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Marshmello: Happier Meaning


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Song Released: 2018

Happier Lyrics

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Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been thinking
I want you to be happier, I want you to be happier

[Verse 1]
When the morning comes
When we see what we’ve become
In the cold light of day we’re a flame in the wind
Brought the fire that we...


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    Sep 6th, 9:41am report

    TLDR, at bottom

    I think this song has a very simple yet deep and relatable feeling for many. It seems that two people are in a relationship and one realizes that the best way for them to be happy is to separate. The chorus is roughly like a kind of conversation. First he says, "Lately, I've been, I've been thinking I want you to be happier." This signals a big decision that he is going to tell his significant other. He then stops himself in this conversation and says that he wants to change his mind because "this doesn't feel right" before he reveals his ideas. He then basically says he wants to make his partner happier; however, in order to do this, he must leave. Later, he continues to think about his choice and offers signs of regret such as "when the evening falls and I'm left there with my thoughts and the image of you being with someone else. Well, it's eating me up inside."

    If you thought this was too long, basically, my interpretation is that this guy is leaving his partner because he thinks it's the best way for her(or him)to be happier,, even if it gives him (Bastille) a sense of regret and sadness.


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    Oct 8th, 10:11am report

    I just think that this song is not specifically talking about a relationship of a couple or the relationship between a dog and girl(even if that’s the music video). Instead I think that the aim was to just symbolize a relationship in general between any relationship. With that being said, it means that one doesn’t want the other person or animal to be sad and instead be happy and that they will do what ever they can to make the other happy. And the music video shows that they will do it till they die, as long as the other person in the relationship is happy ❤️


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    Nov 15th, 08:58 report

    I think that the song is in a way but still has a good meaning. In the video, there is a girl who wasn't treated that well. But on her birthday, she got a dog and she was happier. But later on, the dog gets really ill and with the lyrics of the song, it's like the dog is saying that he wants the girl to be happier so he is gonna go. or die. Otherwise I think that this song has a great meaning and is really sweet. But also in a way depressing.


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    Nov 12th, 11:31pm report

    I think it is about that friends can get you through the toughest of times but that they can't always be with you. Having a relationship can be hard when you stay put but they move on in life.


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    Nov 7th, 11:02pm report

    I watched the music video and it is about a girl and her dog. It states off ith a girl who love the color yellow and she is young and she gets a dog bow for her birthday and she is like what is this and then her dad comes out with a dog. Then her and the dog start growing up and she loves the dog and people make fun of her so the dog comferts her and they have a true love. Then as the girl has gotten older so has the dog to the point where the dog is in discomfort so they have to put the dog to sleep. Then the next scene she is a mother and it's her daughters birth day and her daughter gets a dog bow and is like a bow who is it for..... Then she gets a dog........teaching us that our dogs love us and they want us to be happier so they will confert us because we love them


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    Oct 21st, 10:12am report

    I interpreted the song in regards to depression and suicide. The lyrics speak to me in a way that I relate to. It's such a dark song with deep lyrical value to me. I've had many situations where people would say similar things when I have felt suicidal or am at my lowest point. I can't stop listening to it because it really hits home for me.


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    Oct 16th, 10:45pm report

    My interpretation of happier is completely different from the video or most of your interpretations. I’m not sure why I felt this Way about the song but I do feel as if it’s someone who is suicidal and feels that if they left the other person would be happier the people in their lives that they feel they disappoint or aren’t good enough for. I realize the video shows a dog and a little girl but none of the lyrics actually go to the video yes it makes sense for the dog wants her to be happy and then in order for her to MoveOn as a teenager the dog had to go and I get that but basically the same way you would look at it about the dog is how I look at it about a human


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    Oct 15th, 10:49pm report

    Its a song about a girl who got bullied, and was saved by her dog, who later on had to leave. She had a daughter who had also got a dog, and was also bullied. Its a rpetitive song about a girl who got a dog, the dog had to be put to sleep,she had daughter and the same thing happened to her.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Oct 8th, 10:09pm report

    To me, it seems like personal growth.It's about your relationship to your life, how we mould ourselves to try to fit in but all that really matters is your acceptance of yourself. Also, the passage of goodness, purity , love (symbolized by the dog) from one to the next (her daughter?) I hope it helps.


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    Oct 7th, 10:55pm report

    I think he wants to make his partner happy and to do that he has to leave them. He probably wants to give them space and let them be but thinks twice before saying it.


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    Oct 5th, 10:03pm report

    If you look at the video you see the dog seeing the girl is upset. Maybe he thought it was his fault or he was holding her back. He knew he sick and tried pushing through it. He knew if he had past that she will be happy afterwards because she will understand what he has done. He was fighting the illness too say his final goodbye. He knew they had a strong bond and if he had left she will know he is always by her. You can see that on her facial expression when she gets a new pup


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    Oct 5th, 10:18pm report

    I think this is about someone who loves someone else dearly, but due to illness or sickness they have to go and this song is about fighting the urge to to not let go. So he/she wants the other person to be happier and in a better place.


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    Oct 5th, 10:49am report

    I think it’s about a relationship about the people’s well being.


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    Oct 4th, 10:53pm report

    Wow Just Wow,u guys really put the feeling that the person is really feeling inside them.


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    Oct 4th, 10:49am report

    I think it is about two really good friends (who might have had a past relationship)and now one of them is dealing with feelings for the other. However, the person who doesn't have feelings is going through a time where they need a friend the most. I think the song is going through a person that is choosing their friends happiness over theirs. For example, it says "Even though I might not like this, i think that you'll be happier, I want you to be happier". Meaning the person might want to confess the feelings, but they care too much about the others need for a friend more. "Then only for a minute. I want to change my mind cause this just don't feel right to me. I wanna raise your spirit"


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    Oct 2nd, 10:44pm report

    This song can be very meaningful. I believe that this is about leaving someone that means a lot to that person. But they know that if they will be happier then they agree that it is best for them. They know that where they are at now is not good for them and want to know that they are happier and better off leaving. This could be interpreted as someone talking about another person or a pet that they love and care about so much.

    Sorry if I repeated "they, them, this" too much. I couldn't think of another way I was trying to word it.


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    Oct 1st, 10:10pm report

    I take this as a relationship between a dog and a human and how hard it is to let go but it is better for them to let the dog get better.

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