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Song Released: 1988

Kissing a Fool Lyrics

You are far,
When I could have been your star,
You listened to people,
Who scared you to death, and from my heart,
Strange that you were strong enough,
To even make a start,
But you'll never find
Peace of mind,
Till you listen to your...


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    Jan 23rd 2012 !⃝

    These lyrics mirrored my exact situation so I have a different interpretation.

    I found the love of my life. We are both madly in love but, like many relationships, we had some challenges. Friends, family, therapists in other words "people" disuade her from what her heart knows. That is, you are the love of her life but you both have things to figure out. I was her star as she was challenged with her demons and challenges but I could have still been her star (her best support) if it wasn't for "people". What people said based on knowing so very little scared her and so she became convinced and lied to her heart. In the confusion of it all she denied a love of a lifetime.

    She struggled. She cried. She covered me in kisses and lies in her confusion and finally giving too much and feeling like a fool, I had to say goodbye. It broke my heart but my head knew I had to move on. I had to ignore my heart.

    So my goodbye to her would be to tell her to remember that when kissing another man or when needing the hand of a man she should recall that the only man she could ever surrender with(be exposed, unjudged and unconditionally loved) was me and that I will wait for her, because there's something about our love that can't compare. Or at least a small part of my heart will hold out for her.

    But at the end of the day, when looking at the entire situation irrespective of the strong love, I must be a fool to put myself through this.


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    Dec 15th 2011 !⃝

    This one is obvious.

    Remember Michaels is gay and at the time he wrote and produced "Kissing a Fool", his label had forced him to stay in the closet. His opus magnum, "Faith", was overlaid with abundant gay imagery, albeit hidden.

    Here he is telling a specifically gay tale, the toll a gay relationship can take under intense public disapproval. The singer is lamenting about the recently lost love of another man "who listened to people who scared [him] to death and from [the singer's] heart." The line "strange that you were strong enough to even make a start" suggested that the ex-boyfriend was in the closet and had recently opened up to "listen to his heart." With homophobic scrutiny, the boyfriend was made to "feel a fool" and he "let them steal [his heart]." The BF got scared, abandoned his love and went back into the closet.

    The singer defiantly challenges the BF in absentia, "We could have shown them all, we should have seen love through.

    The men had a brief but passionate physical relationship. Their love was intense, but in the end the closeted BF walks away from love. The singer, again in absentia, tells the ex-lover "But remember this... when you need the hand of ANOTHER MAN ... I will wait for you...there's something there, that can't compare with any other" In other words, as a gay man "listen to your heart", be with a man not a woman, don't listen to people who "will always make a [gay] lover feel a fool."

    In the end, the singer is heartbroken and it is he who is left feeling "a fool."

  3. anonymous
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    Mar 7th 2019 !⃝

    Great song... i tend to agree that it is written about a man that could not face the truth about george or himself. I feel his lover was not ready to “come out” yet and listened to too many other people. Miss george, fabalous talent gone way too soon... R.I.P. kind sir......

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 10th 2017 !⃝

    Yeah, it's about lost love.

  5. anonymous
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    Nov 27th 2011 !⃝

    Imagine meeting the only person you will ever and have ever loved? And you find out after 12 minutes that person is GM? Sheet. It is scary. Especially if that is you and you have skeltons in the closet that noone would believe the origen of. It's like a nightmare that won't stop. Well, that happens and then the man wrote a song or two. or even three about. I love monkey because it explains to me what I want to explain to him. Hopefully, You are reading this Yog.

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