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Song Released: 2013

Nothing Like Us Lyrics

Lately I've been thinkin', thinkin' 'bout what we had.
I know it was hard, it was all that we knew, yeah.
Have you been drinkin', to take all the pain away?
I wish that I could give you what you, deserve.
'Cause nothing could ever, ever...


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    Jan 1st 2017 !⃝

    This song is about a relationship that was picture perfect. Justin is talking in the beginning about him thinking about what they once had, he also mentioned that it was hard and the only thing they knew. He asks if she's been drinking to take the pain of the breakup away, which implies that maybe she used alcohol to numb whatever she felt inside when they were together and then he goes on to say how much he wished that he could've given her what she deserved. "Nothing can ever, ever replace you. Nothing can make me feel like you, you know there's no one, I can relate to I know we won't a love that's so true." He loves her, and he knows that there's no other girl alive that can make him feel like she does, he says that he will never be able to relate to anyone else the way he does to her and that he'll never find a love as true as there's. I think this song is about lost love, a love that could've been beautiful but in the end- didn't work and as Justin says. There's nothing like them.

  2. anonymous
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    Dec 1st 2020 !⃝

    Well basically it's a story about a couple who was just perfect, and somehow they din end well

    Many people do not end well with the person they loved the most
    Which made them happy the most

    So there's nothing like "us" in the world.
    Due to unwanted situations occur within life of a couple who were madly in love..
    But did not stay as together.

  3. anonymous
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    Jan 27th 2017 !⃝

    I personally think that the song is about two people who truly loved each other but went through a lot so it ended and not in a good way but he feels as if he was the only one is struggling to move on but overall their relationship was so picture perfect but didn't up like they wanted it to so he is really heartbroken.

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 7th 2014 !⃝

    it say that my life is so sucks if we are not together i want her but ??????? i cant do it so hard to move on

  5. anonymous
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    Jan 1st 2014 !⃝

    I could tell that this song describes how he truly feels about Selena,and to be honest I feel his pain you know

    -At first Justin says he is thinking about what he and Selena had in their relationship and he admits it's hard how it ended ,and he is wondering how can she just walk away without looking back like nothing has ever happened and he is wondering was she drinking to forget this pain,because obviously it wasn't easy for him at all and He wishes that he could have given her what she needed and he says that nothing can replace her at all no matter what nothing can make him feel the happiness and the joy he felt with her, and he says there is noone he can ever depend on and understand and he won't be lucky with the chance to find such a great love, and He says he gave her all he had to give but he is wondering why would she push him out of her life so coldly and he is lost and his doubts and wondering he says he is used to make her happy and cheerful and he says it's from the past they didn't last and everything got ruined and he is guessing it was meant to be and he is wondering was it worth the pain and the wondering? pointing out that they were perfect together ,ouch right?

  6. anonymous
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    Feb 23rd 2013 !⃝

    Obviously This Song Is about Selena Gomez,Its about the Way he feels about her
    Its about the Time They had together,Being so inlove eachother
    In this song,Justin is tryna say that selena was drinking alcohol,Hanging a lot of time to her friends.she did all that just because to forget the pain she had with justin.even when paparatzzi are always following them and they have both many haters because of their relationship they still stay together through the storm,"Nothing Can Make Me Feel Like You do" means that Selena is the only girl who makes him feel Happy and the only girl he truly loves ...

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