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Eve 6: Think Twice Meaning


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Song Released: 2003

Think Twice Lyrics

When all is said and done
And dead does he love you
The way that I do
Breathing in lightning
Tonight's for fighting
I feel the hurt so physical

Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around I'll let you feel the burn
Think twice...

  1. 6fing
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    Oct 10th 2011 report

    Funny, I heard this song the other day & googled it for the heck of it...this site came up. Here's my exact thoughts...This song was written for a girl named Cheryl Day @ NH. Years ago a stupid lead singer fell deeply deeply in love with her. She was incredibly kind & nice to him, but she never loved him like the way he wanted & needed. He became obsessed until he could no longer be apart of her life. Unrequited love at its finest. She truly is a free spirit that brings light, hope lust & love to all she touches. I still miss her to this day. Shine on Sunshine.

  2. anonymous
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    Mar 10th 2011 report

    Sounds like she's got the clap and he's warning other men not to sleep with her or they'll feel the burn.

  3. HowCouldYou
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    May 11th 2009 report

    From 4/25/09

    Think Twice by Eve6 is about a man who loves a woman but realizes that because she can not commit to him the way he feels
    he needs to in order to feel validated that he has to part ways and move on with his life.

    The first verse is a man feeling hurt and angry about the fact that the Woman he loved cheated on him with another man.

    The chorus is the next set of lines starting with 'think twice' and says that anyone touching the Woman he loves referred to as 'my girl'
    had better watch out because he is going to physically harm them, because he feels that the other man or any other man that cheated with
    his 'girl' was to blame.

    The next set of lines starting with 'She spreads her love' is about the fact that the Woman he loves has relations with
    other men, but the man continues to go back to her because of his physical needs, pride, and hope that she will commit herself to him only.

    The verse 'Wait till the day you finally see' seems to be the man anticipating that the Woman will commit to him at some point because
    she has confided in him that she needs his help by 'crying please'.

    The chorus is repeated, the bridge 'she spreads her love' is repeated, and the next verse the man seems to become enlightened by figuring that
    the Woman bears some responsibility as to the cheating by saying that the Woman does not know what she wants, that he is tired of trying
    to figure out or wait for an answer as to what she wants, and then implies that when she is away the only way he can deal with the
    possibility that she is cheating on him is to get 'wasted' such as to get drunk or high or both.

    Then in the final verse before the bridge and the chorus ending, is the climax to the story where he finally determines that he can not
    continue to be with a Woman that needs or always has had another man in her life, perhaps because she now has kids with the man she cheated with
    and the father of the kids comes around to take care of them.

    In other words, the man thought about whether he could love a woman after she cheated on him, decided he could, then as he thought about
    the situation again, came to the realization that the Woman betrayed him and thier relationship and that he could no longer stand the pain,
    so he had to leave.

  4. faust93
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    Apr 17th 2009 report

    quailhunter is probably more dead on then me but i kind of look at it as a guy stuck in the friend zone and the girl is leading him on as much as possible with out a relationship. obviously the guy has strong feelings for her and allows her to manipulate him but when the girl gets a boy friend the guy speaks out that even though they are not technically going out he still claims her as his girl and is willing to fight for it but in the end he faces cold truth that she doesn’t love him and he pretty much gives up. Basically what quailhunter said but a little different I listened to the song along time and never thought about the meaning until it hit me that I was in the same situation with a girl and I can say first hand it sucks. Girls have the ability to make men feel all emotions but when girls do this kind of stuff it shows how cruel they are and how depressing and useless they can make a guy feel.

  5. anonymous
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    Nov 19th 2008 report

    I would just like to say nicely done. for once someone has the right interp of a song so id like to say thank quil

  6. quailhunter
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    Mar 23rd 2007 report

    When I first heard this song, I thought it involved a complicated relationship where a girl has more than one lover, and the song is written in the perspective of one of the guys. Of course, the relationship is undefined, which causes some difficulty. If one breaks down the different parts it is clearer.
    The first verse discusses the current situation. Apparently this guy that’s singing this song is hung up on the girl, and he loves her. The other guy does a lot of things to screw up, and makes the girl unhappy, and a naturally she goes to the singer to deal with it. The singer is questioning the love the other guy has for her, while declaring his love for her in the first couple lines. On the particular night that the singer is referencing, she comes over because she had a fight with the other guy. He comforts her, and claims he knows the feeling.
    The next part is reused during the song as part of the build up for the chorus. Specifically this is basically a threat to the other guy that the singer is thinking. He’s pissed that the girl keeps coming back to him unhappy, and she may very well be in an abusive relationship. Either way, the threat challenges the girl’s lover to come see him and face him because the lover keeps abusing her. If the lover sees him, the singer is basically going to teach him a lesson or two.
    The next part of the chorus is really interesting because it showing a bit of irony. While she seems to be in a physically abusive relationship, the singer is experiencing what seems like an emotionally abusive relationship. She has more than one lover, and mentally he really is struggling to stand it. It’s always on his mind, and he is just exhausted from always thinking about it. He is attached to this girl though, and he loves her, so he feels trapped. Because of his attachment, he can bail out of the relationship, and thus can’t leave her and end things. He keeps telling himself that enough is enough, but he just can’t detach himself from her.
    The next verse (if that’s what you call it) basically is the singer speaking to the girl, but of course he isn’t really telling her the lyrics. When she is finally done with the other guy, she is going to see that the singer really does care about her, and he has been waiting for a serious defined relationship for a long time. He is still attached because he has hope that she will give him a serious relationship, and whenever he contemplates to leave, she begs him not to. He keeps hoping things will work out between them, so he sticks around and becomes more trapped.
    After the chorus goes again, the “mini-verse” basically is the singer growing impatient. He wants definition and he knows he can’t wait around forever. She is wasting his time, and wasting her own by not being a relationship with him that is defined, and exclusive. Thus he basically is asking her what she wants out of him. Apparently time has gone by a great amount now.
    Finally, the singer goes to visit his lover when he sees she is with the other guy. He knows about it, so it isn’t like he’s catching her cheating or anything, but he realizes he has to out class the guy by not showing he is jealous. He keeps his cool, rather than flips out. After keeping his cool, the singer decides to leave. He walks out of the building she lives, but rather than changing his mind and going back up, he finally decides that he has had enough. He is at this point probably very depressed, but he has decided to finally leave her, by not going back up. Going down is obviously describing the way he feels about it. He is crashing into absolute sadness.
    The last chorus is taken in a different context from my understanding. The first part basically is just restating what is bothering him, but now it is justifying why he is finally done with her. He is thinking out loud when he says he can’t let go. Naturally this is right around the time he left and didn’t go back. The last part of the chorus is basically the singer changing his sadness back to anger, and he is just angry at the situation. He is threatening the other guy again, but this time, he is probably grieving after ending things. Overall the song isn’t about the girl, it isn’t about the other guy, it is about the singer interpreting the situation and realizing it is a bad one. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but he finally decides to end things.

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