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Lady Gaga: Electric Chapel Meaning


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Electric Chapel Lyrics

My body is sanctuary
My blood is pure

Doot doo doo
Doot doot doo doo

You want me bad
I think you're cool
But I'm not sure

Doot doo doo
Doot doot doo doo

Follow me
Don't me such a holy fool
Follow me
I need something more from...


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    Jun 1st, 2011 6:44am report

    I think its any place you feel safe and comfortable to be yourself, like a certain bar or night club, or
    the Monster Ball


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    Jun 17th, 2011 6:18am report

    I think it's about women who won't give themselves up 'till they're married. They only want to have "dirty love" or sex... Once they've got the sacred blessing of marriage. The "holy fool" is the girl who gives it away easy, so gaga advises not to do that. Yes, she sings about sex all the time, but I think she respects the people that believe it's a gift only for married people, and that your body is sanctuary. Married couples do it. And they can do it any way they want...why not crazy provocative like her songs. The word "electric" in Electric Chapel signifies the modern era. Basically, she's giving off a vibe that it's still cool to wait to give your virginity. She also doesn't want to discriminate or zoom in on one religion. She doesn't say church, she says chapel, meaning some place of worship. This could be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. I think you guys are reading way too into this. Have you ever thought about the fact that she knows she's an icon? She isn't out to collect people's souls. She wants to
    be different and her music and costumes prove she's original talent. Shes harmless and she does care about the messages she sends.


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    Mar 13th, 2020 3:44am report

    Hello my queen until your words I haven't heard anything about pure love. I was given that understanding a couple of years ago at the time thinking it was a gift but now it seems like a curse.love is the most over used word and the most underused power we have. I would meet u anywhere. Rock on


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    Jan 10th, 2020 1:39pm report

    Saving herself for marriage, making sure he is the one she wants to give it to.


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    Dec 22nd, 2012 12:57pm report

    anal sex!!!


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    Jun 8th, 2012 6:15pm report

    It is simply about feeling safe in love. That's the easiest way to decipher it. Searching for a safe haven in love.


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    Nov 24th, 2011 11:21pm report

    I think shes saying to marry her because shes sick of just sex..


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    Oct 20th, 2011 10:13am report

    To me it almost sounds like she is talking to God. "my body is sanctuary my blood is pure" like she is trying to tell God that she is a good person even though she is ridiculed for being a satanist among other things. "you want me bad I think you're cool but I'm not sure" it sounds like she is almost saying you want me to live an absolute Christian life and although I do believe in you (God) I don't know if it would be worth giving up my life of luxury and fame. "follow me don't be such a holy fool follow me I need something more from you" I think this is now god replying that she shouldn't be ignorant and defiant that she has to do more than just believe in him. "it's not about sex and champagne you holy fool" again God is telling her there is more to life and more important things than "worldly goods". "if you want me meet me at electric chapel 2x if you want to steal my heart away meet me meet me baby in a safe place come on meet me at electric chapel" electric chapel could simply be symbolic of the church where she is telling God to meet her if he wants her soul/life because the church is where she feels the most connection to him and can be free from ridicule. "confess to me where you have been next to the bar. Pray for your sins right under the glass disco ball" god is telling her that she doesn't have to be in a place of worship for him to hear her prayers that he can still help her in the most "sinful places". "follow me I need something sacred from you" god is blatantly telling her he needs her life to be lived for him. "together we'll both find a way to make a pure love work in a dirty way" god is telling her she can have money and fame but she can also live a pure life unaffected by sin.

    I am a HUGE lady gaga fan and I am not particularly a bible thumper although I do attend church every now and again and I that's what I hear when I listen to this song. I could be completely wrong but seeing as she tends to use biblical themes to a lot of her songs I don't think my interpretation is absolutely wrong.


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    Sep 4th, 2011 9:59pm report

    I think it could be about a girl losing their virginity, and she wants it to be special and memorable, but also in a safe place. She says her body is sanctuary and blood is pure, to me,this means she is a virgin.and she says "if you wanna steal my heart away" she wants the boy to keep her heart and love her forever since it will be her first time.


    Gladwin Capulet
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    Aug 26th, 2011 8:39am report

    It's about needing to feel safe to find love.


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    Aug 17th, 2011 8:58am report

    I think that the electric chapel can be seen in the Born This Way music video, specially at last (in the alley).

    She was in a place that it doesn't matter who are you because there you can be whatever you want. She looks herself like a queen. But actually, out of the electric chapel, there's a cruel world with prejudices and self-doubts, and now she doesn't look herself like a queen, but a drag.

    In the real life she feels lonely, and that's why she is looking for someone who can trust (''Follow me I need something sacred from you'') and makes her feel like in the electric chapel(''If you want me meet me at electric chapel'').

    But the world there are many Judas that can hurt her (''If you want to steal my heart away, meet me, meet me, baby, in a safe place''). That's why in the real life she feels insecure (''You want me bad, I think you're cool, But I'm not sure'').

    In conclusion, the electric chapel is oneself, the interior world of each person, where everyone was born perfect (''My body is sanctuary, my blood is pure'').


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    Aug 15th, 2011 8:50am report

    I believe it is also about saving your pure love for marriage. She's talking about staying pure and not being a holy fool. " confess to me where u have been next to the bar, pray for your sins right under the glass disco ball" she's talking about confessing and praying for forgiveness so that "together we'll both find a way, to make a pure love work in a dirty way" . Bottom line it's staying pure for marriage. Electric meaning, that it's still cool to do, also meaning modern and its just gagas creativity. It's a great song.


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    Jul 30th, 2011 7:55pm report

    There is a strong religious motif that spans the entire album. The beginning lines, "My body is sanctuary / My blood is pure" have a very strong religious undertone (body and blood) while at the same time suggesting a place of safety and freedom. This song may refer to Lady Gaga's concerts, which she has described as very liberating events designed to give fans a space to express themselves. The electric chapel is the idea of this safe space, wrapped up in electric pop music. The chapel also continues the religious imagery already. So, Gaga invites listeners to "follow [her]" to this place... the place of freedom. The line "It's not about sex or champagne, you holy fool" - in my opinion - responds to the criticisms of several religious groups to Gaga's music and concerts.


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    Jul 13th, 2011 7:32pm report

    i think the song refers to being in love or in a relationship and how you you cant be in a relationship unless you feel safe.


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    Jul 2nd, 2011 7:03pm report

    It is about Luc. He still wants her BAD and she thinks he is COOL.She wants a committed relationship...(I Am Not Sure).....She has not cheated...(Blood is Pure...Body is Sanctuary---SEXUAL HEALING??).Confess his transgressions and develop something deeper than drinking and humping (Champagne and sex) "Confess your sins at the bar:...They got together in his bar. (YOU AND I) we can bury all this bullshit."Caskets Will Fall".She wants a holy sanctified love and will forgive and forget.(make your love work in A dirty way) Electric Chapel is a symbol for truth and commitment.(IT IS IN THE Judas VIDEO.--THE ELECTRIC SIGN in THE DESTINATION AFTER THEY GET OFF THEIR BIKES.) She still thinks he a basically good man...HOLY FOOL... Meet me under the conditions of loyalty and trust. I NEED SOMETHING SACRED FROM YOU,,,MEET IN A SAFE PLACE. IF YOU WANT TO STEAL MY HEART AWAY. YOO LUC: this woman is hopelessly in love with you.(YOU AND I) The music screams it even without words!! I hope you guys work it out!! I WANT MY MOTHER MONSTER ECSTATICALLY HAPPY.


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    Jun 15th, 2011 6:03am report

    I think that there are 2 possible meanings for this song, the first could be that she's talking about her monster ball and her fans, the monster ball must be the electric chapel while the fans are the holly fools and she's in fact the other person in the song that tells them to don't be fool and follow the scary part is that she tells that love work in dirty ways so there must be something wrong about that leader who is calling this foolish people.

    The second meaning could be about her life specially about her early years as singer so now she's the holly fool that is tell to follow this person or whatever electric chapel means and the electric chapel maybe the music industry so now you got lady gaga at the beginning of her career she's not sure about what she's tell to do, she doesn't think that is right what she is doing but even if she feels that something is wrong is just a tiny part of the iceberg ( the real problem is even worst.) Then in the song after this begging tells her that is not about sex or champagne she says "love works in dirty ways" so in some way I can say that after that part lady gaga finally accepts the offer and well she follows this person, even if she was used in some way or even if she didn't know what was really happening at the time she decides to follow she accepts so now there is no return I just want to say that I'm not a hater is just how I interpret this lyrics and Sure I CAnT TeLL if Iam right or not the only person who knows the real meaning will be lady gaga


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    May 26th, 2011 5:29am report

    I think Electric Chapel is about women who feel bad about themselves for being dirty, bad or have done somthing wrong in their lives in a relationship way, and "Electric Chapel" is like a safe house where women go where they can be free in a safe way to escape their love life. Or to move on to a different man or woman. "Meet me at a safe place" is that place where people escape to.

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