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Halsey: Control Meaning


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Control Lyrics

They send me away to find them a fortune
A chest filled with diamonds and gold
The house was awake
With shadows and monsters
The hallways they echoed and groaned

I sat alone, in bed 'til the morning
I'm crying, "They're coming for...


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    Nov 8th, 2018 11:44pm report

    Halsey suffers from bipolar disorder, and the thing about bipolar is that it makes you completely lose control of yourself. Halsey tells about the kids being scared of her, then she tells them that they're right to be afraid.The parts where she 'sat alone in bed till the morning' and 'I placed around for hours on empty' refer to her feeling like no one else understands. She can't control herself, and that scares her. I believe that the song is about Halsey reflecting on this all and trying to figure it out, only to upset herself more.


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    Sep 30th, 2017 9:00pm report

    No no no. Bipolar is not meaning you have two different personalities. It is a violent mood disorder characterized by spikes in energy levels that cause highs often called Mania or lows that are debilitating depression. These episodes can last from weeks to months and cause chaos. The only disorder that causes two or more different personalities is what is known as Dissociative Identity Disorder formerly known as Multiple Personality. Not even Borderline Personality Disorder gives you two distinct personalities.
    But yes you're right this song is most likely about Halsey dealing with her Bipolar Disorder and how she doesn't know if shes control or if her disorder is.


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    Aug 12th, 2018 8:47pm report

    she does have bipolar and she is expressing that in this song but when she say "and all the kids cried out please stop your scaring me" I think she was expressing that it scares people when she is having a bad time with her bipolar and that she portrays them

    I think this is what she meant but I know she is at least talking about her bipolar


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    Jul 12th, 7:22pm report

    Confused mind when too much happens in life... Not knowing which ways to go ...someone or something may have confused her mind at a early stage of her life etc ....she wants to be true to herself ...but the confusion over powers the mind


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    May 11th, 5:35pm report

    I still wanna know who is “they” in ‘they sent me away to find them a fortune’

    Do u think it’s one of her personalities from bipolar?


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    Apr 24th, 4:52am report

    I believe that hasley is talking about her biopolar disorder and her song represents that like in " I'm crying they're coming for me " probably is referring to she's hallucinating. I feel as if she has like 2 voices fighting each other for her and at the end she asks who is in control that is hasley probably asking if she or someone else is in control today


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    Mar 22nd, 3:35pm report

    it sings about bipolar, a disorder that makes you have multiple personalities. And the girl feels like she doesn't have control of herself.

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    Feb 7th, 2020 2:24pm report

    I love this song because this is a good song for anyone dealing with mental illness like myself. I do think she talking about her bipolar disorder


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    Nov 25th, 2019 11:31pm report

    I just realised this what happens to us when we ask universe within us for Moksh or aka Nirvana. The arrows are with 'mor pankh' of Krishna .. peacock feathers at the end. Krishna is Mother Kaali avataar also born as Christ.
    I FEEL this - when we want the end .. the arrows of truth and compassion can take us down very quickly to end one Ego and then be reborn or restructured without actually dying. So meaning that in one birth experience many deaths and hence complete Karmic cycle faster. But this usually happens when you A. Are good and great soul (compassionate) however not balanced it with the Truth about yourself amd others. Or vice versa..
    Peacock feather is the evil eye buster symbol .. and Krishna os Kaali's Balance (balance of Truth with Compassion- something like Christ or Vishnu)
    Also.. empathy sometimes leads to bipolar and other "mental issues" .. empaths need to learn the hard way to say No.


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    Jan 21st, 2019 1:23pm report

    As an individual with Bipolar Disorder, I do believe she is describing mania/manic episodes. That's exactly what it's like yo. On one at the moment, haha.


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    Aug 7th, 2018 8:11am report

    Song meaning:
    She was rich until she became haunted and killed, and she roams as her ghost as she's so anxious, and she's a human to other people and scares children as she's floating, and she's saying to the kids that she can't help what is going on.
    Title meaning:
    She wants control of what's happening.

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    Aug 3rd, 2018 8:55pm report

    Interesting theory. I always thought that it was talking about her house being haunted, and all the spirits or demons trying to possess her, and she's fighting back, playing them at their own game. Your one makes more sense, lol.

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    Sep 28th, 2017 9:24pm report

    I feel like this song is supposed to show Halsey's bipolar disorder. That means she has two personalities. This mental illness can be confusing, so in the chorus 'and all the kids cried out', that line could show kids being scare when she shows this in public. The next one, 'I can't help this awful energy', could mean, 'I don't know why this is happening to me', and then that could lead to the 'goddamn right' line, where she says, goddamn right you should be scared of me, like two voices are fighting each other for her. The last line of the chorus, 'Who is in control?' which I also consider the most haunting line of the song, could be Halsey (like Halsey, not one of her personalities) asking, 'Which personality will I have today?'
    The verses of the story, like 'They send me away to find them a fortune', could be like, 'They send me away to find them an answer to what's happening', which could be why they are still fighting. It could also be 'diamonds and gold' to the personalities of Halsey's mind.

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