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Jasmine Thompson: Willow Meaning


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Willow Lyrics

Down by the water, under the willow
Sits a lone ranger, minding the willow
He & his wife, once happily lived
Planted a seed that grew through the reeds
Summers & winters, through snowy Decembers
Sat by the water, close to the embers


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    May 13th 2015 report

    I think that this song is mainly about a man and woman who married and decided to have a child (planted a seed) Summers and Winter and a snowy December passed all was going well, but then the child disappeared after birth, or disappeared years down the road.
    The couple dreamed of the willow (the child) as they waited patiently for the child to be born. They would whisper into the woman's stomach to the baby. They are wishing their life's that they one had before, with the child.
    In the chorus, it is saying their commitment to the child and what they would do to have the child back. They are, in a way asking the child to come back and grieving about the disappearance.
    Towards the end of the song it talks about how the man and woman will be happy again. The mishaps of the child will turn into sunny Decembers. The lovers will be able to find their willow, referring to their search and how they will hopefully someday still find the child.
    When it talks about the last day, it is saying how the last day with the child was the most important. They want the child to come back so they can hold him/her.

  2. anonymous
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    Nov 29th 2021 report

    I think the song is beautiful, I’m doing a dance solo to it this year and it’s getting me excited. What I’m getting from this song is a couple who grows together, from a young married couple all through their years. It goes through the song from “close to the embers”, maybe their younger years together, to “remembering embers”, meaning they’re old and they’re remembering their young lives. It’s talking about they’ll stick together and hold on. It also talks about dreaming of a willow, and to me that means they’re dreaming of their lives until the end and making sure they stay together. It’s a beautiful song no matter what in the end, and it can have so many meanings behind it depending how you look at it and even your life situation in some cases. Truly an amazing song.

  3. anonymous
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    Sep 27th 2021 report

    Willow sounds like a song where a wife and her husband live together, and they have children. However, the phrases “I won’t leave you, I would hold you, when the last day comes” imply that one of them is dying, like the husband died in a war, and the wife was there for his last moments before dying. Or, the wife had something they couldn’t cure, so the family spent their days being by her side until she passes away. This could also imply their child went missing, or died. The wife and husband spends the days with the child until they disappear or die,

  4. anonymous
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    May 9th 2021 report

    I JUST LOVE THIS SONG this is the best song i have ever heard!!!! Jasmine Thompson I LOVE your voice keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 <3

  5. anonymous
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    May 6th 2021 report

    This song means that there was a couple and they had a lot of memories together but the girl left, and the line, "If he had spoken love would return, spoken inside to soft to be heard." means that if he had asked her to marry him, then they would've been happy for the rest of their lives. People who are reading this, please don't judge me for what I wrote.This song is beautiful and I listen to it on repeat all the time. :) Generally for me, this song reminds me of the happy times I used to have as a child before my parents split up. And the other person who's cousin Amy died, I hope that you will never forget her and always know that eventhough if you can't see her, she is still with you. Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts <3

  6. anonymous
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    Oct 15th 2019 report

    Maybe I’m just taking it at face value, but to me this song just beautifully illustrates and rise and fall of relationships. He plants the willow seed, but then shares it with his wife, they carve their names in the tree and it becomes a symbol of their youthful and pure love. They are happy for years, but overtime that youthful joy leaves, the relationship starts to crumble, pride and pain cause the love to leave - if he just expressed his feelings their love would return. The song demonstrates several ends, and I think jasmine leaves it open. Singing about the last day could mean the last day of their relationship, when one leaves for good. Or it could be one of their deaths and they made it to the end. The bridge and subsequent final verse give hope. Someday they DO talk out their issues, the love does return, and they settle into their old loving relationship again... or maybe it’s a what could have been. Either way it is sad... and beautiful, and hopeful all at the same time.

  7. anonymous
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    Jul 29th 2019 report

    I think this song is about an elderly man (lone ranger) who had a lover when he was young, but them. she died. and he planted a willow tree, and he tends to it. He planted the willow by her ashes and the song is his child's perspective that he had with that girl.

  8. anonymous
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    May 14th 2019 report

    WARNING- This is my interpretation so please do not get offended about this

    I think it's about a couple who can't have kids but then they do have one child (named willow) who lives to about 5 but dies so they plant a willow so they can remember her and something else to look after. I think then the wife in the couple passes away hence the reference lone ranger and the man sits and remembers his wife and child

  9. anonymous
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    Jan 7th 2019 report

    I believe the song is about the Lone Ranger who had. A wife but most people think the wife died because of the lyric “when the last day comes” but I personally think she left him because of the lyric “ if he has spoken. Love would return” and when they say “last day” they mean the last day before she leaves

  10. anonymous
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    Dec 1st 2017 report

    I believe this song is about a man and a woman who had a child (the willow). They are dreaming about the willow that they had because of a tragedy (the child probably or died). And the parents are staying with the child until “the last day comes” (they will stay with the child until the day the child dies). And they will sit by, and remember the embers of the child forever (“remembering embers”). Also, I think the parents planted a willow tree to represent their child who has passed away, and they sit by the willow and will never leave the child who is in heaven. Later, the parents become happy and are not sad that their child has passed (“mishaps turn into sunny Decembers). This song is amazing and always touches my heart. Jasmine Thompson, you are spectacular!

  11. anonymous
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    Nov 3rd 2017 report

    I think it's about a young couple but he never told her that he loved her. He is stuck to live life alone and wait for the day that she would come back.

  12. anonymous
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    Aug 14th 2017 report

    I believe the song is song from a friend,or a child's point of veiw of a lone ranger(male) who's wife died.(down by the water under the willow sits a lone ranger minding the willow) now the man goes down to the water where the wife is burried under the willow by the water. the man has spent years doing this by a fire (summers and winters through snowy decembers sat by the water close to the embers)and the friend or child is telling the man that they would not leave untill the last day while he misses his old live with he beloved wife.(missing out the lives that they once had before)

  13. anonymous
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    May 2nd 2017 report

    I think it means how a man (the Lone Ranger) had a wife. They watched the willow grew as did their love for each other. But a tragedy struck (hence the ember) which left the man to be alone. Now he just tends to the willow, alone and missing the one he loved. It's like the journey to accepting his wife's passing. And at the end he slowly becomes happy again. And then he will finally meet her again...

    This song is beautiful

  14. anonymous
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    Apr 3rd 2017 report

    I dont know thats whyb i came on this sight. it shoukld be titled
    "Jasmine Thompson: Willow Meaning" when it doent give us the ture anwser from jasmine herself. but its a great song though

  15. anonymous
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    Aug 1st 2016 report

    I think it's about a family (the man and woman with their child (The Willow). Their child is dying so they're 'missing out the lives that they once had before'. They would stay with they child until 'When the last day comes'. By now the child has passed away but they still dream of her/him being alive. On the lyric 'into their willow', they specifically use THEIR. 'Love would return' meaning they would have their family back. They use 'embers' to refer to the child. They believe one day they might be able to be happy again, 'mishaps' becoming 'Sunny Decembers'. They hope to "find" their 'willow' (child) again. It doesn't specifically say where but I would guess in heaven.

  16. anonymous
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    May 27th 2016 report

    To me, willow is talking about any sad event. It reminds me of when my beloved cousin, Amy, died. To my friend it reminds her when her parents got divorced. It mainly reminds me of Amy for many reasons.
    1. "Planted a seed that grew through the reeds", when Amy met me when I was born (She's about 7 years older then me.
    2. "Summer, winters, through snowy Decembers" this reminds me of the time we spent together.
    3. "Missing out the lives that they once had before" this is how I missed out on my old life and how I have changed from this experience.

    My friend thinks of it for different reasons, but generally, a tragedy that has changed people.

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