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Song Released: 1995

All Over You Lyrics

our love is like water
pinned down and abused for being strange
our love is no other
than me alone for me all day
our love is like water/angels pinned down and abused

all over you, all over me
the sun, the fields, the sky
I've often...

  1. basharoze
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    Jan 18th 2008 !⃝

    Well.. as one who has been through much in life... and believes that the story was written long ago... I believe you may all be wrong in your intrepritaton of this song... Why does everything have to be so ultra visioned.. Might be gay and might not..

    This song is true to itself, in that who gives a damn about "them" ? We are always pinned down and abused for being strange in our own way ... I'm all over you and you are all over me ... and could care less who wants to structure our perception of the love we have.. Be it gay or be it love that is not accepted by others ...

    Pay me now .. lay me down .. an accepted way of life and humanity ... maybe even a selfish thing.. but all in all it's a way of our human instincts to want the get for a give.. nothing more .. nothing less..

    Well that's my .02.. carry on ..

  2. anonymous
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    Mar 11th 2006 !⃝

    First of all, you know nothing about anything Live. Stop trying to understand a band and a song that is better than you. All over you is not about homosexuality. It is about the feeling you get when you finally rid yourself of the lover you have been with for a long time. Think about it. The love is like water, being down and abused for being strange. The love that was being shared was being misused for sex and neither party really wanted it, therefore it was abused. Love is meant to be pure and so their love was like purity, being abused. You get the idea.

    Secondly, "All over you, All over me". They had satisfied their lust and then they broke up and are "All over each other"
    "I've often tried to hold the sea, the sun, the feilds, the tide.
    Lay me now, lay me down" ETC its all about sex and its misuse.
    So there you have it. "Homosexuality" pfft.

  3. roxusan
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    Nov 4th 2005 !⃝

    This song starts off with the lyrics "Our love is/Like Water/beaten down and abused for being strange/our love is/no other/" which are a subtle nudge to homosexuality. The word "queer" means strange, so it's fairly obvious what's being hinted at. As the song continues, it mentions angels being beaten down. That stands for religious oppression of homosexual feelings, leading to pain.
    The comparison to water is anybody's guess. Traditionally, water stands for purity. Ironically, it is often polluted and thus "beaten down", just like the love in this song. In other words, society pollutes the purity of love by condemming homosexuality!
    Erm, that is all.
    CHOW! And don't touch the sushi.

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