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Disturbed: Believe Meaning


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Believe, when you lie
You will never need to recognize yourself
To deceive
To remove all chance of doubt and be received
With your lie
The deception is complete, when you concede
And decide
To reject your lives, sacrifice to me



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    Dec 14th, 2017 12:31pm report

    A song about being so deceived by the Devil in one's own self-righteous twisted thoughts that God would give power to this Individual to think of himself now, that he has a god given right to do what ever he wants. With the nerve to ''believe'' in fooling or killing anybody if it's necessary and still ''believe'' that he will be forgiven of his sins. Who may even ''believe'' with Those to the end that justifies the means for these kind of people. To my understanding These daimon-owned and self possessed people are not true Christians or Jewish or even Muslims etc., etc., humble one God believing and loving people. It seems They ''believe'' in Their own kind of self-righteous 'works' more then the faith in the one God to guide Them, compare to buying Their way there with 'good works' only. But as a true Christian knows that ''works without faith [in Jesus Christ] is dead'' and will not get you nowhere near Heaven. These deceived and unsaved believers are just infiltraitors of Christ teachings in order to empower their own secret agenda. This has been going on for a thousand or so years. Like did many crypto Je[w]suits that ''believe'' in Their own kind of power that infiltrated the Church in which hijacked Christianity in the name of Jesus Christ's Christians along with Islamism and Protestantism, among other created 'ism's. For us to use and fight against eachother to the end that would finally justify the means that They ''believe'' are entitle to have with obedience, otherwise to be pushed out of Their way. Who are really us that they want to do away with. The true believing people of One God in Who has the power to save souls.


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    Apr 25th, 2017 4:07pm report

    Something like people deceive themselves in thinking they have repented. If you have truly repented you will not want to sin anymore. God takes that desire to sin away. I'm a Christian. I love everyone. I went through something that brought me to my knees in an alter. When I came up off my knees and opened my eyes everything had changed. I used to ask my Daddy how will you would know if you were truly repented, saved, what ever you may call it, we call it the Holy Ghost . . . he would tell me that you would just know. Then he would talk how some Christians deceive themselves in thinking they were repented. I worried and prayed i didn't want to do that to myself. But when i came off my knees and opened my eyes I was overwhelmed with love. I loved everything. I didn't even really read the bible then. I just knew i loved everything and everybody. I loved the trees, the grass, the bugs i went around for over a year just looking at things with a different perspective. I didn't read the bible much before, but i started reading and praying for knowledge. The churches we go to are not sophisticated. I started with the Psalms cause they were always my favorite. I read them for a couple of years. Then i thought i am a Christian i should read the New Testament. And i read Jesus's commandment that he gave to us "to love one another as he had loved us." Then i realized it was the love of God i felt when i repented because truly that was how i felt like i loved everything soooo much. People thought i was crazy going around telling them i loved them, but i did and i couldn't help it. I even worried about, why do i love everyone. OMG is that normal? My daddy always called people who were newly repented a young child of God. Said God would teach you. I thought no way God's gonna teach me. But He did. I mean it may be a little simple. But why does it have to be so complicated, right? So, after i read about Jesus commandment to love. Other questions came to me. Well I love everything and that's why because it's Jesus' commandment, but not everything is good. So what about that? So I read about spiritual gifts. One of them is discerning spirits. Now growing up i had read and heard about spiritual gifts, but thought these people are crazy. Discerning spirits i thought was some kind of magic trick. No body could do that right. Then i got to thinking Love we can always love everyone and everything even our enemies, but we have to know good from bad, we have to discern a good person from a bad person. When you get a good feeling when you are around someone you don't know or hardly know that's a good spirit. Have you ever been around someone you liked, but couldn't stand to be in the room with them for very long or felt nervous around them, that's a bad spirit. That's all discernment is God speaks to your heart and lets you know good from bad. Then i started questioning well I love Jewish people, what's the difference? So, I am a Christian. I still have to follow God's commandments too! Top ten very important you gotta. So if i go to the Law to Justify myself I have fallen from grace. Well that sounded scary. I didn't want to fall. I like the Old Testament too, i read it.

    Then the New Testament tells us that the Law is the foundation of the world. What does that mean? you'll fall if you believe the foundation of the world that so confusing right. So, I tried to figure out what in the Old Testament contradicted the New Testament. Now this is just a simple person trying to figure stuff out not saying its right. Okay, so the Old Testament is eye for an eye tooth for a tooth and the New Testament is all about forgiveness and love. That's the only contradictory things i could think of. To justify myself. When do you justify yourself, when you have done something, an action. Well they told a lie so i cut out their tongue, she had an affair so we stoned her to death. Well I did that because he did that to me and an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth "i fell from grace." As Christian's we are taught to turn the other cheek. Not to judge people, let the Lord to that, its not my place to judge someone if they are right or wrong in their beliefs. Just pray for them, pray for me. Not to be rash to even the score. That's the only thing that came to me we have to be slow to anger and consider our actions carefully. Y'all pray for me.


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    Jan 18th, 2013 1:08pm report

    Sounds like he's talking about the so called Christians and Catholics who keep doing whatever they want and justify it with "God will forgive me". That isn't Christian btw that's just using a god they don't really believe in as an exscuse to make them feel better.


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    May 4th, 2012 5:30pm report

    This song can have numerous meanings. One of them is, as the first line in the song, "believe when you lie", teaching the art of deception. He said so himself.


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    Sep 20th, 2011 9:04am report

    no man.... did you read the lyrics?
    the song doesn't tell about seek repentance or to learn about the crimes you commited.. It tells you that it doesn't matter what is your belief, what god/s you believe in, the crimes are crimes and your "sins" cannot be absolved just because you "repent from them"


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    Jun 30th, 2010 6:39pm report

    Ill confront you on it as I'm religious. And it tells you to learn from the crime committed and seek repentance but keep committing the crime and your forgiveness is lost and no good.


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    Feb 15th, 2010 2:03pm report

    This song is a song no one wants to talk about or confront, because of how deeply religious people are. They think that because they are christian or catholic (I am using this because christianity/catholics (roman catholic) consists of penance.) They can do what ever the hell they want and ask "jesus" for forgiveness and get away free. Its incredible how much this song offends people, but people need to realize that you can't do that crime and have a religion to get out of it.


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    Feb 3rd, 2010 2:32pm report

    This song speaks for itself in how people can do what ever the hell they want and be forgiven by the beliefs, and that if they feel penance its ok to do the crime.

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