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James Arthur: Naked Meaning


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Song Released: 2017

Naked Lyrics

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James Arthur
Hey, you there
Can we take it to the next level, baby, do you dare?
Don't be scared
'Cause if you can say the words, I don't know why I should care
'Cause here I am, I'm givin' all I can
But all you ever do is...


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    Feb 22nd, 2018 2:17am report

    I think he's simply saying he loves this lady but she cannot see it because she goes through life thinking if she doesn't need anyone no one can hurt her so he's telling her he is standing here naked because he is pouring out all his feelings hoping she will see how much he loves her.


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    Dec 28th, 2017 12:46pm report

    I think this song represents the guy giving all he has and how the girl is not letting him love her as she's scared to accept it and let it get too deep, maybe from the previous experience she's had from the past. The guy is asking the girl to open up a little bit so she can see how beautiful love really is but she's just scared of loving.


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    Jul 22nd, 7:57am report

    The song is about how stupid and hurtful Rita Ora has been to him. Wish more guys where like him. James Arthur is amazing


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    Jul 22nd, 7:56am report

    The song is about how stupid and hurtful Rita Ora has been to him. Wish more guys where like him. James Arthur is amazing


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    Jul 12th, 7:50am report

    He is in a relationship, but she is not willing to let others know or go public with it therefore taking it to the next level. He doesn’t like keeping their secret and wants to be able to be himself around her wherever they are. She is too prideful to show the world that she needs and loves him and so she pushes him away and pretends she doesn’t need anyone and it hurts him deeply. He is desperate to keep their relationship alive but also tired of being hurt and on the back burner. He knows that she is scared but he validates that fear by telling her don’t you see that I’m naked and vulnerable too? I want to give everything to you but I deserve more. You deserve more too, but if you’re not willing to break down your walls, we won’t work and it’s killing me to have to let you go. Please make a choice. And please choose me.


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    Jun 21st, 6:13am report

    i think the lyrics that says "im standing here naked" is a complete metaphor. he is trying to give her everything he has, showing her his true emotions he has for her, all the love he has his for her, hence the reference to standing there naked. however the girl has a very high front or maybe shes just very insecure thats why he keeps going "pretending you dont need anyone". he wants her to know he`s there for her.
    i dont know if this sounds stupid omg im only 16 but this song spoke out to me alot


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    Jun 17th, 6:07am report

    He wants some head.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Jun 14th, 6:28am report

    he put himself out there. He fell so hard for her and all he wants is for her to realize that he is there. He's standing right there all exposed waiting for her to reciprocate those feelings and give him a chance. It doesn't seem to be fair to invest and give your all when all you're getting only a part. He wants her to remove her shield and stand exposed right beside him believing he won't hurt her.


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    Jun 5th, 6:55pm report

    The guy wants a relationship. He loves her, he wants to be with her. But at the same time, he won’t wait for her forever. He simply wants her to open up and not be scared of being with him. He wants her to know how much he cares and he desperately wants the same from her.


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    Jun 2nd, 6:21pm report

    I think it's about how the main character loves someone,but they are afraid. Naked probably means they are stripped to their emotions. There is no pride in them. They gave it all away for this peeson they love.


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    May 31st, 5:25pm report

    I believe it’s about him wanting to have sex with her, but she is not ready. It’s almost like he’s trying to force her to have sex with him.


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    May 13th, 5:44pm report

    I think james wants to have sex but the girl isnt ready yet so he strips naked hoping to convice the girl to have sex and take their relationship to a new level


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    Apr 5th, 4:08pm report

    Sound like hes giving her all he can and her wall is high up and hes just giving and hes only get half off what he wants so he keeps trying to get his all from the person he loves and he wants the next level with her and shes not giving it then she keeps messing it up coz she dont know what she wants and he wants a her to pick what she wants and he not going to wait long coz hes giving up giving his all and not getting it back and he wants her to decide on what she want he cant hold on no more so he saying he standing there ready to give his all for her but if not hes ready letting go off her off her all he wants his her and for her to stop messing around.


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    Feb 17th, 2018 2:48am report

    I think the song is from the girls perspective and everything she tries to do, he decides its not good enough because he's so prideful. She's been stripped so far down by him always dismissing what she has to say, leaving her naked. She's giving all she has into the relationship.


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    Feb 9th, 2018 2:47am report

    I think his song is about him loving this one girl and he wants to go further but she was lacking love because she overthinks that who she is, is not worthy for him. So James proves her wrong and at the end they come back stronger than ever. If you really listen to the lyrics it’s really deep and people may relate.


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    Jan 29th, 2018 1:03am report

    The meaning could be that he is showing his girl that he is fully invested in her and her trusts her with everything


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    Jan 26th, 2018 1:17am report

    He is wanting to the girl to know how much he loves her, but he just can’t express it because of her standards he is imagining what he wants to happen, but is afraid that the girl will not give him a chance to express his true love

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