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Dr. Dre: I Need a Doctor Meaning


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I Need a Doctor Lyrics

Skylar Grey: (Chorus)
I'm about to lose my mind,
You've been gone for so long,
I'm running out of time.
I need a doctor,
Call me a doctor,
I need a doctor, doctor
To bring me back to life

Eminem: (Verse 1)
I told the world, one day i...


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    Apr 4th, 2011 4:54pm report

    Dre lost his son recently. Not only that but everyone dre was with left him. Ya eminem talks about how thankful he is that dre pulled him out. But recently dre has started leaving everything and getting.depressed. em wrote this whole song and asked dre to rap in it. Obviously since it doesnt sound like.something dre would write about. But em is asking and trying to push dre to realize shits gunna be ok. They show dre driving fast in the ferrari crashing. Kinda like a suicide attempt huh....


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    Feb 28th, 2011 2:11am report

    Its about Dre realizing that all of his past acquaintances with former rappers (such as Eazy-E), were the true uprising and the "sons" of hip hop, the ones he helped bring up to the world. After many of these rappers have died, he realized that he has lost apart of himself, like he would losing a son, and is starting to doubt the rap game and himself in it. Eminem states that Dre never doubted him, so Eminem is there for Dre when he needs it. Em is helping Dre realize his rap legacy, and is pushing him to finish his album and finish what he initially started in the past. In return, Em wants Dre to keep continuing his mentoring for Em as he will be the next one to make his mark in hip hop legacy


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    Mar 19th, 2011 3:49pm report

    In the beginning of the song, its shows DRE in a fast moving car (representing his rapid rise to fame),The accident represents him hitting rock bottom,once that happened no one is there to help him, everyone turn their back on him, except Slim. Then it continue to show Slim encouraging Dre to get back up, But Dre is unable, there are things holding him back, but eventually he overcame it all, and started on the road of recovery and again he is back on track.-----------------> You can easily c that a lot of thoughts has been put into the lyrics and the video and that a lot of people out there can relate to it. :)


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    Dec 16th, 2016 12:10pm report

    I'm amazed that nobody could see it the way I saw it. Well if you wanna understand my interpretation, don't watch the song or don't even hear it. Just read the lyrics of Em's lines. Note picture this: Em is talking to the Satan himself... How does that feel???
    And I don't know if I was awake or asleep when I wrote this
    All I know is you came to me when I was at my lowest
    You picked me up, breathed new life in me, I owe my life to you


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    Jul 17th, 2014 7:38pm report

    The illuminati has got nothing to do with the music industry? Seriously? Are u living in a cave!? But ok. It's understandable. Suppose that's the aim. Deception. My greatest artist of all time, tupac. He said it himself! He admitted it openly that he was in the game and is leaving it now. Michael Jackson made a movie smashing illuminati signs and stating that he's done with them. Funny how people die straight after making these comments in public. That being said. I actually know Dre and what he's going through. I know the "fake friends" that he was surrounded with. He is human and sometimes things just gets too much. This song is about that. No devil worshipping involved. Sometimes we look too deep into things. Andre is just going through a tough time and Em is trying to help him up. Loyalty. Respect. Oh. And P.S. Believe me when I tell you not to bother getting into this whole illuminati thing with me. I'm there. You'll waste ur energy and my time. And once ur in there's no getting out guys. Michael was a friend of mine. He's better off now. Dre. Thanx for always having my back. You and Em won't know "anonymous" but you'll know when I say it's EVAC. Lol. Jip. It's really me. Not my pr or pa. Was bored. Just finished a concert. Fans of Dre. He deserves your love. He's a good man. And u Em. (under that bad ass skin). I know u boy. evac out


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    Jun 16th, 2013 6:02pm report

    Before you try to Illuminati is behind anything do you research and find out where the illuminati actually started and it has nothing to do with the music industry its behind the government all of your past presidents where part of a secret society, so don't make a fool out of yourself when talking about something you don't know all the facts and also the illuminati started in the church since you keep saying the devil just watch the film Angels & Demons. I agree with the first person, Its about Dr. Dre career and how everything in video symbolized that, thats all nothing more nothing less, please educate yourself before you make yourself look like an A**. Its always people who don't have something, that when they see another person doing well they instantly claim its the illuminati, shut up with that shit and just be happy to see another person be blessed with gifts from GOD.


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    Dec 15th, 2012 12:15pm report

    Yea he right it is pretty much about them who used to worship the devil and now the devil took their beloved ones away. and Now they always feel miserabl e. but 1 thing I got to say is that I'm proud of them especially knowing when was time to wake up. because 1 thing I will tell you for sure that Devil will lie to you and once you take your own decision to go ahead and worship him he will come back and attack you no matter what and you get to go to hell with him. and that's pretty much what the music industry is all about selling your soul and get fame and go to hell...


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    Aug 3rd, 2012 8:50pm report

    It's about everyone being a part of illuminati for so long that everything was taken from them. They all gave into the "game" and sacrificed so much in the long run. Eminem finally walked away from it all (25 to Life) and is now trying to help Dre out as well. Dre finally wakes up to reality and realizes the only one there to help him back up is Slim. No one else is by his side. The music industry has taken everything from him and now he sees it. Eminem is the only one that has walked away and stayed by dre's side. The rest are still consumed by the evil ways of the music industry....

    "Cause no one see's my vision when I play it for 'em" <====(illuminati gives u material of what they want you to put out rather than what have in your head once you become an illuminati memeber.) (Ex:beyonce, jay z, rihanna, etc...)

    "enlighten" <====(illuminati)

    "It hurts when I see you struggle, you come to me with ideas You say they're just pieces so I'm puzzled 'Cause the shit I hear is crazy but you're either getting lazy Or you don't believe in you no more Seems like your own opinion's not one you can form" <====( not allowed to put out his own idas for music.)

    Backwards producers, I'm back bastards One more CD and then I'm packing up my bags and as I'm leaving I'll guarantee they scream, Dre don't leave us like that man<====(backwards producers controlling the music industry. Dre states he's back as in, back to himself and not what they created and not gonna take their shit...====>"one more CD and then I'm packing up my bags" <====meaning he's walking away from the illuminati. )



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    Feb 3rd, 2012 2:00am report

    this song makes me want to cry Dre is done! :( this is it for him and all his fake(fair weather) friends he has no time left for not a big fan of Emminem but always been true to Dre who I love don't like this song cause I know it is both of them saying goodbye hopefully not for good! :(


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    Dec 31st, 2011 12:12am report

    Dre is talking about ice cube, snoop, warren g, 50, westside connection all these west coast rappers dre made west coast hes king of the west


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    Dec 6th, 2011 12:15am report

    It's about Eminem nd Dre's friendship, Eminem is saying that Dr.Dre is the strong one. It seems like motivational song; its my favorite song by Eminem/Dre!


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    Nov 27th, 2011 11:37am report

    Dr Dre lost his son..so he didnt wanna finish his album...this song is eminem's way of pushing him to do it....


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    Aug 8th, 2011 8:25pm report

    its about friendship, and respect and not forgetting that loyal friendship's are there in the good times and the bads times....simple


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    Aug 3rd, 2011 8:57pm report

    i think slim and dr. dre look to each other for guidance and thus they are each others "doctors". they give each other life through a long and loyal friendship


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    Jul 29th, 2011 7:28am report

    The whole idea is to get dre out of the illuminati


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    Jul 11th, 2011 7:13pm report

    All you guys wrote is true and it's a nice clip. Btw.i think the song is meaningful and even deep I'm not a big fan of rap but I like this one so I recommend everyone to watch it! <3.


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    Jun 30th, 2011 6:40am report

    My prediction is this song is a prelude to a CD/DVD Dre's about to release soon.

    If the song is anything to go by, I'd also say he believes this upcoming album is going to be huge.

    Interpreted further, he's going to touch on friendships and betrayals (or reflections) of his past and glaring career. This'll be the theme of the album.

    I can't wait to see what he comes up with, although I don't believe it's going to be his last CD. It'll only be that if it's not embraced commercially. If it is then I'd say Dre'll have a couple more up his sleeve. God bless advertising strategies.


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    Jun 30th, 2011 6:50am report

    You are all faggets and dont know anything about what this song is about get a life all of you GRONKS

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