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Britney Spears: (Drop Dead) Beautiful Meaning


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(Drop Dead) Beautiful Lyrics


Diamond, diamond
Shinin', shinin'
Ooh boy
You so fine
Gotta be the finest thing
That I seen in my life
I will pay whatever
Just to get a better view
And yeah, your body looks so sick
I think I caught the flu

Look at you
Look at...

  1. anonymous
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    Feb 24th 2012 report

    "You must be B-I-G because you got me hypnotised"

    This has a double meaning. She's referencing the song Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G while commenting on the size of this man's appendage.

    "What I'm looking at right now could make a big girl cry, fasten up your seatbelts it's gonna be a bumpy ride" - Seriously, the guy's dick is massive and she is about to have sex with him.

  2. cookiemonster109
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    Nov 21st 2011 report

    "Diamond, diamond
    Shinin’, shinin’
    Ooh boy
    You so fine
    Gotta be the finest thing
    That I seen in my life"
    Here, she's talking to a guy
    Here, she's talking about a guy who is so beautiful and handsome, that he's shining like a diamond and he's 'gotta be the finest thing' that she's ever seen in her life.
    "I will pay whatever
    Just to get a better view
    And yeah, your body looks so sick
    I think I caught the flu"
    She will pay whatever or do whatever just to get a better view of this handsome guy.{I will pay whatever just to get a better view} Now when people say 'your body looks so sick' they mean 'your body looks so hot' and she's using this to say that his body is so sick (so hot) that it influenced her so much that she caught the flu from it (in other words, it's like people say 'melted from his hotness)
    "Look at you
    Look at you
    Be my sweetie
    Be my honey tonight
    ‘Cause you’re beautiful
    (Drop dead)
    You’re some kind of fine"
    She's telling him to look at himself, how hot and handsome he is, and also asking him to be with her for this night {Be my sweetie, be my honey tonight}. Now she wants him to be with her obviously because he's beautiful to the point that you could drop dead whenever you see him, in other words, 'drop dead beautiful'. She repeats this a lot of times and in the end she says that he's not just fine, he's more than fine, he's on a more advanced level of fine {some kind of fine}
    "Boy, you know
    You’re beautiful
    I know you heard it before
    Boy, you know
    You broke the mold
    Nobody even comes close
    You’re some kind of fine"
    She's telling him that he's beautiful, that he knows it and that he shall not deny it. She's also trying to tell him he's so beautiful that he reached the limits, crossed the line, 'broke the mold', and that nobody even dares to come close to him because he is very 'beautiful'. In the end she's again reminding him that he's 'some kind of fine'.
    "You must be b-i-g
    Because you got me hypnotized
    Whoever said that beauty’s on the inside is a liar
    ‘Cause, what I’m looking at right now
    Would make a big girl cry
    So fasten up your seatbelt
    It’s gon’ be a bumpy ride"
    In this verse, she is saying that he must be something very big, something very beautiful {you must be b-i-g}. Why does she think so? Because he's got her hypnotized in his handsomeness and mainly, in himself. She now thinks that whoever said 'beauty's on the inside, not the outside' is probably lying, because what she's seeing in front of her right now is so beautiful is strong that it would 'make a big girl cry'. And she's telling him to fasten up his seat belts, she's coming to him, she's gonna have him, and it's gonna be hot {be a bumpy ride}
    "I think I like you
    Boy, boy
    Look at you
    I wanna get, get, get next to you
    Got me kinda hot
    But, I ain’t sweatin’ you
    Steam me like like a pot full of vegetables"
    I think Sabi is saying this as a response to his question 'what's wrong?' with the answer 'I think I like you'. Next, she's telling him to look at himself, at how 'beautiful' he is. That she wants to get closer to him, get next to him. She's saying that he's got her going hot, but she won't give him anything, not making him feel hot {But I ain't sweatin' you} until he gives her something first, until he makes his first move and makes it so hot to the point that she'd 'steam like a pot full of vegetables'.
    And if you're just wondering why did she mention her name, it's normal, many singers do that in their songs.
    "Boy, boy
    Look at me
    I know you wanna touch
    But it ain’t for free
    I don’t need your money
    I just want your D
    Boy, come over here with your sexy a**"
    Now, she's telling him to look at her. She's telling him that she knows he wants to 'touch' her, but it is not for free. so he thinks that he should pay her, she replies saying that she doesn't need his money, she needs his... well... you get that part... and she's telling him to just come over to her with his sexy body.

    I really love this song and I really love Britney. I hope I helped you understand it :)

  3. ShaqueefahLoudwater
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    Aug 6th 2011 report

    Britney is talking about a man who be so fine that be so beautiful that she could drop dead!

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