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Wrabel: The Village Meaning


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Song Released: 2017

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The Village Lyrics

No, your mom don't get it
And your dad don't get it
Uncle John don't get it

And you can't tell grandma
'Cause her heart can't take it
And she might not make it

They say, "Don't dare, don't you even go there"
"Cutting off your long...

  1. anonymous
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    Jan 23rd, 01:26 report

    {No, your mom dont get It,
    And your dad dont get it,
    Uncle John dont get it.
    And you cant tell grandma cause her heart cant take it,
    and she might not make it}

    This section could mean that whoever is portrayed in the song, a Trans male, or even someone who is potentially Nonbinary, tried to come out to their family, and in the process was most likely disregarded or threatened, because they don't understand the teen.

    {They say: "Dont dare,
    Dont you even go there,
    Cutting off your long hair,
    You do as you're told."
    Tell you: "Wake up,
    Go put on your makeup,
    This is just a phase,
    Your gonna outgrow."}

    This could refer to what the parents are saying to their teen. Telling them ro just act normal, not cut their long hair to look more manly, because they need to wear their make up ro look more feminine and fit in to society, because in the family's eyes, their teen wanting to be themselves is just a phase to them.

    {There's something wrong in the village,
    In the village. Oh,
    They stare in the village.
    In the village. Oh.
    There's nothing wrong with you, its true,
    its true}

    This could refer to the neighborhood they live in, or even society as a whole. Because society still isn't as accepting as it could be, and there's often this thing of fitting into a specific spot. Cis man, cis woman. Being normal, fitting in. And I'd you don't fit in, they will stare.

    {See the rumors follow you from monday
    All the way to friday dinner. You've got one day shelter,
    Then its sunday hell to pay,
    You young lost sinner}

    This refers back to the "village" (society) staring. They will start rumors. And seeing as it explains I the song that the rumors are heard Monday through Friday dinner, this potentially means the teen is being bullied at school, and even though school ends Friday afternoon, there's still Friday dinner sitting down at the table with the disapproving family.
    Saturday would make sense as the only day of freedom, as the teen could lock themselves in their room. But then come Sunday, they're most likely forced ro go to church, where they feel they need to answer to their "sins"

    {Well I've been there,
    Sitting in that same chair,
    Whispering that same prayer,
    half a million times.
    Its a lie though,
    buried in desciples,
    One page of the bible
    isn't worth a life}

    The singer (Wrabel), now inserts himself into the song, talking about his own experiences, going on to say he also tried to pray his sins away half a million times. He then goes on to say that it's a lie, and that one single page of the Bible reffering to homosexuality/LGBT isn't worth someone's life, i.e. someone dying by the hands of another, or even by suicide.

    Overall this song was very well written out, and sang beautifully.I hope you all liked my interpretation of the song, and have an amazing day <3
    Remember that each and every one of you are valid.
    If you need someone to talk to reach out to a trusted friend or adult. <3 shine bright!

  2. anonymous
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    Apr 27th 2021 report

    I think this song is about a Transgender boy who is not aceppted by his family, because they are scared what the neighbours, in the small village would think of them

    {No, your mom dont get it and your dad dont get it, uncle John dont get it. And you cant tell grandma 'cause her heart cant take it and she might not make it}

    He told probably his parents that he is trans, but they dont understnd him and forbidd him to tell his Grandma, because she would maybe get a heart attack or something else. (Presumably she's a very old an conservative woman)

    {They say: "Dont dare, dont you even go there, cutting off your long hair, you do as you're told." Tell you: "Wake up, go put on your makeup, this is just a phase, your gonna outgrow."}

    He wanted to cut his hair to look "more manly", but his parents forbade him. He should put on makeup, finally wake up and understand that this is all just a "phase" from which he would grow out.

    {There's something wrong in the village, in the village ooooh, they stare in the village. There's nothing wrong with you, its true, its true}

    In this part of the song the singer (who is gay himself) tells all the people who are listening to this song, that there is nothing wrong with being gay, trans or queer in generally. And even in small villages, where everyone is staring at you, you dont have to think that someting is wrong with you. Only the people in the village can be blamed for staring at you.

    {See the rumors follow you from monday all the way to friday dinner. You've got one day shelter, then its sunday hell to pay you young lost sinner}

    This is again reffering to the blaming and staring you have to experience often, if you are not straight and cis. Even at friday dinner with your family everyone is talking about the boy in the song being trans. Saturday is the only safe day in the week, then he has to go to the church and pray to God to forgive him all his "sins".

    {Well I've been there, sitting in that same chair, whispering the same prayer, half a million times. I'ts a lie though, buried in desciples, one page of the bible isn't worth a life}

    Th singer is telling that he was also forced to pray for his "sin" of being gay. But even though it can be so devastasting to think that something's wrong with you, its a lie. Only because there is one part in the bible, deniying homosexuality, is not worth, that a person kills themselves or is killed by someone, only for not being straight and cis.

    well, I hope you can understnd eveerything, englsh is not my first language.
    Whoever you are and whoever you want to be: Your life matters and you are valid. please do not forget this! <3
    Stay safe

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