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Frank Ocean: Novacane Meaning


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Song Released: 2011

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Novacane Lyrics

Frank Ocean: 1st Verse

i think i started something
i got what i wanted
did didn't i
can't feel nothing
even when i'm fucking
viagra popping
every single record
zero emotion
muted emotion


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    Feb 26th 2015 report

    Some of you are far to literal.

    The girl is novacane. Because of her he is numb to all other women out there. His reference to her being an aspiring dentist is your 1st clue. Dentist give novacaine to numb the pain. He feels pain for losing her, so he wants novacaine to numb the pain.

    HIS sexual preference does not determine who he speaks of. When U listen to music u are pose to listen to the words. Put yourself in the moment. A woman can have a novacane experience.


    #2 top rated interpretation:
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    Jan 29th 2012 report

    This Song Is Abt Him Going To A Concert Where He Is Confronted By A Groupie. She Is On Drugs To Be Numb Abt The Things She Does To Pay For Her Education. He Falls For Her And Loses Her Somehow And He Stays At Berkerley Hoping To See Her And Maybe Win Her Back. He Started Doing Drugs With Her Because He Wanted To Be Close To Her. But It Didnt Work Out How He Planned. Here He Is Alone And Hooked On Drugs. He Tries Every Drug Imaginable To Try And Get The Feelings He Had When He Was Getting High With Her Back But To No Avail. So Now He Just Gets High And Has Sex With Numerous Faceless Females To Get The Emptiness, Loneliness, And Guilt He Feels To Go Away. He Cant Stop Because He Hates The Feelings But Only Has The Feelings Because Of The Drugs He Continually Takes. Its A Circle Of Destruction. Its Just A Story Of Love, How He Lost It And The Price He Pays For Loving Someone With All That Emotional Baggage, Its A Very Very Unfair Price Because You Cant Help Who You Love


    #3 top rated interpretation:
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    Jun 16th 2011 report

    The song is about how frank ocean fell for a girl
    Whom he was freinds with benefits.. He fell for her and now can't find anyone like her he feels numb and empty because he can't get that feelin back

  4. anonymous
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    Sep 22nd report

    He was already numb and she as well is numb. She has dreams and goals that she’s chasing whereas he’s falling for her, but her mind isn’t on him it’s on her career. He lost her and was easily distracted. They both do drugs to numb the pain but as everyone knows usually when you do drugs it gives you a euphoric high but in this case instead of it bringing him happiness it brought more attention to his sadness and his longing for who she truly is. He can’t have her back and is describing the repetitive feeling of being empty and how nothing satisfies him anymore since that moment

  5. anonymous
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    Dec 14th 2021 report

    Song is clearly about hollywood in general. Frank is giving us brief visual of how the music industry and hollywood operates. Drugs, parties, women, sex sex sex. He's been doped up and sexually active he starts to actually enjoy doing the drugs because it was the only thing helping with the consequences of fame. He wakes up only to do cocaine his normal life since fame no longer existed only bad bitches and strippers.

  6. anonymous
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    Jan 15th 2021 report

    Frank is fighting with his sexuality in this song. It’s prevalent from the beginning when he says “Can’t feel nothin, superhuman/ even when I’m fuckin, viagra poppin”. Frank doesn’t have any real connection or intimacy when having sex with the opposite gender. This theme continues through the whole song.

  7. anonymous
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    Jan 11th 2021 report

    He means that he's numb to all the pain women has put him threw and he met a similar person that's been through the same stuff as him.

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  8. anonymous
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    Dec 16th 2020 report

    I feel like this song is about how Frank Ocean perceives this women that he met a Coachella that does porn to pay for her. She does porn to pay for her college tuition to peruse her career as a Dentist. Somehow they lost each other and he's numbing the pain of not being able to see her anymore. So he's taking novacane to numb the pain.

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  9. anonymous
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    Sep 10th 2017 report

    I think it is about the shot you get at your dentist office. Like wow okay can't feel my face flywheel Viagra.

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  10. anonymous
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    Mar 22nd 2017 report

    This is a true story about a man meeting a woman at coachella.

  11. anonymous
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    Dec 12th 2014 report

    I believe the song is about how he's fighting the truth of his sexuality and is trying to be with a woman to see if what he's feeling about the same sex is real. He's hoping that maybe just maybe he'll feel something for a woman, but he feels nothing. There's no feeling. No connection. Numb like novacane.

  12. anonymous
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    Oct 4th 2012 report

    Frank ocean is homosexual, so this song is about how he can't love girls. He is numb he wished he could feel something.

  13. anonymous
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    Jul 31st 2012 report

    I think these lyrics are written vague on purpose, to keep them broadly relatable, and thus any intepretation based on the dark mood must be true. But in my view they evolve around the exsistential numbness and ways of coping, in this case the desperate love. It seems that just as he is trying to loose himself in this girl, she is trying to loose herself in drugs. And both of them is running from a reality that is somehow less than they imagined - she is fucking for a living and his fame is hollow. They both wanted and deserved better but thats just how it went, and the lyrics is refreshingly unsentimental. It does not seem to be the drugs thats the problem, its that they are never enought, meaning that the real issue is lying untouched underneath. I think this relates perfectly well to the theme in "swim good", the fight for staying over water in a sea with no percievable end.
    In that way they can relate to the generation thats just now trying to enter the adult world and jobmarked. The fight for finding a place to stay, and the nessesity to give up dreams to stay alive. The fact that we never got the world that we were promised.
    And, btw, sorry about the language - english is not my native tounge.

  14. anonymous
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    Jul 14th 2012 report

    I believe that Novacane was an interpretation of how most rappers percieve fame. It's enticing at first- the lights, fame, groupies, etc... but after a while, they start to feel numb. During this, drugs are used and abused, as they hope to feel that high that they had back in their prime

  15. anonymous
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    Nov 30th 2011 report

    He fell for a porn star who was aspiring to be a dentist. He didn't give a shit about her porn star job, but more her dreams of being a dentist. When she's gone, he realizes he needs her to rid the pain.

  16. anonymous
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    Nov 6th 2011 report

    This song is about him meeting a girl who is in college tryna be a dentist, then they become more than friends, he's having sex with her and she giving him novacane, a drug used to numb you used by dentists. He is novacane

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  17. anonymous
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    Sep 29th 2011 report

    can't feel my face... from the movie Blow :-D

  18. anonymous
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    Aug 26th 2011 report

    to me, it's another song about the classic "sex and drugs" theme that has been prevelant throughout music since rock and roll. sex sells and it sells better with drugs. sex and drugs go together better than peanut butter and jelly. sounds bad, but who can argue that? every red blooded guy out there would love to f#@k a "model broad with a hollywood smile. stipper booty and a rack like wow. brain like berkeley."(and we all know he's not talking about smarts. i mean who doesn't like extremely good head?!?) personally, i think "smoking and ice blue bong" with a girl "paying tuition doing porn in the valley" has some appeal to it. call me a guy, it just does. that's f#@king hot. "at least she's working." "bed full of women. flip on the tripod. little red light on. shooting... been trying to film pleasure with my eyes wide shut." i'd love to get high with my eyes wide shut and live that fantasy out. "don't let the high go to waste. f#@k me good. f#@k me long. f#@k me numb." feeling that way must feel good. and now he's "feeling like a chemist on campus." he's trying to recreate that high with other girls on campus. "but there's no drug around quite like what i've found in you." that entire experience is something that after having, we would all want to not just look for, but fiend for again. i guess this song ends with the conclusion that mind numbing sex is the best drug around. and we all have those memories of mind blowing sex and the highs that accompany it (maybe not to the extent of this song, but comparable nonetheless). i know there's a couple of girls i think about out there. how about you?

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