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Imagine Dragons: Warriors Meaning


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Song Released: 2014

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As a child you would wait
And watch from far away.
But you always knew that you'd be the one
that work while they all play.

And you, you'd lay awake at night and scheme
of all the things that you would change,
but it was...


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    May 11th, 2015 5:42am report

    I believe that the main character in this song always wanted to change the world. He then died before he accomplished his goal. He tries to tell his family that they shouldn't grieve him because he is watching over them in his kingdom (or heaven, afterworld, etc. depending on your religion) and is finally fulfilling his dream of changing the world. The "Warriors" are the angels and the people he has to face in order to be happily deceased.


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    May 5th, 2015 5:49pm report

    I'm not going to go to far into my interpretation but to me it sounds like a pro police song, it's about someone who makes the ultimate sacrifice.


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    Apr 12th, 2015 4:23pm report

    I think that since it's one of the songs from the soundtrack 'Insurgent'from the Divergent Series, I think that it's talking about how Tris is trying to open the box and when the chorus strikes, I think it's the part where she succeeds and how the others can go outside their wall of civilisation.

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    Apr 10th, 2015 4:04pm report

    Heads up: My Interpretation is religious based.

    So, here's what I think it's talking about.
    When the song talks about being a child seeing everyone from a distance, I think of Jesus with his Father in heaven watching the world. The song says "Scheme"... I think its referring to the plan to restore earth and resurrection. When Jesus came to earth obviously he had perfect recollection of his past in heaven, but maybe the song is saying it was like a dream. Everything Jesus did while on earth was a very serious job,
    but he did it with great joy and love knowing it was his fathers will and it would help mankind. So thus the "But you always knew that you'd be the one that works while they all play". I'm thinking the term "Play" is used as an expression of one not being mature and handling responsibility. If so, Id think that refers mainly to the Sadducees of that time, false religion,and pretty much all of humanity since we are all imperfect. I'm by NO means saying the bible ever refers to "playing" as a bad thing. This is also NOT saying that Jesus was any sort envious of others. Rather, it was that he was proud of the work he was doing. The song talks about having to "rise Above the best, improve yourself, Your spirit never dies." Here I think this line, and the expression "Warriors", are the same. Not "warrior" as in warfare. During Jesus time on earth and onward, he told his followers that they would be tested and put on trial just like he was, by not just neighbor, false religion, and by the people governments. But those that studied his fathers word, improved themselves by closely follow his teaching, and example, were never to retaliate or be violent, just brave and vigilant preaching his message knowing that we would remain in gods memory, to be resurrected in the future. The song goes on "farewell, Ive gone to take my throne above". Jesus died on earth and was brought to heaven to be with his father where, not too long ago actually, Jesus took on the throne as King. The song says "don't wait for me". Jesus commands are pretty awesomely clear that there's a work that's to be done. It started way back when he was on earth, faded a bit, and then became strong again when he took on the throne, and we aren't to wait for him to come to earth in order to do the work. The Song says " the labor of my love." I feel that this is referring to both his on sacrifice and physical work while on earth, the current preaching about Jesus, his sacrifice, Gods Kindom, and how all of it a a loving arrangement for mankind and for those who have lost their lives, not to mention all those who have lost a loved one.

    *I can picture Imagine Dragons going "Aaaaand.. NO!" lol*


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    Mar 25th, 2015 3:14pm report

    The song is actually about the LCS players of League about how they poured their bodies and souls into the game where it is their blood sweat and tears when they are fighting to survive on a very competitive world where they are discouraged every day my family and friends but have the urge to push onwards. They were like every League of Legends player starting out small and they worked their way to the top. To prove that they had something to prove over the others and that is the real meaning. That those skilled players built the foundation for what they stood up for and what they believe in is right.


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    Mar 24th, 2015 3:18am report

    I would compare this song to a prince who is meant to rise to the throne and has to bury himself into his studies to be prepared. Consequently ignoring his siblings in the process, and he has no time to make friends in hopes of fitting in. While he is in his lessons, to learn humility and to be humbled he is tasked to do work that peasants do. While he is working he learns that there has been an uprising and one of his siblings has forcibly taken the throne. The prince has made friends and/or lover and hates to leave them but he must claim his throne. The princes friend's ancestors built this town/kingdom and now must take it back. That's my sort of interpretation.

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    Mar 6th, 2015 3:37am report

    this is a great song. It seems to me like this is from the perspective of mentor/teacher who is coaching one of their students or disciples through a pivotal moment.

    The great dynamic of this song is that it could either be really inspiring or really dark depending on the perspective you take. It is obvious the mentor (the person telling the story) is trying to leave his mark. Almost to the point of being a megalomaniac.

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    Feb 14th, 2015 2:57pm report

    I think this song is about two armies. One army is fighting for power and the other is fighting for what's right. The army fighting for power wins and the survivors are slaves.a hero comes and forms an allegiance with the slaves and they grow stronger and stronger. Another army is formed and another battle. This time the army wanting power loses. The slaves would do anything to get revenge and they set the town on fire. Then when the slaves win they rebuild the town and award the hero by making him king.
    My opinion changes every time I listen to the song. So I don't really know


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    Jan 12th, 2015 1:34pm report

    I don't know why but whenever I hear this song I think of sky army vs squid army with squid army singing... I know this sucks but maybe it's about two army's fighting?

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    Jan 8th, 2015 1:42am report

    I get almost the entire song. But it seems that no one seems to care about the
    "Farewell, I've gone to take my throne above,
    but don't weep for me
    'Cause this will be
    the labor of my love",
    which are pretty much Jesus' words from his ascension.

    No one noticed that? I'm not sure if it's really meant to honour God (like you could interpret with 'Demons') or if this is blasphemy.

    Any care to explain?


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    Dec 9th, 2014 12:09am report

    It sounds to me that the song involves two parties. First are those who are coming into their own, taking up the mantle of what has become substance due to the efforts of the previous party, coming with dreams of how things could be different, about what they can change for better or worse. The second party being those who came before who put hard work, sweat and tears, who fought to make "it" what it is and entrusting that to the next generation. Whether "it" is LOL or the world or whatever all depends on how you want to interpret it, it's all just as true in the end.

    However this was definitely intended for LOL


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    Dec 5th, 2014 12:19pm report

    I know this was made for League of Legends but when i listen to it, it reminds me of a child who was abused and as when a kid is abused they're very unsocial at school so they watch while they all play. They'd also feel like they have to take lie seriously and not play as much and work instead, child under abuse would also dream of of things they'd change but usually children under abuse don't get a say as the abuser would objectify it. A child under that circumstance needs to be like a warrior and battle back their problems.
    That's how i see it.


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    Dec 3rd, 2014 12:53pm report

    this doesn't have to be about LOL, this is about defying the norm and people who try to stop your dreams, and reaching your goals.


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    Oct 12th, 2014 10:13pm report

    I think its about a person who always dreamed big but wasn't into physical interaction with people instead he prefers online games. He got into a big gaming company and got his dream to happen virtually... He wishes his dreams to be something
    not so nonphysical and wishes to turn away but instead he realizes he don't have to touch his dreams to make them real.At least that's what i think.

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    Sep 27th, 2014 9:13pm report

    I think this song basically describes those that change the world. They were always odd children, different in the way they acted, their ideas. This "strangeness" allowed them to imagine completely new possibilities. When everyone is pulling then down they are always looking forward, struggling to make their voice heard. They fight to change the world.

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