life is a course and Imma shoot
    for Par
    (he comparing life to a golf course and doing something up to par is doing it good and par is a term used in golf so it fits in)
    I'm searching for today instead I
    found tomorrow
    And I put that shit right back like
    I'll see what I find tomorrow
    (he don't wanna know what the future holds what ever happens happens)
    Young Money CMR(his rap group and cmr stands for cash money records), I'm Blood like
    a scare(he's notifying people that he] a blood
    I'm Weezy F baby and the F aint
    for Flaw(he uses the F in the name for alot of stuff and he's saying he has no flaus)
    It's like I have it all
    But I don't have to worry(he's saying he has everything and people say everything ends but he don't have to worry bout it because he'll never lose it)
    Married to the money, a true love(he's dedicated to money and has true love for it)
    Only God can judge me, I don't
    need a jury(he don't care what people say because only god can judge him)
    Nothing standing in my way, like
    nothings my security
    (nothing his stopping him from reaching his goals)
    Back to my journey, that bullshit
    don't concern me
    (he focused on his objective and don't care what people do or say)
    If knew I was going to jail I
    would have fucked my attorney
    (his attorney aint keep him out of jail so he didnt need her she just another girl that he fucks and don't care about)
    If you sleeping on me, than I
    hope you toss and turning
    (don't sleep on me because ill disturb you so always watch out for me)
    I'm so cold I'm hypothermic, ask
    yo girl she will confirm it
    (im cold saying he tuff and your girl who he will take will tell you)
    Now what we doing with it
    You keep opening ya grill, I'm
    barbecuing with it
    (you keep opening your mouth and talking about him he goin to mess you up)
    I know my shit already tight so I
    aint screwing with it
    (im not changing my rappping style for noone)
    Some say this shit is a joke well I
    hope they get it(if you say it's a joke i dont care)
    Ok, I'm walking on needles,
    sticking to the point
    (he's careful and straightforward)
    Yeah the streets is talking, I'm
    familiar with the voice(im from the streets so I know what they say about me)
    I'm a gangsta by choice I hope
    my son's choose wiser(i want my kids life to be better then mines)
    And don't call me sir, call me
    (im not grown because im an adult im grown because i been through alot)
    And I aint doing nothin but
    getting my share
    (im just trying to get mines)
    Breathin this air
    (live life)
    If Miss Rochelle told me she gon
    keep me in her prayers
    (she going to pray for me)
    So I'm feeling alright I'm tryna
    stay aware
    (im watching my back at all times)
    And if you wanna trip than
    I'mma meet ya there(just like you can go crazy I can go crazy right with you when I want to)
    To my niggas in the game, keep
    the game fair
    Players play, coaches coach and
    cheerleaders cheer
    (don't worry about what everyone else do just do what you do)
    I'm tryna keep spirit when the
    ghost disappear
    (im trying keep my spirit in god even when it looks like the devil is controling me or god isnt there for me)
    Weezy F baby and the F aint for
    (again he makes the F stands for something and he's saying it aint for fear so he dont fear anyone)

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