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Radiohead: House of Cards Meaning

Tagged: Sex [suggest]

Song Released: 2008

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House of Cards Lyrics

I don't wanna be your friend
I just wanna be your lover
No matter how it ends
No matter how it starts

Forget about your house of cards
And I'll do mine
Forget about your house of cards
And I'll do mine

Fall off the table,
And get...


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    May 18th, 12:34 report

    Two people are attracted, but stuck in lives they are no longer passionnate about. Should they stick to denial and continue as usual, or can they face truth and the consequences, major shake ups ?


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    Oct 29th, 2013 10:10am report

    I think this song depicts that type of unsure nature towards love towards the beginning.as the song starts at a mellow tone but as your get further in it gives of the feeling of just let things flow , is what i interpretated from "throw your keys in bowl ". Also when the later chorus begins "forget about.... And i'll do mine ". Saying they just both embrace and try to force anything.


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    Aug 8th, 2012 8:31am report

    This Song is probably about a man ( it might be about Thom, or not) who is friend-zoned by the married woman he is attracted to. He wishes to have an affair with her, and is letting her know." Forget about your house of cards" probably means forget or ignore your current relationship and come have a relationship with me. "Infrastructure will collapse from voltage spikes" probably means that once they get involved, everything will change. I know many people who keep a bowl for keys and other things in the doorway for quick access, so"throw your keys in the bowl, kiss your husband goodnight" may mean that she and he did indeed have an affair, and she got home late.. Now she's in denial, "your ears are burning" she's feeling guilty.


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    Jul 3rd, 2012 7:15pm report

    The 'house of cards' is the life we all struggle to build(house, job, marriage, kids, car, possessions), a tedious and unstable fantasy of stability on the verge of collapse. The cards falling off the table that get swept under represents the life in society we build which is so meaningless that it is not rebuilt when it comes down, but rather is replaced by a new 'house of cards' built by someone eager to have their good times and unwilling to face the meaningless cycle that we all go through. We build something temporary for glory, and when it is gone, it's not remembered. 

    'The infrastructure will collapse from voltage spikes' is pretty straight forward. All that we have built, this magnificent technology based world will be it's own undoing. 

    'throw your keys in the bowl, kiss your husband goodnight.' is an image of the comfortable life we lead, the routine we fall into and perhaps a word of advice from mr. Yorke to enjoy it while it lasts.
    'Denial, your ears should be burning'
    Is saying: we are all too comfortable to face the reality of the havoc our existence causes the world. And that last line is simply saying thay 'you' i.e. The listener or anyone and everyone is guilty of playing a part in the unstable world we have built and it's inevitable collapse or, even worse, our plunge into hidden slavery.

    ~daniel byington


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    Jun 27th, 2012 6:47pm report

    of course it is about swinging. "I dont wanna be your friend, i just wanna be your lover" - Widely misinterpreted on the net it means exactly as it reads, it is just read wrong - i JUST wanna..

    no matter how it ends/starts - i dont give a fuck, just open up your legs bitch

    forget about your house of cards and i'll deal mine - literal - fuck your shit, this is how it happnin

    Throw ur keys in the bowl, kiss ur husband goodnight - the bowl is where the swinging women picks the car keys of the anonymous man she has to fuck


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    Dec 26th, 2011 12:07pm report

    One of my favorites, for very obvious reasons....but most all are right on, after all, it is fairly straight froward. But while the "throw your keys in the bowl" line does reference those swinger/ "key parties" of our hippy parents generation, in this case I think it is just, again, a suggestion of an affair. "Denial, denial" is not so much about deneying their attraction I think, as it is reffering to the fact that while yes, these folks are in troubled marriages, they are in denial to think that having an affair will make anything better. I could go on and on, however, I would rather just go listen to music right now -_-


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    Oct 3rd, 2011 10:02pm report

    Forget about the life you have built (The house of Cards) and I'll forget about mine. We can just throw away everything and have sex. Yeah, a swingers party seems real likely here.


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    Aug 30th, 2011 8:49pm report

    This is a song about a guy who wants to make love to a woman he's knows, but they're both committed to other people (she is married), but they are still attracted to each other. He doesn't want a heavy relationship, he just likes her and wants to get laid. He urges her to "forget about your house of cards" and he'll do likewise. He is fantasizing about her as they trade normal conversation, and he would like their everyday interaction to be upended, to stop playing a game and "fall off the table", "get swept under" with passion. "Denial, denial", you know you want it, you're just denying the attraction. "Everything will collapse", their will be the electricity of illicit sexual union. "Throw your keys in the bowl" means give it up and stay awhile. "Kiss your husband 'good night'" symbolically means, say good-bye to hubby while we come together. "Your ears are burning, should be burning..." refers to the fact that they consummated the relationship and now he's written a song and singing about it.


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    Apr 7th, 2011 4:16pm report

    I was just listening to this and I thought it was about someone just getting into the swinger scene..


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    Oct 11th, 2010 10:56am report

    Swingers party, (throw your keys in the bowl)
    voltage will spike - gets electrocuted

    its from a movie


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    Sep 24th, 2010 9:36am report

    I think that this song is about a guy who is in love with a girl whos been in a relationship for a long time either a marriage or just a longtime boyfriend)
    The girls relationship is falling apart (house of cards; falling off the table, get swept under; The infrastructure will collapse, from voltage spikes)
    Every day and night its just the same routine (Throw your keys in the bowl, kiss your husband goodnight)
    He wants the girl to get out of the relationship and be with him. (forget about your house of cards and i'll do mine)

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