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Dead Sara: Weatherman Meaning


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Weatherman Lyrics

His skin was soft as leather
I'm the weatherman
No one else more dedicated
I'm the weatherman
Well, hey kid
You got the right
But the choice to kill
No, Son of Sam
Will let you in to turn against
Addicted to the love of ourselves


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    Sep 2nd, 2012 9:06pm report

    I believe this song is about the current state of affairs involving the US gov. I think the Weatherman is a common US soldier. My interpretation is that he believes he is doing the right thing. That he is dedicated to his country and if he told to fight and kill that is just what he'll do. I don't think the band is in support of this way of thinking, simply providing a narrative to a story in the form of song. Just my thoughts. The video coupled with the words really leave no doubt in my mind that they are telling a specific story.


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    Mar 2nd, 3:10pm report

    This song is loosely based on Los Angeles' ABC weatherman, Dallas Rained. I'm pretty sure.


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    Jan 14th, 2019 1:41am report

    Uh, according to the band, it was arbitrary and means nothing.


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    Sep 3rd, 2017 9:40pm report

    The song is positively, definitely alluding to the 1960s "Weathermen" urban terrorist group. Dead Sara is a far left group, and this song is alluding to some 1960s leftist radicals, though the song is also a critique of the narcissism and self-centered personalities of these radicals.


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    Mar 31st, 2016 3:09pm report

    despite the artists' disclaimer,(most likely to keep police agencies i.e. fbi off their butts)as someone who actually lived with members of the weather underground,the song and video clearly are about just that. bill ayers was also not the only weatherman,kids. in fact,the weather had a saying that even popped up on bumperstickers..."we are everywhere." indeed. that's how they operated. these were by and large socially conscious kids who took a stand against the war,racism,the destruction of native american culture,treating women like chattel,and many other "isms" and were targeted,still are,because they had the unmitigated gall to stand up to the status quo. being a weatherman was not neccessarily a bad thing. in fact,in many ways,it was a very good thing.thanks to the efforts of the weather underground,we finally pulled out of vietnam. that was a very good thing. there is nothing,i mean nothing,shamefull in that!


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    Mar 17th, 2016 3:35am report

    its probably just a catchy tune and lyrics. I also think there could have been someone there while writing it that had an interest in the political weather man everyone is talking about. maybe someone simply mentioned it and they vaguely went that direction. maybe thats exactly wat it ment and they purposely hide it. maybe super sophisticated crabs are trying to steal our pancakes, or maybe it's just lyrics. your call.


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    Feb 16th, 2016 2:18am report

    Nothing whatsoever to do with Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, or any political statement at all.

    It's plainly stated in an interview with the vocalist herself.

    Songwriters always use dummy lines to flesh out a tune. She came up with "skin soft as leather, I'm the weatherman" as nonsense filler, and they decided it sounded cool, and decided to keep it.

    Don't overthink it.

    The Beatles did this, Sting does this, everyone does this. Nonsense words, suddenly it sounds catchy, and there you have it.


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    Feb 6th, 2015 2:43pm report

    I have been a Dead Sara fan for awhile now and I don't know why I missed it, but all of sudden it hit me. Is this song about Bill Ayers. Bill being the original 'weatherman'. The lyrics are very in line with his sometimes violent, (go for the kill), political dissidence. Lots of different looser interpretations here, but to me there's just too many similarities in the lyrics lining up with Ayers' beliefs and actions do not be about that.


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    Feb 5th, 2015 2:05pm report

    From an interview with the band:

    Talk about the album’ first single, ‘Weatherman.’
    EA: It’s the first song we did as this group. When we got in the rehearsal room, Siouxsie came up with that riff.
    SM: She just started singing over it and everyone just started jamming on it, it was pretty easy to write. We got the skeleton of it pretty fast.
    EA: That’s the day that Chris walked in because we were trying to get him into rehearsal for a while and he walked in and started playing bass on it and we literally started writing it. He started writing the verses with a bass line and it just changed it. We would’ve used that lick over and over, that would have been the whole, that’s how we’ve been writing. I was singing “His skin soft as leather, I’m the weatherman” over and over. When we get something we jam, and I was jammin’ it. After I was just like “Oh that’s really cool, but I want to change it, I don’t want the weatherman in there.”
    Everybody’s like, “No are you f—ing me?” They would’ve kicked me out of the band if I changed it so I had to write around that whole concept and I said “Okay this is cool. Now I have to write around it, what the f—k does this mean?” It just comes down to creating your own future by what it is you do today having an effect on tomorrow. I had to think of it in terms of that – just society.
    There’s also something striking about a female vocalist singing “I’m the weatherman.”
    EA: I love that. I think that was the thing at the beginning to, I started doubting it. That had to be one of the things.
    SM: We thought it was so cool, the irony.
    EA: That’s why I kept it and I completely forgot about it until now. That’s always cool when you hear songs like that like that dude from White Town singing “I will never be your woman” and he’s a dude, I always loved that! [Laughs] It’s just so different.

    Read More: Dead Sara Talk New Album, Musical Journey, Warped Tour + More | http://loudwire.com/dead-sara-interview-new-album-musical-journey-warped-tour/?trackback=tsmclip


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    Nov 24th, 2014 11:42am report

    It is about the Weatherman domestic terrorist organization that bombed the Pentagon in the 1960s. Thier leader, Bill Ayers is a very close friend and ally to President Obama. This dong glorifies Left Wing domestic terrorism.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    May 18th, 2014 5:36pm report

    Actually I think the weathermen movement theory is on the button. I just don't think she were thinking about them as a part of history, but more the ideas and ideals they stood for.

    If you think about the quote Armstrong gave in an interview.
    "Okay this is cool. Now I have to write around it, what the f—k does this mean? It just comes down to creating your own future by what it is you do today having an effect on tomorrow. I had to think of it in terms of that – just society."

    It's not about blazing your own path, or going for your dreams. It's about how the things you do today effect tomorrow. And just like the Weathermen you have to do what you feel is right to create the tomorrow and society that will be the best one.
    As for the chorus, well it means pretty much what it sounds like it means. Don't pussy foot around, but do it. Take action and go right for the heart.

    In fact taken as a whole it's a subtle protest song/anthem about how wrong the direction the US is currently taking with everything is, and how most everyone is kept pretty much in the dark and self absorbed while the country is being destroyed by the greedy and corrupt.

    Now why doesn't Armstrong come out and say this is anyone's guess. Not wanting to come off as too political, not wanting to ram the message down listener's throats, it could be pretty much anything.


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    Sep 13th, 2013 9:26pm report

    Weatherman far left radical movement, see here


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    Feb 25th, 2013 2:40am report

    maybe many of your opinions have in part right. but the thing is very basic. leberist almost got it but got lost in some part. it's about doing with your life what you want of it. but now, what is the weatherman? it's you, in front of the uncertainty about the future. like weather, your life cant be predicted, but still you have to go for the kill. :)


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    Feb 2nd, 2013 2:33pm report

    how funny. follow your dreams is the last interpretation I would ever come up with here. but then again, art at it's finest is open to interpretation by the individual. I see this as a soldiers pov. going in, fighting, killing, doing as they are told. not even knowing what the hell they are fighting for half the time. dedicated. "no son of sam will let you in to turn against"... brainwashed. you don't choose or exercise the right to choose who you kill, you do what you are told in combat. 'the history we make for the luck of our fathers. no future, no fans'... a direct correlation to our vets who are suffering and tossed aside by our government. 'and I'll sing as neglect for all that unamerican'... again, vets. jmo


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    Dec 18th, 2012 12:21pm report

    well, concerning the whole weatherman confusion: what does a weatherman do? Speaks to the crowd or an audience, tells them what he has been told to say (the middle man without any voice of his own) and informs about the weather (imminent happenings which he has no control over to change)

    this is all suggestive of powerlessness and "go for the kill" can be the artist pleading to take your power back and be what you want to be. voice your real opinion.


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    Aug 14th, 2012 8:20am report

    my gut feeling was that this song was bigger and deeper than just "hey-chase your dreams" i think it's more an interpretation of modern day america and how fucked things have become in this country. the lyrics are like the country (government, media, etc) talking to the american people.

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