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flora cash: You're Somebody Else Meaning


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Song Released: 2018

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You're Somebody Else Lyrics

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    Jun 7th, 6:28pm report

    This song to me means losing an old friend and seeing them as a stranger although you see them how they used to act and sound.


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    May 24th, 5:41pm report

    I have to agree with a previous interpretation that it’s aboyt a parent watching their child grow into a teenager. The patent notices that their child Is developing an adult appearance, making new friends, listening to different music, discovering romance ect. The parent is telling their child to “go forward slowly, it’s not a race to the end” as if they don’t want them to change so much that they are unrecognizable.

    I think the lime “I saw the part of you that only when you’re older you will see too” I’d yhwir way of telling their child they will always love them. Most teenagers dislike a lot about themselves. They have great qualities but they become obsessed with shallow things like social media and other people’s opinions. They only accept attention from friends and guys/girls they are interested in. The parent is saying that even though their child looks and sounds different, they have certain qualities like their sense of humour, curiosity, or kindness that won’t change no mater what age they are.


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    Apr 30th, 4:40am report

    "Well You look like yourself, but you're somebody else, only it ain't on the surface" and "I saw the party of you that only when you're older you will see too" I would say this is about someone struggling to accept who they are and how they will see their real self as they grow.


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    Apr 12th, 4:21pm report

    Just watch the official video..

    It’s about accepting yourself.


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    Mar 17th, 3:43pm report

    Mental illness is what I get out of it, drug addiction is what some are saying but watching the video and really listening, I believe mental illness which is so misunderstood. Drug addiction does bring on mental illness,, or unleashes it.


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    Mar 3rd, 3:25pm report

    My mother is starting to show signs of Alzheimer's. It's that limbo between just being able to say she's a little loopy and it's just old age, or maybe it's dementia, to where it's starting to become obvious. I can't listen to this song without starting to break down...

    It's a more literal interpretation of the lyrics, but... yeah...


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    Feb 15th, 2:58am report

    It reminds me of fighting the battle of your loved one losing themselves to drug addiction. Maybe “I saw the part of you that when your older you will see too” references to getting older as getting wiser. Once the person gains experience they will realize that they are losing their true self in a way.


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    Feb 7th, 2:48pm report

    When I hear this song it brings me to tears, because the words make me think of my brother who just passed away a week from drug addiction and depression. He committed suicide, and when I hear the chorus
    "Well you look like yourself
    But you're somebody else
    Only it ain't on the surface
    Well you talk like yourself
    No, I hear someone else though
    Now you're making me nervous"
    he sounded like himself he looked like him but he wasn't.


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    Feb 5th, 2:34am report

    To me it sounds like watching your children grow up. They are growing, they start to look and sound different, but we see who they will one day be and we have to trust that process.


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    Jan 26th, 1:50pm report

    I feel as though, two people looked into each others eyes.. and after that, he felt as though he found a whole other person. "you held the balance of time that only blindly I could read you, but I could read you.." pretty much, ever since he saw a more deeper side of the other person he realized how, in a way, they're different person. "well you look like yourself, but you're somebody else, only it aint on the surface...well you talk like yourself, no I hear someone else though, now you're making me nervous" so I guess what in saying is when you look into some ones eyes, you may be looking at a different person


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    Dec 23rd, 12:13pm report

    This song has several meanings which I think different people will connect to in different ways based on experiences of their own. For me, this song is about change. Two people in love, however, one is blinded in which they will only realize what the other person sees after they grow older and obtain more life experiences. In the song, Flora Cash says "I couldn't believe you were gone." Meaning the old version of what someone knew another person to have completely molded into another person. The person is now unrecognizable emotionally because they've changed so much, or now their true colors have finally shown. This also connects to a larger concept of deception and how deception can be used to fall in and out of love. Finally, when Flora Cash says, "I saw the part of you that only when you're older you will see it too," they are describing a person so stubborn they aren't willing to accept who they truly are or have become. Only after this person has time to grow will they realize who they were.


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    Dec 8th, 2018 12:26pm report

    Losing someone with a drug addiction


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    Dec 3rd, 2018 12:19pm report

    Go forward slowly it's not a race to the end would symbolize that our race to the end of our lives.


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    Nov 21st, 2018 11:11pm report

    I think this is a song about being confronted by a past version of yourself. The old version doesn't like what it sees he has become. The main lyrics are the current version speaking, the hook is the past


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    Oct 14th, 2018 10:47pm report

    When in self doubt, as humans, we change. Sometimes we get lost in order to find ourself, and this song is (what I think) the process of standing back on our own two feet. This song is when we come the realisation that we’re not who we used to be, and either we try to change that or we just live past it.

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