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Post Malone: Hollywood's Bleeding Meaning

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Song Released: 2019

Hollywood's Bleeding Lyrics

Hollywood's bleeding, vampires feedin'
Darkness turns to dust
Everyone's gone, but no one's leavin'
Nobody left but us
Tryna chase a feelin', but we'll never feel it
Ridin' on the last train home
Dyin' in our sleep, we're living out a...


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    Oct 14th 2019 !⃝

    What Post Malone implies is that, Hollywood is full of leeches meaning people who want to feed of other people's blood. He knew this through a feeling as we can see Post Malone Seems to be a very spiritual person or intuitive person, we know that drugs like LSD causes Psychedelics and opens up the mind to a high consciousness, he said he was sitting in the room with all these famous people when he suddenly felt that they were only present physically but their hearts weren't there, and he was the only one who was physicall,and emotionally present, which tells us that all the other people don't have feelings of love or any emotion involved in their beings.So Post Malone further stated on his track "Love for everybody 'til the drugs fade away
    In the morning, blocking out the sun with the shades" meaning that the people from Hollywood which he was working with use drugs to help them to hide their true character of not having love at all and they use shades to block out the light, meaning they hate light but love darkness(evil),Post Malone Recently moved from Los Angeles (Hollywood) running for his life since he felt he was in danger of being killed by the Hollywood vampires, we know that Psychedelics like LSD and more cause is us to see, feel and taste what the truth is like so might have seen the demons who were using these people to take his life, don't do drugs though people please, if u want to see the truth and all these things pray for visions and for God to open your eyes, and to protect your Alright?
    Thanks for reaching this Always pray to God.

  2. anonymous
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    Nov 9th !⃝

    When I here "Hollywood's bleeding,vampires feeding." I here that everyone in Hollywood feeds off of everyone's success to make them bigger or better.

  3. anonymous
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    Jan 3rd 2020 !⃝

    Vampires feeding

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