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Dead Hearts Lyrics

Tell me everything that happened
Tell me everything you saw
They had lights inside their eyes
They had lights inside their eyes

Did you see the closing window?
Did you hear the slamming door?
They moved forward, my heart died
They moved...


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    Aug 17th, 2011 8:53pm report

    i believe its a metaphor about the loss of innocence and love. a girl sheltered from the world ventures out into it and finds that so many people out there have no genuine innocence left inside, presumably because of times they were hurt emotionally or physically. she realizes that they are all dead hearts with no passion or love or innocence left inside. she is so hypnotized by these awful new creatures and her friend/lover is taken with them also, and questions her as to how they got that way.


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    Jan 10th, 2012 1:24pm report

    Honestly, I always felt this song was about Peter Pan, eventhough I'm sure it's not. Like, Tinkerbell went back to check on Wendy, John, and Michael, and is perhaps hurt to see they've grown old. Especially when it says "Did you see the closing window?" because Peter wants the window to always be open so he may come back for Wendy. The fact that it's closed shows that he is now shut off from these kids forever, perhaps. It's hard for Peter to see that while they are alive and well, they have forgotten about him, and they have grown up, and he is forever young.


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    Nov 19th, 2019 11:40pm report

    I believe that this song has a very deep meaning of depression. we walk around as a child with lights in our eyes almost blind to the pain. we are also blind to things that go on at home when no one is looking. slamming doors of a broken household, closing windows so no one can hear the screaming. Self-harm is looked at as a way of seeking attention and seeing bruises and scars, people tend to walk away or change the subject when things get too dark for their mind. that is where I think she gets the," they moved forward and my heart died" part. and when alone you always have that one outlook or person that stays by your side. when she told him "it's hard to know you still care." I look at it as a form of saying, "everyone else has left why haven't you.". In the public eye, everyone goes through something on different levels with extreme depression, home life troubles, work problems, or just sadness come on from somewhere. no one truly understands what you are going through cause they aren't in your brain, therefore, the main chorus is there to remind us that. As a way of saying I can tell you everything and you can nod your head and agree but you won't understand what impact it has, or possibly you're calling me insane.
    when she explains how they made her feel shes falling down and that she once knew these kids now they are dead hearts. it a way of saying life has gotten to them in some way. they no longer have that spark. That she can connect but can never truly get the little light back.


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    Sep 18th, 2019 9:27am report

    I think it’s about kid’s who used to be in her neighbourhood but moved away. This would explain the closing windows, slamming doors and the kids she once knew. They had lights inside their eyes, meaning they were alive. But now their hearts are dead to her, and it’s hard to know they still care about her. They move forward and my heart died meaning when they left, she was sad and her heart eventually was dead to them.


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    Jul 2nd, 2019 7:27am report

    I feel that it's about a zombie apocalypse,"dead hearts are everywhere" and "they were kids that I once knew" representing the zombies, "shutting windows and slamming doors' is barricading themselves in "him asking her what she saw is exactly that, telling her to describe how bad it is out there and she responds with "I could say but you want believe me" because the conditions are so bad that she feels it's an inconceivable thought.

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    May 29th, 2018 5:02pm report

    I think it's about old friends/family who moved on and never looked back or thought about you, I think about betrayal I guess.

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    Jan 2nd, 2018 1:44pm report

    I think this song is about abandoned kids or orphans. “They were kids that I once knew” tells me that “she” has seen before. But know they are abandoned and they are like ‘dead hearts’
    “They make me feel I’m feeling down” also indicates that she feels sorry. “They had lights inside they’re eyes” also could mean that they were hopeful that someone could help/adopt then”


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    Aug 4th, 2017 8:10am report

    Maybe it's about suicide and or death in general. "Now they're all dead hearts to you" may symbolize the mourning that comes with the loss of someone and how it quickly passes.
    "They make me feel I'm falling down" could also represent mourning, feeling depressed due to the people who have died.
    "They had light inside their eyes" may be referring to what happens to a person's eyes when they die.


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    Jun 1st, 2017 6:24pm report

    When I hear this song, I always think of someone going through some pain to the point of suicide. They think of their once friends and how they died. "Dead hearts are everywhere" could be a sign of them remembering their friend's death."Tell me everything that happened. Tell me everything you saw." could be someone, police or family, asking them about what they saw at the scene of the crime.


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    Oct 18th, 2016 10:28pm report

    It's about first love. They were kids that I once knew... The song talks about former lovers that grew apart. The loss of sentimental innocence... In fact, when we are young love is strong and passionate but sometimes it ends because of life... Because you grow up and life changes you, and the way you live love. And it's hard to admit it, even with yourself :( sad song from a sad but wonderful movie


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    Mar 28th, 2016 3:12pm report

    Well i think its about these people who were once her friends but turned against her, That would explain the " kids that i once knew". Maybe she is so hurt by it that she says " i can tell you but you wont belive me"! Its just my thoughts on this song


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    Dec 22nd, 2015 12:31pm report

    When I heard this I thought about all the people who have felt like they are dead inside for example "they had lights inside there eyes" is showing that they are alive as they have life inside of them and then "its hard to know there out there" what is true by my meaning it is hard to know that people feel dead already and get forced I to suicide though that and "they were kids that I once knee" meaning they arnt the dame person as you used to know


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    Sep 25th, 2015 9:46pm report

    I feel that it's about some kids, possibly her friends, that she knew her whole life (They were kids that i once knew) and they turned evil.(They had lights inside their eyes). It sounds to me like lights are evil. (Did they seem afraid of you? They were kids that I once knew) It could be that they broke into her house. (Did you see the closing window, Did you hear the slamming door?) she's heart-broken about it. (They moved forward and my heart died). They have no heart now that they're evil. (They were kids that I once knew. Now there all dead hearts to you)


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    May 29th, 2015 5:01am report

    I think it is about the holocaust. "Did you hear the shutting window, did you hear the slamming door" reminds me of them being forced into the gas ovens. It sounds like people questioning her after she visited a camp to see what it was like. "there were lights inside there eyes" is kind of like they were on the verge of dying but they were holding on. But at the same time, "there are dead hearts everywhere" makes it seem like "dead hearts" were people who had lost all hope.
    Unrelated, but if you want to learn about the holocaust read the book devil's arithmetic or watch the movie the boy in the striped pajamas.


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    Apr 18th, 2015 4:24pm report

    This song reminds me of The Book Thief
    1. Slamming doors
    2. A girl being questioned by a guy
    3. Asking about a past of some sort
    4. Moving forward and a heart died
    This connection makes me think war. It is possible that war struck in the town ("dead hearts are everywhere") with and orphan girl and the girl might have been taken captive or something of the sort. She was then questioned but something psychological happened (her parents leaving her, her parents dying, maybe even her friends rebelling against her) and that's where the line "I can tell you but you won't believe me" comes into play. She's so mentally scarred and disabled by something she can't seem to describe no one will believe her.
    Dunno if this helps. This is just how I see it.


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    Jan 8th, 2015 1:11pm report

    I can relate to this because in a way it feels like she's bullied and pushed out from the gang. The lyrics made me cry because I could see myseld in them


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    Sep 25th, 2014 9:46pm report

    I think that the person is begging the other to tell him about the others. The girl voice is telling him that she doesn't care, but he knows she does, deep down. (^.^)b

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