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Calamity Lyrics

What a funny feeling
I feel depleted
From feelings I've been revealing
It’s do or die, I'm not going willing
But when it’s time wrap in white linen
I rap this, I say it for my sanity

Whatever the calamity I did this for...

  1. anonymous
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    Dec 26th 2021 !⃝

    Disclaimer: These interpretations are just assumptions, only Zayn knows what the words to this song mean
    This is a very shallow interpretation nothing 'deep', I do believe I've gotten a lot wrong here but remember these are just my thoughts (please leave your own interpretation of the song if you have one)
    'Nostalgia what a funny feeling'
    He's been thinking back to the good times
    'i feel depleted from feelings I been revealing'
    He's let himself be vulnerable (maybe in this album). He's revealing things that mean a lot and it's draining.
    'it's do or die, I'm not going willing. But when it's time wrap in white linen.'
    Okay so it might be him thinking revealing these feelings is a do or die situation (he has to), he says he won't die willingly but then the second line seems like he's okay with dying.
    'I rap this, I say it for my sanity. Whatever the calamity I did this for myself.'
    So here he's basically saying he's doing this for him self, like a sort of therapy. And he doesn't care about how people might feel or what their reaction will be when he says what he says.
    'F*ck all of your fantasies. You're a snake, fell off the ladder.'
    He's saying f what you want him to be or what you think he is. Then he refers to someone who is a snake (a vicious person, who's ready to stab you in the back for their own personal gain), he says this snake fell of the ladder; could be a hierarchy they were once on but now they fell off.
    'i prefer speaking in analogies, I've had enough of all this wet and I can't trust that you're my family'
    He says he prefers not being straightforward or literal with what he wants to say. Then he goes on to say he's had enough of weak people who won't have his back when times are hard and he doesn't trust that they can be his family.
    'I don't know what's next, the brain dead that I never miss. My brain lives with the cannabis, can I resist the dark abyss, leave a mark on this with no start just exist.'
    Maybe he doesn't know what's next for him, is it the brain dead (could be referring to shallow minded people, or people who can't think for themselves) that he never misses; doesn't care about them. He says his brain lives with the cannabis, meaning he's created this connection with weed and he can't go without it/ it might be what helps him think. The dark abyss might be a state of depression or a feeling of emptiness, he's wondering if he'll ever be able to resist it. I guess He wants to leave a mark, without a new beginning just exist as he is now.
    'my mind's like a prism shape and in time like a prison state'
    Here he's probably saying he over thinks (coming from the fact that prisms take in one beam of white light to produce a rainbow, so his mind takes in something and produces all these other things out of it 'credit: genius lyrics'), then he says at times it's like he's trapped in his mind.
    'There's no right that I feel of late, there's no light if my view's at stake.'
    Mentally he hasn't been feeling alright, he might be referring to the dark abyss when he says there's no light; that's if his views on the matter he's speaking of are at risk of either being ignored or being judged.
    'and which life should I choose to take?, What's left is it room or space?'
    He's asking who he should choose to be. 'Room' and 'space' seem similar maybe the options he has to choose between are both desirable
    'There are rumors we have to face, I prefer sooner than after late'
    He's telling someone (or himself) that there are rumors about them that they have to talk about and he prefers they do it soon rather than later when it's already forgotten about.
    'I seen actors at the BAFTAS be more straight'
    Either he's telling this person that they're not being honest or consistent with what they say
    'i mean down the barrel, I hear them sing it's the same carol'
    Hard to know what he meant by down the barrel. He says he hears them sing the same carol; they're preaching the same thing.
    'they're trying to Sprint in a long run, mo Farah'
    He's saying these people are not taking their time with this, which would be better since it's a long run, if you Sprint you might not make it to the end.
    'They're trying to fix when it's long gone don't bother'
    The people he's referring to are trying to fix something but he says it can't be fixed, it's gone, it's in the past and they should stop trying
    'there's no other the thought shudders through most lovers'
    So he might be in love with someone and he thinks there's no other that he will ever love the same,he says it's a thought most lovers have.
    'I wanna bed you, but still sleep is death's cousin'
    He wants to settle down with this person but he can't because he's afraid people are watching him and if he chooses to rest (maybe with this person) they'll have a reason to attack
    'so two weeks is now four dozen'
    Time is passing without him doing what it is he wants to do
    'Years that pass by can't press no rewind just watch my life by and lock the right ties'
    He can't change the mistakes he made or get back the time he lost. So the only thing he can do is watch his life just go on and make connections with the right people.

  2. anonymous
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    May 20th 2021 !⃝

    In the end he is saying "Nobody is listening" and obviously nobody is. Y'all in the first two weeks were saying I hear you Zayn. But you aren't. This song is so vulnerable and he is putting this out in the world. He is so strong! This. This is this song meaning.

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