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Gilbert O'Sullivan: Clair Meaning

Song Released: 1972

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The moment I met you, I swear.

I felt as if something, somewhere,

Had happened to me, which I couldn't see.

And then, the moment I met you, again.

I knew in my heart that we were friends.

It had to be so, it couldn't be...


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    Jul 30th, 2017 7:12am report

    I can barely believe the bullshit I'm reading here, calling Gilbert a Paedophile. For your Information, Gilbert O'Sullivan(real name Raymond O'Sullivan) babysat for his manager's (Gordon Mills)daughter, Claire, who was 3 at the time the song was composed. O'Sullivan himself was 16. When the lyric says "I'm going to marry you If you'll marry me, uncle Ray"(meaning Gilbert), who hasn't heard little ones say that to an ordinary, much loved adult or family member? He loved that little girl and she loved him, In a totally platonic way (he mentions them being friends In the song). How such a beautiful, heartfelt and poetic song can be twisted Into a Paedophilic anthem makes the accusers the sickos! If you want to see real paedophiles, check out Chris Hanson's "To catch a predator".


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    Sep 25th, 9:35pm report

    If I knew any guy had this attitude toward my daughter, I'd take her & run. I'd also tell everyone with a daughter: they need to know. Children are NOT available for romance or sex. Their childhood must be RESPECTED. They don't know anything about life and so they're at a disadvantage.


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    Jul 9th, 7:04pm report

    Well it certainly wouldnt be allowed to be released today, that's for sure, and that tells you all you need to know about the meaning behind the lyrics.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Jul 6th, 7:06am report

    Hey, anonymous on Apr 7--you say "It at first SEAMS to appear INCENTIVE...NEICE...INOCENSE." Sounds as if someone needs to go back to school to learn how to write and spell. No one is going to take your comments seriously when you sound this ignorant.
    The song is lovely. The ugliness is in some of your minds.


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    Jun 17th, 6:22am report

    Why is it then that the Clair in question is defending Gilbert(Raymond) O'sullivan publicly against such allegations?
    Reading such filth into these lyrics demonstrates how perverted minds work. You must be searching for perverted filth to even think you've found it.


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    May 14th, 2019 5:37pm report

    My niece fell in love with me when she was 11. I was amazed by such an event and played along with it, but from a playful perspective. I was 21 at the time and did not take it as a serious sentiment.

    Then when she grew up, and became a 17 year old -beauty, we met again . I was impressed by the fact that she still was thinking on me. This time we enjoyed non-carnal love that lasts until today. We share a kind of secret and unique affair that only belongs to us. I am 60 years old.

    I do believe that this man simply had the courage of saying that love is such a beautiful thing that can reach the heart of anyone.

    Yes, I believe that a child can fall in love with an adult, but the adult can't take that noble feeling into a sexual business until the child is mature enough to make the right choice.


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    Mar 26th, 2019 3:23pm report

    Somehow, I doubt a child who is being abused in any sense would say they want to marry their abuser.


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    Feb 3rd, 2019 2:19pm report

    Please my little granddaughter was telling me she wanted to marry her brother. Some may wonder about that but if you knew them you'd know he is autistic and she was thinking she could take care of him if she married him. What a lovie she is!


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    Sep 7th, 2018 9:23am report

    I also always thought this song is about a pedophile’s love and lust for a child. The lyrics say i all and i once played it for a man i saw flirting with a 7 year old child which made me nauseous


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    Sep 2nd, 2018 9:24am report

    When I was maybe 16 heard this song and it was to me the purest sentiments put on a song and sincere I liked it a lot and still do, I had my ''claire'' too when I was 18, she was 5, and never ocurred to me seen her in a pervert way, it was pure love her older sister was my girl friend , and of course she would get jealous at times now she is 50 yrs old..


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    Jul 30th, 2018 7:52am report

    Oh that a "wardrobe malfunction" had occurred on the trampoline and those cute little panties had dropped to the ground. What a wonderful sight that would have been to behold !


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    Jul 30th, 2018 7:43am report

    No one need worry about "ruining" the song for me. My mind doesn't leap to the gutter like so many of these sick critical commenters seem to. Oh what thoughts must reside in their filthy minds to make the assumption or conclusion that the song's author and/or singer had the nasty pedophillic ideas they quickly leap to. Never even would have occurred to me, as those ideas are not resident in my mind. Just an absolutely beautiful song about the platonic love for a young child.


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    Mar 15th, 2018 3:43am report

    Theirs nothing wrong with the words to Clair you are all the perverts not Gilbert go get a life and stop reading something into this beautiful song that is not their .


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    Mar 7th, 2018 3:39pm report

    His own words say he's a pedophile . he wrote those lyrics.


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    Aug 11th, 2017 8:21am report

    We have to realize that this song was made when world was much younger than today and love given to anyone for free without any personal prejudice like we do today. Also the cultural differences becomes very evident.


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    May 20th, 2017 5:28am report

    I really think it's an innocent song about the platonic love of an uncle and niece,
    However it does at some point in the lyrics lead to a misunderstanding that there may be a sexual pedophile connotation.

    Unfortunately We will never know..

    I would like to think is a totally platonic love between an uncle and nice
    As previously commented a young girl of 3 can make comments that she wants to marry her dad or uncle or whatever it's totally innocent..
    Bottom line it's us who give the final interpretation in the end.
    Just hope the sick ones are not here,... hope...

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