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Hey fellas, have you heard the news?
You know that Annie's back in town?
It won't take long, just watch and see
How the fellas lay their money down

Her style is new, but the face the same
As it was so long ago
But from her eyes, a...

  1. anonymous
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    Feb 14th 2021 !⃝

    It’s stupid to assume she’s a slut or prostitute. She could just as easily have been a regular girl- next-door who likes to date a lot of guys . I have known girls and women like that and they weren’t prostitutes. Do you assume that every man who likes to date lots of women is a male prostitute? Or a slut? You seem to have quite the double standard. Double standards are BS and you should know better.

  2. thetruth
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    Feb 4th 2017 !⃝

    Its about time the truth came out. Most of LZ lyics are about jimmy pages first love. He had a child with her in April 1962. She messed him him around with other guys. She broke his heart. He left his child behind. They went thier separate ways. I know as the woman is my mother and the son was my brother.

  3. thetruth
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    Feb 4th 2017 !⃝

    Another about jimmys first love and the mother of his first child born in 1962.She messed him about with other guys. She hurt him so bad he left his child behind.

  4. anonymous
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    Oct 14th 2013 !⃝

    Led Zeppelin being Led Zeppelin. All there is to be said.

  5. anonymous
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    Mar 30th 2012 !⃝

    Heartbreaker opens side two of the Led Zeppelin II and features one of the greatest guitar riffs of all time. The guitar solo is also pretty good. Robert Plant's vocals are, for me, the most impressive. It is live with plenty of echo and ambiance. By the sounds of things the song was probably recorded in a big, empty room with wooden floors.

    On to the interpretation of the song. The local slut and/or prostitute of the town, a woman named Annie, has returned. Now that she's back the narrator is predicting how long it is before she starts breaking hearts. He notes that "from her eyes a different smile/ like that of one who knows." In other words, she's been around the block quite a number of times.

    In the second verse the narrator is telling us how Annie had broken his heart many, many years ago. But he's content now. He doesn't need her because he can "just keep rolling along/ with the grace of the Lord above."

    What follows is a short bridge. The narrator has managed to sleep with the woman that he loves. In this instance the narrator's proclamation that he was over her is proven to be false. Rather, he becomes distressed when she starts using the names of her other lovers and/or clients when she is having sex with him.

    The final verse is relatively simple. The man has managed to get with Annie. Unfortunately things are not going well. Despite the narrator's best efforts to supply for Annie by working countless hours she is continually cheating with other men. Fed up with Annie's shit the narrator kicks her out exclaiming: "go away heartbreaker."

    That's my interpretation of the song anyway.

  6. anonymous
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    Feb 9th 2007 !⃝

    buddy wrong jimmy
    jimi -hendrix

  7. anonymous
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    Feb 12th 2006 !⃝

    What the fuck does the way his name is spelt have to do with how the first person summed up the song meaning? STFU. They basically covered it by saying how "Annie" the hooker/dancer whatever has seduced the songwriter and he gets frustrated and gives up.

  8. ILoveLedZeppelin
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    Feb 6th 2006 !⃝

    Stupid! his name is spelled Jimmy, not Jimmi

  9. anonymous
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    Oct 29th 2005 !⃝

    I think that this song is about Jimi Page/another band member who fell in love with a hooker, who naturaly broke his heart, this song is about how hard it was for the person (probably Jimi) to let go, especially when she returns.

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