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Lady Gaga: Monster Meaning


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Song Released: 2009

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Don't call me GaGa
I've never seen one like that before
Don't look at me like that
You amaze me

He ate my heart
He a-a-ate my heart
(You little monster)

He ate my heart
He a-a-ate my heart out
(You amaze me)

Look at him
Look at...


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    Sep 7th, 2012 9:55pm report

    Its about falling in love with the wrong guy (that boy is bad),
    the fear of a big dick (there is a monster in my bed),
    a boy who is a fan (Little monsters you amaze me)
    and getting crazy of love (he ate my heart and then he ate my brain)


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    Aug 7th, 2012 8:22am report

    the broken hearted girl.


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    Mar 13th, 2012 3:29am report

    This song can be take in several ways but it stick out to be describing how she loves hi, he cheated, and she couldnt stay away.

    "Dont look at me like that yo amaze me,
    He ate my heart, he a-a-ate my heart, he ate my heart, He a-ate my heart out"

    this could be refuring to how she was amazed he would do soething like that when she believe he would be different and instead her "Ate my heart out" meaning he went all the way and then left her.

    "Look at him, look at me, that boy is bad,
    and honestly, He's a wolf in disquies, but i cant stop staring in those evil eyes"

    theses words "That boy is bad" speaks for itself, "Hes a wolf," meaning he wants the sex but not the commitment. "But I cant stop staring in those evil eyes" She left him just cant stop to look back at him and just want hi back.

    "I asked my girlfriend if she'd seen you around before,
    she mummbled something while we got down on the floor baby
    We might have ....(F@%$ed).. the bed not really sure, dont recall.
    But something tells me that I've seen him, yeah that boy is a monster."

    This part is where it became tricky but i believe i understood it.

    "I asked my girlfriend," speakes for itself when she mummble something it can be take in two different ways. Her friend could be worried about her friend mumbling he has either cheated on her already but she doenst want to tell gaga, it could also be that the girl was the one cheated on by him but her friend doesnt say anything hopping gaga will cauch on soon.hey fucked but soon she realized who he was and saw him as a minster for cheating on her.

    "He licked his lips
    said to me
    girl you look good enough to eat
    put his arms around me
    said no (Now??) boy get your paws right off of me."

    he still wants her but in return she gives him no attencion, when he tries to sweet talk her hold her like he did before she pusshes him away saying im over you.

    "He ate my heart,
    he ate my heart instead
    he's a monster in my bed,
    I wanna just dance but he took me home instead
    uh-oh their was a monster in my bed
    we frenched kiss on a subway train
    he tore my clothes right off,
    he ate my heart, and then he ate my brain"

    still just as challenging. She wanted to jst be out on a night of the twon with friends but then he spotted his birdy again. he got her back with his sweet stak and "took me home instead." They kissed again, had sex and when she woke up he left heating her heart once more but driving her insane and confused, almost dead.


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    Feb 11th, 2012 2:21pm report

    it means that her lover ripped her heart out. (ate it)He played with her feelings and stole her heart!


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    Oct 12th, 2011 10:49am report

    My interpretation
    I think its about a player who seduces a naief girl whos looking for love. She is a self discloser, shows him here vulnerble side and then it turns out he only wanted her for a one night stand. her friends warned her about him because they now hes reputation. They know how sensitive she is and only sees the good in people. At the end he ate her heart and above all of it he had a big dick and that more pain was done


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    Oct 10th, 2011 10:03pm report

    She fell in love with a guy and somehow he broke her heart she ate her heart as she cant love and he ate her brain she no longer knows how.


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    Aug 25th, 2011 8:43pm report

    I think that the song "Monster" is about a girl who gets raped on her date because in this song she says "He's a wolf in disguise" he may look like a nice guy but on the inside he's a wolf in disguise.


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    Jul 14th, 2011 7:42pm report

    I think it's that she got date raped. /=


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    Jun 13th, 2011 6:27pm report

    I interpret it as she is talking about a guy she is messing with who is a so called "Monster" or a bad guy who she falls for and he "eats her heart" (steals her heart) and eats her brain ( she falls for him) even though everyone is probably against it


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    May 6th, 2011 5:05pm report

    NO NO NO NO... she said it herself in an interview... seh said everysong in the fame monster has to do with "a fear of something" and when asked about monster she said it was "fear of a big dick"

    and i totally get it now:

    "I've never seen one like that before"

    "You amaze me"

    "Uh oh! There was a MONSTER in my bed"


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    May 6th, 2011 5:07am report

    I think that she probably fell in love with the wrong guy and she got dumped "he ate my heart out"..


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    Apr 14th, 2011 4:14pm report

    This song is about falling in love with the wrong guy, and she wants to leave him but she can't


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    Mar 25th, 2011 3:47pm report

    i think this song means that he broke her heart. like it says "we frech kissed on a subway train, he tore my clothes right off he ate my heart and then he ate my brain" they kissed and made love, then he either dumped her or cheated on her.She really thought he loved her.


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    Mar 18th, 2011 3:36pm report

    It could be about cannabalism...
    It's probably about sex, though.


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    Feb 26th, 2011 2:39pm report

    This song Monster by Lady gaga. Could it be about sex when she says he ate my heart??? Or when she says the guy took her clothes right off??? She is talking about sex and every sentence of this song.

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