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Fall Out Boy: Hum Hallelujah Meaning

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It's all a game of this or that
Now versus then
Better off
Against worse for wear
And you're someone
Who knows someone who knows someone
I once knew
And I just want to be a part of this

The road outside my house
Is paved with good...


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    Jul 25th, 2007 7:03pm report

    I have to say, most of you guys are stupid.
    no its not about a love story.
    at the concert pete did say it was about his overdose.


    The road outside my house
    Is paved with good intentions
    Hired a construction crew
    Cause it's hell on the engine
    You are the dreamer
    And we are the dream

    ( he has good things planned out to do in his life, its just hard. )

    So hum hallelujah
    Just off the key of reason
    It's just how you looked in the light
    A teenage vow in a parking lot
    Til tonight do us part
    I sing the blues
    And swallow them too

    (hallelujah was playing in the car when he tried to commit suicide. How the pills looked in the light, he thought he wanted to take them but no. Teenage vow= they do stupid things. Til tonight do us part = til tonight do I die. Swallow them = swallowing the pills.)

    My words are my faith
    To hell with our good name
    A remix up your guts
    Your insides x-rayed
    And one day we'll get nostalgic for disaster
    We're a bull
    Your ears are just a china shop

    ( words are my faith = praying he lives now he realize it was stupid. Hell with good name = doesn't really care about his rep now. and remix of your guts & insides x-rayed = welll ever gotten your stomach pumped? nostalgic = means happiness sooooooo idk. )

    I love you in the same way
    There's a chapel in a hospital

    ( chapel= thinks he's dying, he's getting his stomach pumped in a hospital, chapel connects to god and death, I suppose)

    Sometimes we take chances
    Sometimes we take pills

    I could write it better than you ever felt it

    ( instead of taking a chance he overdosed. and he could write about the experience better than we ever would have felt/lived though it.)

    ehhh I suck at explaining things but yea, whatever.


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    Jun 5th, 2007 6:18am report

    Ok this song is about a teenage romance. It is also about a personal experience of petes overdose with ativan. They have interprted Jeff Bucklys Hallelujah.

    Hum Hallelujah Refers to when he's depressed and instead of singing the words he hums them in greif.

    I sing the blues and swallow them too.. He sings the blues of a song like the sad melodys of a song and metaphorically he saying he is swallowing his pills at the same time overdoseing.
    I believe this song can also be refered to as a teenage romance Instead of till death to us part.. Tonight do us part to symbolise he didn't mean much to her.

    fall out boys lyrics are so clever I guess it just depends on how the indivual person will inperate in their own way.


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    Mar 10th, 2007 3:38pm report

    This song is about teenagers who had just met and they have sex in a car in a parking lot. however the girl gets pregnant and she tells the boy. So in the song he is playing a game of "THIS OR THAT". Perhaps the girl intends on keeping the child and considers marriage "You are the Dreamer and We are The Dream", she wants him to be in the childs life somehow. and in the same sense the boy doesn't know what he wants and is angry that she "forgot" her "pills" "Sometimes we take chances Sometimes we take pills. She didn't take her birth control and got pregnant.
    He thinks about how he doesn't even know her that well because she is someone who knows someone who knows someone he once knew that he just wants to be a part of.
    Though it was a "TEENAGE VOW IN A PARKING LOT, TILL TONIGHT DO US PART" meaning that she was to mean nothing to him but only for that night. He only THOUGHT he loved her just how she looked in the light.

    so I'm guessing he married her and chooses to be in the childs life cause he says "There is a Chapel in the hospital" and "One step in your bedroom and one step out the door" meaning just one night with a girl you don't know can ruin your life just because she gets pregnant.

    Fall Out Boy songs can be a bit complex, and I'm not saying I'm completely correct!

    but keep in mind I'm only 14 so if you have any thing better post it ~dorian~


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    Jun 8th, 6:44pm report

    I sing the blues and swallow them too is about pete's overdose of ativan because ativan is mainly blue.


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    Apr 10th, 2012 4:25pm report

    I don't have an interpretation, I just wanted to say that I LOVE Fall Out Boy!!! I need to see if my cousins have the CD that this is on so that I can put it on my iPod, either that or I need some iTunes money.

    Oh and I heard someone else say that Pete OD it and I felt so sad. I even had teary eyes.


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    Feb 19th, 2011 2:42am report

    "One day we'll get nostalgic for disaster."
    Nostalgic means happy, so i think Pete's trying to convey the point that 'One day, we'll be happy. Times are getting worse and worse, and someday, Disaster will be all we have left.'

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Feb 10th, 2011 2:44am report

    I think this song can be both: a love story and about Pete's overdose. Can be a combination of both.


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    Oct 16th, 2010 10:22pm report

    At first, I thought this song was about some heartbreak, but then I listened to the lyrics and dissected its meaning.
    Here's how it is: this song is about suicide. There are many lines in the song as to how it connects to suicide. The title of the song even wires back to the subject matter; "Hum Hallelujah." Instead of singing the lyrics to the song "Hallelujah," they were depressingly hummed. Lines in the song that relate to this particular topic include, but are not limited to, "I sing the blues and swallow them too," (aka: blues = sad music; swallow them too = swallowing the pills.) "My words are my faith / To hell with our good name," (aka: my words are my faith = trying to change/live up to be something more than previous actions; To hell with our good name = don't care about reputation/don't listen to what others have to judge or say.) "There's a chapel in a hospital / One foot in your bedroom / And one foot out the door / Sometimes we take chances / Sometimes we take pills / I could write it better than you ever felt it," (aka: There's a chapel in a hospital = this connects to God and death to some degree; one foot in your bedroom / and one foot out the door = one stupid or careless action (the foot in the bedroom) leading to a tragic, gothic, or life-threatening consequence (the foot out the door); Sometimes we take chances / Sometimes we take pills = sometimes we do stupid or reckless things, or just risk it all because you just don't care anymore and you're at your absolute breaking point; I could write it better than you ever felt it = the way this suicidal attempt is described better than if someone was going through or living through this time.)
    There are obviously more lyrics that can be connected to the song. Although this tune is clearly not on the subject of heartbreak, I can see how it sounds like song about heartbreak. I choose to not insert my interpretation for how it connects to a broken heart because that's not what the song is about.


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    Jun 2nd, 2010 6:22pm report

    Pete overdosed in a parking lot one night early in his career. He called his manager and said I took them all, and I'm tired. I'm going to sleep now. He was almost dead when they got there.


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    Apr 18th, 2010 4:45pm report

    Pete has explained this on halfofus.com..he clarified that it was not a suicide attempt for him but he just like to turn off his head..(weird)and then he took a bunch of ativan...he got depressed when his parents broke up on his sixth birthday..i repeat..BIRTHDAY..and it left him scarred that he didn't cried about it until he was 22..he's been on medication since he is 18..


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    Dec 17th, 2009 12:04am report

    The person who is top rated sounds spot on. Just to add, when it says "a teenage vow in a parking lot. 'till tonight do us part. i sing the blues and swallow them to'. This, to me, refers to swallowing the 'blue' pill, meaning birth control, which she obviously didn't.


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    Nov 23rd, 2009 11:55pm report

    Some think that this song is about teenagers who had sex, and then the girl got pregnant. I believe the song is actually about an attempted suicide in his car, and how when he hears Jeff Buckly's Hallelujah on the radio, he thinks about his life(mainly his teenage years).

    "I sing the blues and swallow them,too" refers to how he sings blues music, but "swallowing them too" means he's overdosing.

    "Sometimes we take chances, sometimes we take pills" refers to going on with life(taking chances) or taking drugs to kill yourself(taking pills).

    The "Teenage vow in a parking lot; 'Til tonight do us part" refers to inconsistency of his life.

    The entire 4th verse refers to his flashback about how he still loves the girl even though she's a wreck.

    "I thought I loved you, but it was just how you looked in the light" also talks about his flashback to his teenage years, where a girl betrayed him.

    "You're just someone who knows someone who knows someone I once knew" represents how he thinks he knows what's going on but he really doesn't.

    "Hum Hallelujah" refers to how he thinks killing himself and going to heaven will be better than coping with his life.

    Fall Out Boy uses a lot of metaphors and figurative language, so that's what lead me to believe what this interpretation says. I could see why somebody could think this song was about teenagers having sex if they didn't listen carefully and really think about it. However, I may not be correct. But I put a lot of thought into this, and think I'm probably right.


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    Jul 24th, 2009 7:52pm report

    First Verse -- I think this first verse is about a guy remembering how it was when him and a girl were younger, thinking about how they were best friends, but he really liked her and never got a chance to tell her. Soon she's with another guy when they get older, and he just wants to be a part of her life.
    Second Verse -- He never meant any harm in telling her later on in life, but now she isnt speaking to him. He can see she feels the same way, Being the Dreamer, and Him the Dream. She is torn between her Childhood love (Him) And her current "someone". He feels that he expresses his love better then she does
    Chorus -- She blows him off after telling him she loved him too. He is left broken, seeing her walk away with no reason.
    Third Verse -- He changed. He doesnt care about anyone or anything after he had lost his true love. He is becoming suicidal, feeling sick about what happened. He was the good boy, but everything has changed
    Fourth Verse -- He mentions to her he still loves her, and that she should pray that he will be ok, after Over doseing. She is getting worried about him, and trys to stop him from doing it. He then says that she doesnt love him, and leaves her.
    In the end, They meet up to that empty parking lot that they once told each other that they loved one another. They end up together.


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    Mar 31st, 2009 3:04am report

    This is only a theory by me I don't actually know but any way.

    Maybe it's about Pete's overdose which is pretty much proven by you guys. And maybe the ohter lines such as "I thought I loved you It's just how you looked in the light" are about the fans. Well if they say that they wouldn't really be fans.
    The road outside my house
    Is paved with good intentions
    Hired a construction crew
    Cause it's hell on the engine
    You are the dreamer
    And we are the dream
    I could write it better than you ever felt it"
    Maybe talking about him being a "role model" so to speak and allways doing what is right. Shown by the line "The road outside my house
    Is paved with good intentions" Another reference to fans saying about them dreaming about being FOB and saying pete could write better than they felt it.
    "A teenage vow in a parking lot
    Til tonight do us part
    I sing the blues
    And swallow them too"
    That may be about taking the drugs but the drugs that Pete took are not blue so I don't know about that.
    But this is all based on if his overdose was caused by the pressure of fans which in 2005 before From under the cork tree. they may not have had a mainstream fanbase so thats what makes me unsure.


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    Feb 19th, 2009 2:32pm report

    The song that Pete Wentz wrote for when he was trying to commit suicide is "7 minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen)" He was in Best Buy parking lot. Atavan is a plug at the depression meds he was on at the time.


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    Dec 6th, 2008 12:27pm report

    I agree with the interpretation that the song is about Wentz's overdose. It wouldn't be the only song he's written about it (7 Minutes in Heaven), so that makes sense.

    However, I'd like to point out that Hum Hallelujah was written by both Patrick AND Pete. Not just in the sense that Pete gave him snippets and Patrick arranged it so it makes sense, I mean they actually sat down together and wrote it, just like they wrote Saturday together. Which actually makes sense when you consider that Pete actually already wrote a song about his OD by himself. I'm not really sure if this is relevant to the interpretation of the song or not, but I do think it's something interesting to ponder.


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    Aug 13th, 2008 8:26am report

    Well I think this song is about Pete's suicide attempt, but I can also see why people would think it's about teen pregnancy.

    Just to clarify, I think this line hasn't really been explained as well as the rest of lines and it's a major hint to the song concept.

    I sing the blues and swallow them too,
    Ativan (The medication Pete OD'd on) is often in the form of blue pills!


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    May 2nd, 2008 5:12pm report

    Ok I agree with the kid who has to tell everyone that he is 14 so he can make himself think that he is so smart for his age. You make really good points with the chapel, the pills, and the whole one night stand thing, but seriously no one cares how old you are so don't play that card.

    The song is about a couple that don't know each other very well and they have a one night stand and she gets pregnant. You can't argue that because of the line "a remix of your guts, you're insides x-rayed". That is the literal sense of the song to get across a deeper and more profound meaning of just a struggle for commitment. He uses this as an example because its a situation that pertains in a larger sense to people's entire lives. The idea that you don't want to be responsible for all of your mistakes.

    "The road outside my house is paved with good intentions, hired a construction crew cause its hell on the engine" - he is saying that he has every intention of being there and taking care of her and the kid but he needs help on the inside because that's not really how he feels. He doesn't want to commit to this mistake.

    "One foot in your bedroom and one foot out the door" - he is once again saying he wanted to have sex with the girl but he wants to keep one foot out the door and not have to deal with the consequences.

    "I sing the blues and swallow them too" -he is saying that the situation is different when you're not an outsider looking in. By saying he sings the blues he is claiming that he would tell someone else its there kid and they need to be there for them, but now that he is on the inside he wants to swallow his own words cause he feels different about the situation. It's all in perspective.

    The biggest clue to this is clearly the title of the song "Hum Hallelujah" -When something great happens in your life what do you say, Hallelujah. This baby and what has happened should be the best thing in the world but its not. Thats why he says to hum hallelujah. Think about it this way, you have to sing for some dumb choir and you hate the song and your heart really isn't in it so what do you do. You hum the damn thing cause its not what you really wanna do. Humming hallelujah is halfway showing your dedication to something that could be great but you don't want to commit to it completely.

    It is easy to understand the difficulty of commitment especially if you're in college or if you have had a kid, or even just a scary time where the chick thought she was pregnant. The lyrics run deep and I understand everyone is open to their own interpretation, but look beyond something literal and to something a little more existential cause that's the kind of songs they write.

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