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Song Released: 2002

Dirty Harry Lyrics

I need a gun to keep myself from harm
The poor people are burning in the sun
But they ain't got a chance, they ain't got a chance
I need a gun 'cos all I do is dance
'Cos all I do is dance

I need a gun to keep myself from harm
The poor...


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    Oct 16th 2016 !⃝

    I think it's about war and how sick the world can be.
    War and anger and discontent.
    It's so awful and tiring and dreadful...
    We just want to dance. We just want to have fun.
    But sometimes that's not even an option.

    Life can be amazing and fun and joyful, but there are times and places where these things simply do not exist.

    Places with conflict and misery, pain and torture.
    Fighting and fighting and fighting.

    We worry about such trivial things in the world, OUR world.
    But what about other people's worlds? The worlds that need desperate help. ACTUAL help.

    We need to stop focusing on our own stupid little problems, and focus on their's. The problems that matter.
    So that we can all live happily.


  2. anonymous
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    Jun 5th 2017 !⃝

    I believe the song is about society. I believe the "poor people burning in the sun" are people in an unhealthy state of mind such as depression. They haven't protected themselves from teasing and bullying. They didn't have a gun metaphorically speaking. They took the risk of being themselves and got a bad outcome.

  3. anonymous
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    Mar 29th 2015 !⃝

    My interpretation will be on a more indirect level. "I need a gun to keep myself from harm." This could mean that in a world as oppressive as ours, we need to protect ourselves to be who we are. This could also mean that the gun symbolizes a different personality that people show others, but is not their true self. "The poor people are burning in the sun." The poor people can be seen as the people who be themselves and the sun represents the judgemental, oppressive majority of society. "They ain't got a chance" needs no interpretation othwr than that the people who be themselves, who are also being oppressed. "I need a gun 'cause all I do is dance." The gun has the same meaning as before and dancing can mean being who you are. The significance of the children is to show that kids today are being pushed to have a certain personality. Certain ideas.

  4. anonymous
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    Dec 5th 2014 !⃝

    What I think it means that G.W.B doesn't care about people in the middle east

  5. anonymous
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    Jul 22nd 2014 !⃝

    "I need a gun" probably because he's never experienced warfare before. He only does as he is told. As it also says"remember when I used to dance", he remembers what he used to do before he was forced into war or something, and wants to go back to his old life. He needs a gun to keep himself 'among' to survive the reality he is facing now. Its a struggle ya know, war and stuff. I think this is a really powerful message...

  6. anonymous
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    Jun 17th 2014 !⃝

    They don't needs protect themselves with guns. Also this is an anti-war song so yea.

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