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Song Released: 2013

Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue Lyrics

All I wanna do is
Live in ecstasy
i know what's best for me
I can't help it
It's this hopeless itch I just wanna feel
Purple yellow red and blue

When I grow up I wanna be a movie star or on tv
Cuz working just ain't working for me

  1. anonymous
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    Oct 10th 2020 !⃝

    “Purple Yellow Red and Blue,” Evil Friends second single, talks about drugs and living an intense life. The track is featured on soccer game FIFA 14’s soundtrack.

    The narrator begins to grow dissatisfied and keeps wanting more and more, which is shown, he’s indulging in a lifestyle with no judgment or punishment from a higher being, but now is unsure of his purpose or what he should do other than doing things that make him happy, or feeling “purple yellow red and blue.” “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” is the climax to the album’s narrative.

  2. anonymous
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    Jun 25th 2019 !⃝

    I recommend watching the music video if you want to take a hard look at the meaning of this song - its very powerful. I think they're talking about human nature and the constant impulses we feel. Particularly when we’re bored, we crave pleasure - a rainbow of sensation - the colors in the title of the song. Some religions (particularly Christianity) mark these impulses as temptations and indulging them as ‘evil’. Whether we give in to these or not is our choice, struggle or whatever you want to call it, depending on ones perspective and beliefs.

    “All that I needed is something to believe in and everything falls in place like that”

    So. Do you believe in God? yourself? Humanity? Your family? Is giving into your impulses/temptation really evil? If you’re a Christian, of course the answer is yes. If you’re only in it for yourself, of course, the answer is no. But most people are more complicated than these polar extreme...a faithful Christian totally devoted to God and a total nihilist hedonist.

    From where I’m sitting, not particularly religious, but a believer in myself, my family and humanity in general, I see no problem in indulging your impulses and seeking pleasure just so long as it is harmless or at least minimally harmful, and you can justify whatever harm. Breaking marriage vows for a hooker- nope. That might crush your family. Drugs and alcohol and premarital sex - so long as you're not screwing up your life with it, I have no problem with any of it. But of course these things can be a slippery slope, and thats why many religions strictly forbid them. And in the absence of religion in ones life, these slippery slopes are why its very important to give deep thought to where you stand and what you care about, or these impulses might carry you away and cause much damage in your life. At the end of the music video, this notion is referenced - you see a woman spray painting someone’s car ‘hope she’s worth it’

  3. anonymous
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    Nov 24th 2017 !⃝

    B D S M

  4. anonymous
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    May 29th 2015 !⃝

    A person the believes in thy self is evil...share your time and money with the world and care less about your covenant and family to influence the world going by your belief.. left hand path is following your heart and not doing what is right (authority)... lower your pride to zero and you will love a stranger and connect with people emotionally not physically which is money. ..lol

  5. anonymous
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    Dec 1st 2014 !⃝

    MDMA even says I wanna live in ecstasy, ecstasy come in pills which are often purple yellow red or blue

  6. anonymous
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    Sep 14th 2014 !⃝


  7. anonymous
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    Sep 6th 2014 !⃝

    Lakers, niners, dodgers!

  8. anonymous
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    Sep 6th 2014 !⃝

    Actually they wrote the song about nothing. Purple yellow red and blue references the colors of FC Barcelona and the song was written for FIFA/which Barca is the focus club.

  9. anonymous
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    Jun 2nd 2014 !⃝

    Aside from what the colours are referencing, probably the chakras, this song is quite literal.

    I was almost in disbelief when I first gave attention to the lyrics, and how blatantly dark they are. I believe it's a surrender to Satan, a sell out if you will. Luciferians believe Satan is the path to true enlightenment on earth. Disguised as a cheerful indie/pop song, it's a very sad, evil piece.

    He speaks, saying the world is hopeless, and to sell to Satan and give him your soul/voice (like this song) is the only sure way to see divinity and not be one of the lessers. Or, at least that's his 'deal'.

    My opinion is, he was a nihilist at one point, but found the darkness and liked what it had to offer, because nihilism is a chore- "Cuz workin' just don't work for me But I can't focus feeling hopeless So I'll just sit back, try to believe"

    Then saying it's easier to believe in something rather than nothing "All that I needed Is something to believe in Because everything just falls in place like that"

    Then more of the darker side"It's not greed, but necessity Now I don't focus on the hopeless When I look out it's only for me". Nihilists have little to no moral judgment anyway, so it wasn't a huge jump, but definitely a release because he is innately dark.

    Seriously, at one point he's chanting "I just want to be evil"

    By the way, the video is filled symbolism

  10. anonymous
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    May 5th 2014 !⃝

    Where did you get that Purple is opposite of Yellow, and Red is not opposite than Blue? I'm sorry, but your logic does not hold.

  11. anonymous
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    Oct 3rd 2013 !⃝

    Arbitrary reference. Purple yellow red and blue. A lone distinction of feelings of variant colors suggest the basicist of feelings; feelings relevant to the basicist imaginings.

    Purple vs. Yellow: opposites, notably distinctly separate from the other opposites.

    Red vs. Blue: not opposites. Arbitrary comparison to the first pair, notably opposite.

    As the colors referenced wander away from order, the lyrics suggest to standard dream away from standard dreaming. This would be ecstasy. The color pattern is a clear lineage from the realities of perception to imaginings of perception, as a lineage.

    This reference is telling of personal imaginings, that it wanders from the scope of regular perception distinctly to irregular comparison. It's as though a mere humorous reference to irregular imaginings.

    This reference is likely separate from the writers here as the distinct course of thought goes nicely to and fro existential thinking to imaginative thinking. It's likely antagonistic as such.

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