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Do you hear that whistle wail?
Think the end is coming in?
But I'm a whole lot worse than well
But I'm determined to slip this skin
And I know your dying for a good time
Dying to breath again
Oh my my, Virginia

We could run all...

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    May 20th 2011 !⃝

    Do you hear that whistle wail?
    I think the end is coming in.
    Well, I'm a whole lot worse for wear,
    But I'm determined to slip this skin
    And I know you're dying for a good time
    I'm dying to breath again,
    Oh my my Virginia

    A man is feels sad a lonely, like the end is near. yet he is determined to slip this depressing mindset, to go and have a good time with Virginia, a girl who is also looking for fun and is in a similar situation. He is dying to live again with her.

    We could run all night
    And dance upon the architecture
    Come and take my hand
    I'll do the very best I can
    Boy, I still wanna be your man
    I'm still these nervous feet and heart of stone
    Forget this dead mans town, I'll take you home

    Together they could run away and live life, all she has to do is take his hand. He wishes to be with her and to be her man. Despite his nervousness, he wishes to take them both from their problems and do the best he can for her.

    Do you hear me late at night?
    Always picking at the pieces
    Sometimes nothing comes out right
    And nothing is relieving
    But every slow mans song
    Is a night I'd like to spend with you
    Just twisting the night away

    He wonders if she can hear him late at night, if she too can feel his pain. He tries to fix everything he has done, fix what he has said but sometimes nothing comes out right, nothing relieves him. He still would like to spend the night with her despite all that has happened, twisting the night away and having a good time.

    But it's past a quarter to three
    And it's past the midnight hour
    Mustang Sally's left the building
    And we're so much worse without her
    If I could put down this ol' hammer
    I'd take you somewhere new
    Oh my my, Virginia

    But it may be too late, the fun, the connection between the two of them may be gone. They used to have so much fun together but now things have changed. But if he could put things down between the two, resolve their differences he would. He would take her someplace and attempt to make her happy. They could run all night, together.

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