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King Von: Took Her To The O Meaning


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Song Released: 2020

Featuring: Polo G

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Took Her To The O Lyrics

Von, Von
Huh, what
Von, Von
DJ on the beat so it's bangin'

Just got some top, from a stripper bitch
She from [?]
Just bought a Glock, with a ruler clip
Boy, don't play with me
This bitch a ho, met her at store
You know how it...


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    Nov 12th 2021 report

    The O is a block with a project on it and it’s the most dangerous place to be on Chicago’s south side.


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    Jun 20th 2021 report

    The O is a street in Chicago its actually s martin Luther king drive but they call it the o because in 2011 a man was shot and killed there by a female both were known gang members the man's name was Odell giving the neighborhood the nickname the o that year there was so many retaliation shootings and killings that it by statistics made the o or s MLK drive the most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago it all started with odells murder therefor for short it became the street nickname for that area

  3. anonymous
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    May 7th report

    The o is a project in Chicago named after a man called Odell who was a gangmember shit by another female gang memeber.

  4. anonymous
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    Dec 21st 2021 report

    Black hole sun… if he tries to take u there str8 murk his bitch ass. Period.

    Took her to the O.. to that point… O-Ver the edge… thru the diamond/pupil of the all seeing eye aka black hole SUN … took her to the center.. of the universe, the nucleus…. Don’t get bombed…. Don’t go…. Microwaves radiation is already obsolete we have air fryers now… nuclear chemicals suck… we live in life in water.. to take her to the O WOULD MEAN FIRE HER … DIKE HER OUT,DICK THEN VAN THEN DIKE…. 3strikes ur out… drake gonna make a YOU ONLY LIVE THRICE

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  5. anonymous
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    Oct 20th 2021 report

    Anal. Anal gaping which makes the shape of a O. What else could the king mean? I took her to the O. You had sexual intercourse anally in which it was shaped in an O.

  6. anonymous
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    Sep 26th 2021 report

    Kankakee is a town in Illinois whoever said it could be Kentucky no it is in Illinois a town not too far from Chicago

  7. anonymous
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    Apr 29th 2021 report

    Ight interpretation I’m high rn so y’all have fun reading this ;)
    bangin ; sound effect intro to the song
    Von Von: establishing himself as the author to the song
    Huh what’: this could be the voice of the guy(the big goofy) mentioned later on in this song
    Von Von: von in this line is asserting his place by having the last day before the intro rolls foreshadowing the later events of the song where he is the one alive after shooting the “stripper b*ches’ man)
    Producer tag:
    DJ on the beat so it’s bangin

    Von is stating that he had recieved top(a blowjob) from a stripper bitch(the use of the word bitch signifies that he doesn’t care about the stripper and that she isn’t a priority to him) . The stripper was from kankakee which I’m not to sure but it could be the city or hood the stripper is from; however the lyrics
    Are not very clear thus another interpretation could be shes from “Kentucky” which isn’t very far stretched considering Kentucky is a 6 hour drive from Chicago which is where von resides meaning this situation probably took place somewhere in Indiana which is in the middle of those two locations.

    Just bought a glock with a ruler clip. Boy don’t play with me:
    Von is pretty much saying that after he recieved top from the stripper. He had bought a glock(a semi-automatic pistol) . A ruler clip is an around 12 inch extended clip for ammunition (the word ruler was used because 12 inches = 30 cm which is the length of a ruler). The secound line “boy don’t play with me” could mean either that literally the girl was trying to set him up (referencing to the use of “just”, meaning he bought it recently) or it could be more broad as in a message to his enemies/opps.

    Took her to the O: ik i sort of skipped half the song my bad but this line really got my attention as I don’t know what an o is myself. Many people take this line too deep and philosophical and talk about how the “o” is being faded with the stripper. However considering the previous events of the song , everything seemed to cut to a point. It was all literal and each event set up the next line. Hence the correct interpretation of the “O” would be that von had took the stripper to a cultasac. This is because they were both already in the vehicle prior to this line which makes more sense calling the “o” an abondond cultasac where they went to the other definition of “o”.

  8. anonymous
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    Dec 9th 2020 report

    I don't really know all the lyrics (saying that makes me feel dumb) all I know is the chorus it goes "just got some top from this stripper bitch, she from kankakee, just bought a glock with a ruler clip boy don't play with me this bitch a ho, met her at the store you know how it goes she wanna smoke so I bought some dope and took her to the O." I think the meaning of this part is he heard from this girl and shes a stripper and shes from kankakee he recently bought a glock with a ruler clip she is playing with him he is stating that she is a ho how he met her was at the store he is saying how it goes, the girls at the store wanna smoke so he bought some dope and they went to the O witch I think means they got high together and were off in lala land. Boom, that's what I think it means

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