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Something to Believe in Lyrics

You wake up every morning looking for your answer
You're waiting for your sign
While Jeremiah's on his way to tell the people
But you watch him pass you by

You walk the streets at night still looking for your reason
But you don't wanna...

  1. anonymous
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    May 4th 2014 !⃝

    I think the song is saying that you have a choice in happiness if you just look for it and believe in it.

  2. anonymous
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    Nov 1st 2013 !⃝

    I think that the song is about that feeling we all have sometimes of the world's weight being on our shoulders. It's hard to feel like that, even more so when you feel like you have nothing to combat that feeling with. This song speaks to me as almost a prayer of sorts. I don't see it as being about "love" in a romantic sense, specifically. I think it's about calling out to the universe/God/ whatever you choose to call it, and asking for help, asking for some sort of guide. Something positive to make all those negative feelings worth it. :) But that is just me

  3. anonymous
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    Mar 25th 2012 !⃝

    Something To Believe In. Some folks smell bad on the outside and have very good souls on the inside. Others might appear attractive on the exterior and be totally rotten in their inner sanctum. Maybe some Republicans talk a lot about God, morality and values & they attend church and sing in the choir. They might pose as upstanding citizens, and when we dig inside we find that they have cold, cruel, disconnected hearts. What can we believe in? Superficiality? No. Can we get over criticizing each other's political beliefs? Aside from the birth control issue, I think so and it would be nice. A person's political beliefs most likely aren't going to make or break a relationship with me. I know we have much to learn from each other. (Unless you are Newt, Rick, Mitt or Rush, as they don't seem to care about women & I am one.)

    This song is saying "Love is something to believe in". It is difficult to define Love. I believe it has something to do with warmth, engagement, humour, compassion, flexibility. If my best friend is a conservative & kind pimp, do I care? No. What matters to me is that she is also all of the qualities I just mentioned plus one more... She is interested in other people, hence she is organically & genuinely what I would call "enthusiastic". Do you know how much I love this trait in a person? I don't believe you do because chances are you don't KNOW me. (Unless you are Rupert Murdoch.) "The Greeks have given us one of the most beautiful words of our language, the word 'enthusiasm' — a God within. The grandeur of the acts of men are measured by the inspiration from which they spring. Happy is he who bears a God within." As quoted in "Spiritual Literacy" by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat. A person need not go to church to find Love & enthusiasm. They are both Something To Believe In.

    I was appointed spiritual advisor for my drawing teacher & I'm afraid I've been a bit of a disappointment due to a frightening mental setback. I'm sending this out to her... CC, if you ever read this know that you are enthusiastically Loved by me.

  4. anonymous
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    Mar 20th 2012 !⃝

    it is about somebody that has nothing to live for, and they just want something that they can believe in, so they can have a "reason"

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