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Highly Suspect: My Name Is Human Meaning


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Song Released: 2016

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My Name Is Human Lyrics

I'm feeling the way that I'm feeling myself
Fuck everyone else
Gotta remember that nobody is better than anyone else, here
(Do you need some time to think it over?)
Look what they do to you
Look what they do to me
Must be joking if you...


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    Mar 3rd, 2019 3:32pm report

    The song is basically about opening up your mind and eyes to see that we as "humans" are thru society pathetically small and insignificant, but when you look beyond society and its "answers" you find that we as humans are a manufactured descendant of the "star people" and you can find your god and answers you seek when you look inside, and look to the stars. We are starting to become "gods" ourselves with technology,but we already are, being that we are products of our "Gods". Everyone needs to realize that logic and science doesnt have all the answers, the third eye will make everything the other 2 eyes see, make sense.


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    Jun 1st, 6:47am report

    "Get up off your knees, girl
    Stand face to face with your God"

    "Get up off your knees, boy
    Stand face to face with your God"

    "I'm up off my knees, girl
    I'm face to face with myself"

    In the end, once he brought himself up, he found he was face to face with himself instead of the god he referred to earlier. Meaning he was the god. We are all our own gods.

    "I stole my power from the sun"
    Humans have used energy from the sun since our inception. Not just to make use of the sun's energy for other means, but to survive. Our bodies harness the sun.

    "I came down from the stars"

    There are many pre-human theories that suggest the life prior to humans, such as the very very simple microscopic life forms, came from being carried on meteors and such that crashed into earth. Those simple life forms created the first steps towards sentient, living beings.


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    May 17th, 5:39pm report

    He is saying get off your knees. (Quit praying) Stand face to face with your god. Find out what you want. (Figure out what you really believe in not what everyone else thinks you should believe in. WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?)


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    Apr 23rd, 4:12pm report

    I feel like he is talking about superman and his race because in the song he says, "I stole my power from the sun" and where does superman and the other kryptonians get their power?, the sun.

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    Mar 30th, 3:10pm report

    He said in a email once that "We aren't all human, or at least we aren't fully, human" as well as "Do you think little green men are behind it?" saying we are aliens of our own, also if an alien saw us humans, would he/she think of us as aliens?


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    Mar 15th, 3:58am report

    He is saying we are God's.


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    Mar 3rd, 3:15am report

    When man makes machine man becomes god of that machine. When our creator(s) made us they became our god(s) in turn our creations will create and become gods themselves. It all comes around full circle. Man=god=man=god wash, rinse, repeat.


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    Nov 16th, 2019 11:13am report

    Transhuminism chem trail skys synthetic beings dronedvril cloned .. Nanotech. Yal r fucked


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    Feb 19th, 2019 2:24pm report

    He read the luciferian goetia, conjured the lightbringer or the sun. He stood face to face with a god and found out exactly what we really are. The creation of artificial intelligence is a head nod to the orginal scientists that created humans in their image. We have a direct connection in our bloodline to those "gods" that created humans. They used their own dna to spark life in our bodies. He's telling all of you to quit asking questions, take a chance, discover what these otherworldly beings have to offer and take control of your destiny, rather than leaving it in the hands of one who no longer has concern for us as humans.


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    Oct 21st, 2017 10:15pm report

    He’s dated a narcissist or raised by them or some pompous asses that need knocked down some. No one is better than you me them etc.. get over yourself!

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