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Eagles: Lyin' Eyes Meaning

Song Released: 1976

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Lyin' Eyes Lyrics

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City girls just seem to find out early
How to open doors with just a smile
A rich old man
And she won't have to worry
She'll dress up all in lace and go in style

Late at night a big old house gets lonely
I guess ev'ry form of refuge has...


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    Nov 8th, 11:21pm report

    The girl with the 'lying eyes' wouldn't feel guilty about her evil behavior unless she had a conscience.

    Only someone who feels no shame in cheating can enjoy such a life. Some people couldn't live like that, but others delight in it.

    To me, the moral of the song is - Stay clear of people who delight in evil unless you are one of them yourself.


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    Nov 5th, 2018 11:37am report

    This is definitely one of my favorite Eagles songs. The narrator is obviously a country dweller who tells the tale of how riches, cannot fill every void in one's life; especially this city girl who woefully comes to this realization.

    The fast life living in the big city produces an ocean of competition amongst the young girls especially in high school. Most of them have big dreams of getting married to a rich man so that they can live a life of leisure and jet set around the world thinking this will satisfy them. They learn what it is that a man wants, or most men anyway. A cute smile to an old man with money, a bat or wink of the eye and they have them snared. Well in this story a young girl employs her charms upon an old man who is swept off his feet. He marries her and dress her all up in lace and she goes in style with him on his arm.

    And while this may be exciting for a time, a big house, social parties, big cars and money she still has to grow up and become mature. Those raging hormones that drove her to learn what it is a man likes forever haunts her in her passionless relationship. There is no sexual satisfaction in her marriage and soon her lust drives her so insane that she is willing to risk everything that she has.

    Her feminine desires pushes her into and affair with a boy that she has met; one that makes her feel the way she felt when she was in school. She can't let go of her life because the boy is poor and can not offer her anything; or money which is important to her. In order to meet her love, she lies to her husband and tells him that she is going out to see a friend who is feeling poorly, or depressed. But a man does not become rich being a fool. He knows what she is doing - either by his social influences, or he accepts the fact that he wants to keep his young love; and he does love her. He knows that she is going back to the city to fulfill her sexual needs. Her eyes, when she leaves as well as her smile tells it all.

    As she drives to the city, she imagines what it will be like when they get together with great anticipation! She arrives they fall into each others arms and satisfy their lust's and passions. But times is fleeting and she has to go. She gets into her car and the young man leans into her window and they kiss - she swears that one day they will not have to part. No doubt indicating that this man will soon be dead and they will be able not only to spend time but his money too, together. She pulls off and leaves him with a smile and that hope.

    Laying in bed next to this man whom she cannot stand touching her, with his cold and passionless touch. She cannot sleep as she lay in bed. She gets out of bed and has to pour herself a drink - a strong drink to calm her anxiety to fall asleep. Standing in the window she stares out at the stars in the sky. What happened to her? Did she just get tired of trying to make a life, did she just quit and give up her life to a man whose hands are as cold as ice?

    Thinking to herself further, she laughs at herself thinking that things did not go the way she planned. Carefully she pursued this old guy thinking, and hoping that living the rich life would take the place of what she had become and was use to being. She was promiscuous, she loved sex with the boys that she use to play around with and she thinks about one in particular from school.

    Money did not change her at all as she thought, she is still the same old lust filled, party girl that she use to be. Feeling sorry for herself, not knowing when this old guy is going to die, and knowing that it could be along time, she is doomed. But She does not want to divorce the money either, but her hunger for the love that she craves and the prison that she has placed herself in is impossible - she pulls down the shade and hangs her head and cries.


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    Dec 22nd, 2017 12:49am report

    Classic interpretation of a woman that marries for money not love. She'll get what she needs outside of the marriage but will always come back to the money and finer things in life that her husband provides for her. Her husband knows very well what is going on and accepts it. By the way, this can work for either gender. Glenn Frey weaves a great story around the premise of cheating.


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    Nov 18th, 2017 11:53am report

    She married a rich man she doesn't love but can't leave the passion from the man who can't give her the "lifestyle" she wants. She tells her lover while in a hotel room (assuming the sugar daddy paid for)will be with him soon..they both know it's a lie and are probably ok with it... Thinks about a boy she knew in school...they are in it together. She gets the both of both worlds..a man who gives her the world and a boy from the past who she wishes could.


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    May 23rd, 2017 5:08pm report

    The song has new meaning to me as never before. I agree with the post about female sociopaths. Seeking sugar daddies and victims, superficial charm, pathological lying, promiscuity, shallow relationships, incapable of real love, narcisstic. And along with this mental
    disorder, a propensity for alcohol and/or drug addiction. Beware of the female sociopath. Broken hearts and empty bank accounts. I know. Brilliant song.


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    Apr 24th, 2017 4:02pm report

    A woman marries and older, wealthy man for security, fine things and to feel safe. Yet it is an empty marriage because there is no real love between them. Their home is devoid of warmth as they’ve nothing to share with each other. She has a lover she goes to some nights desperate for the intimacy she is without at home. She believes, and tells her lover so, that she will return to stay one day. But as the night wears on and the momentary passion fades, she wonders if it’s true, will it ever really be so? Thinking of an old lover, remembering the simplicity of young, unencumbered love and her unfaithfulness to it, she ponders how little she has changed. She feels trapped and foolish in a web of her own making. She’s still seeking security and safety and willing to sacrifice true love to have it. Her mastered coquettish smile is no disguise; to her husband, to her lover, to herself.
    She’s not fooling anyone.


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    Feb 12th, 2017 2:34pm report

    A young woman marries a rich older man thinking it would make her happy, but she is not happy, she is lonely in a big old house, but she is safe.
    She doesn't like having sex with him, it breaks her heart his hands feel cold and she feels cold towards him. To make herself feel better she has a boyfriend on the side who she goes to on the other side of town, but her husband knows where she is going even though she tries to hide it.
    She is either alone in the big house or she is going to have sex with him again so she pours herself a strong one and hangs her head to cry.
    Now she wonders how things could gotten so bad. She thinks about her one true love in school. Maybe they were together for awhile, but she got tired of the struggle and left him for an easier life.
    She set up this life she has now, but realizes now that she is no better, no happier than before and perhaps her one true love moved on to someone else so its too late to go back to him so she is trapped in this loveless marriage and feels like a fool.
    The end line gives this song away that the singer is talking about his wife. "Honey, you can't hide your lying eyes."


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    Feb 9th, 2017 2:17pm report

    What always caught me about this song was the last verse. I kind of think it means that time has passed, she is with the new guys, but now she is thinking of a boy from school. Why else would they say she's still the same old girl she used to be? Even after she thinks she's found "true love" she's still thinking about someone else...


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    Mar 29th, 2016 3:32am report

    The ladies the eagles saw were probably sociopaths seeking security and rich lifestyle. Cheating occurs due to boredom and empty life. The parts of song about "feelings" would not relate to sociopaths but all other lyrics seem to (lying eyes, smile a thin disguise....two powerful sociopath characteristics).
    Just a thought. Powerful indeed.


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    Jan 24th, 2016 1:09am report

    Glenn Frey said at the Hollywood Bowl concert a few years ago that he and Don would be sitting at the bar at Dan Tana's in Hollywood and watch these young babes come on to the old dudes. So they made up a somng about it.


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    Jan 11th, 2016 1:22am report

    Good interpretation. Good friend too. Please tell your friend that if the younger woman is cheating, she will still cheat even if he marries her. He is very lonely and contemplating marriage? It's not wrong to be lonely. How can he be lonely if he has a good friend like you? Perhaps he is lonely because his dating a wrong woman. But contemplating marriage? I believe one must think carefully of marriage. One can be alone but not lonely, your friend must learn how to be alone and to accept that being alone will not make one feel lonely. I believe one must be content with oneself before dating another person. Marriage is a serious matter and one must marry for love. If his woman respects him, she should let him go and be with the guy that she loves. Tell your older friend that there are still a lot of women who will marry for love. Not all women dream of lavish meals and trips. Love is more important than money.


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    Jan 10th, 2016 1:01pm report

    Actually sent this song to a friend of mine ..
    He is an older man dating a much younger woman. He is very
    Lonely and contemplating marriage. Yet she has cheated on him but enjoyed the lavish meals and trips. This song qS sent to him to give him the glimpse of the future should he marry her. She will cheat with a man closer to her age. But she will marry him for money and not love. She promised the one she loves that in a time she will be with him ( which is a lie) because she wants the best of both worlds. She cannot give up the marital convenience nor can she give up the one she loves. So she returns home and repeats the pattern of lies


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    Oct 17th, 2014 10:37am report

    Sounds like obviously she married a rich man and cheats on him, I think the song is talking about a Prostitute, the rich man is the pimp "cold hands" the clients " she goes into his arms and tells him it is only for a while"


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    Sep 12th, 2013 9:14pm report

    We all get that the song is about a cheating woman, but the intriguing part is the changing person.

    The chorus is sung in the second-person. i.e. "YOU can't hide YOUR lyin' eyes."

    All the verses, except the very last one, are sung in the third-person. i.e. "SHE gets up and pours HERself a strong one".

    The end of the last verse suddenly switches to the second-person. "YOU'RE still the same old girl YOU used to be."

    It shows that this is not the first time "she" has cheated on someone, and the person she previously cheated on was the singer/narrator. The singer starts off kind of giving a play-by-play to try to distance himself from her, until his supressed emotions get the best of him and he lashes out directly at her.


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    Sep 10th, 2013 9:26am report

    Its about a young girl who marries a rich old man, so she wont have to worry about money and can get everything she wants material wise. She realizes that the man and his money can only make her so happy. So she lies about going out to see a friend, which he knows is not true. Once she meets the boy (friend), who still loves her, she promises him that they will be together someday soon, which he believes. After she goes home, and maybe some years later, she takes a drink and looks up at the stars pondering her life. She wonders why life got so crazy, and realizes that she wasn't happy, and lying to get it didnt change her life. Just like marrying the rich guy, lying didnt change anything for her, and she realizes she is just as foolish as she was when she was young. She should have just married for happiness.

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