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Song Released: 2011

Revolving Doors Lyrics

Revolving doors,what have I done? Someone on the t.v., them temp. on low. Revolving doors,what will I become? A redneck song.

He paid up for seven,but only got eight. And now,I feel that I'm paused by all the pills I seem to run here. On a...

  1. anonymous
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    Jun 5th 2019 !⃝

    My interpretation the beatles had reverse there songs for subliminal messages the paul is dead conspiracy happened all the way back in 1966 paul was driving in the night when he picked a hitch hiker and then the hicth hiker that paul picked up distract him and he crash wensday morning at 5'o clock on november 9 1966 mccartney was decapitaded and the beatles revese there song if you here the end of strawberry fields forever you can here I buried paul or is it cramberry sauce if you play revolution 9 backwards it will say turn me on dead man.

  2. anonymous
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    Feb 26th 2015 !⃝

    My Interpretation
    I think this song is about 2D and his new, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable surroundings. When he says, "Revolving doors, what have I done" I think he's talking about his usual life in London and he wishes he hadn't come to the USA (They even mention several times at Plastic Beach that 2D didn't want anything to do with a third album or the band in general). At the part about the "pills", I think he's taking his migraine pills again because he's so upset with all that is happening and he takes the pills at an attempt for him cope with the emotional pain when he mentions "I see no wronging". "Sitting in the diner" is also 2D's attempt of coping with depression and the Beatles playing are reminding him of London which is making him more depressed because the more he listens to the Beatles, the more he wants to go home. At the "seven but got eight" and "paid up for three but got only two" parts, he might be talking about the state of the economy and the government's rip-offs, which is also making him more depressed. The "stormy on the Eastern sea board" is probably 2D at the brink of suicide because all the factors are welling up inside of him; bumming weather, thinking of London, listening to the Beatles, the economy, and the pills.

    This song might actually be 2D's cry for help since Murdoc is holding him against his will to do a lot of things that 2D doesn't want to do and the Gorillaz mailing list sent out an interview with 2D saying that he thinks "'Gorillaz' is composed mostly of Russel, 'Demon Days' is composed mostly of Noodle, 'Plastic Beach' is composed mostly of Murdoc, and 'The Fall' is composed mostly of yours truly, 2D"

  3. anonymous
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    Oct 21st 2014 !⃝

    During an interview on 5th Pirate Radio, band member 2D said of the song: "I wrote the song after I saw a set of revolving doors in a hotel. It reminded me of how far from home I was and how much I was out of place."

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 19th 2014 !⃝

    He made an invention called revolving doors and he saw someone on the tv attempt it and the person who attempted it got into trouble. 2-d felt bad so he is saying revolving doors, what have I done cause of that!

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