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Bullet For My Valentine: Hit the Floor Meaning


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Hit the Floor Lyrics

i see you walking home alone
your face is alive and bright
but you can't see how weak you are
cause i could end it tonight

it's the feeling you get when you feel someone behind is watching you, well i can tell you now that someone is me...


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    Jan 17th 2011 report

    Do your research guys. His girlfriend was raped. Him hitting the floor is quite literal, as he couldn't do anything to prevent it. The context of the verses are actually in the eyes of the person who did it.

  2. anonymous
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    Jun 14th 2019 report

    My subjective view of the song is simple. It's about a friend-zone crush on a girl, which has evolved into obsession on the guys behalf. The first verse lyrics are rather self explanatory, he's stalking her thinking how easy it would be to have his way. This leads into the chorus,"Why do you take it all?" This refers to all this guys thoughts, emotion, and attention he invests in her. "Why do I beg for more?" Is in reference to her attention and the cherished interaction with him. "I never thought that this is how I'd hit the floor," refers to how he has realized that his addiction to her has made him into a callous and sadistic stalker. However, the difference of opinion I have with some of the other posts is that it's not about murder or an actual rape, but a creepy encounter with her as his obsession finally takes hold and confronts her in a desperate attempt to win her affections somehow. The first mellow "Whoa oah!" as the bridge comes in is him fantasizing about the perfect sexual encounter with her which he has dreamt of, and now visualizes in his head. The second higher octave sung "Whoa oah!" is her as she screams as a result of this silent confrontation, as she suddenly turns to see him come out of no where. Both scenarios are punctuated by the contrast of tempo and heavier sound. The fact there is no rape or murder is evident in the fade-out lyrics, "Take this from me, I don't want to hurt you." Communicates that as he stands with some fiendish rape-stare gazing at her, he wishes to rid himself of this obsessive devotion he feels for her as essentially he doesn't want to give in to the violent dark emotions that have brought him to stalk her this night.

  3. Alaa Shawkat
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    May 13th 2011 report

    Well it's obvious that it's about him enjoying stocking people and killing them. But then again he is not sure that he wants it because he says he never thought that this is how is gonna end up. Then I think he doesn't want to do it anymore so he begs someone to help him and take this sickness away because he doesn't want to hurt anyone. I am not sure that bfmv do deep lyrics or at least i don't get it !

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 5th 2011 report

    This song is obviously about a stalking/rape/murder. I think it's about someone getting revenge on someone because it says, "Why do you take it all? Why do I beg for more?"

  5. anonymous
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    Dec 10th 2010 report

    i love this song, and i saw in the requests that someone wanted an interpretation of it. i could be completely wrong, but here i go
    i have two ideas about what this song is

    1 It's about someone's relationship. 'i see you walking home your face is alive and bright, but you can't see how weak you are coz i can end it tonight' he is watching his girlfriend walking home, she is happy and loves him, but for some reason he is thinking about breaking up with her. 'why do you take it all, why do i beg for more, i never thought that this is how i'd hit the floor' is him thinking that she takes all his love, but he still wants more of her. and then he is wondering, he never thought that he'd break apart like this. ' i creep up from behind, touch your neck move down to your spine, don't scream i ask of you but then you let one out so i know it's time to go i come down on you like a tonne of bricks, all over so it's time to go' is a metaphor for them breaking up. he tells her not to cry or get angry but she does so he gets angry at her and knows it's time for them to end their relationship.

    2 it's a bout some guy watching a girl walking home after a fun night with her friends, or just something good. he can see she is happy but 'you can't see how weak you are coz i can end it tonight' he has the power to end her life and happiness. 'why do i take it all' he want's to know why he's thinking about taking her life. 'i never thought this is how i'd hit the floor' he never thought he'd fall down so badly, to want to hurt people.
    he creeps up on her and touches her, maybe it's rape. tells her not to scream but she does so he kills her and runs off before anyone knows.

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