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Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats: You Worry Me Meaning


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Song Released: 2018

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You Worry Me Lyrics

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I’m alright today, You gonna find a way to cross and you gonna get there
I’m on fire today, Ain’t no water here to calm or even put me out
I’ll find a better way, Am I crazy or the wind is gonna blow me down

I’m gonna leave it all out...


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    Jul 29th, 7:58am report

    When i listen to this song, i hear it from 2 perspectives. Depending on what mood im in, decides what perspective im channelling.
    I can channel it from my own perspective: a recovering codependent working their program to find serenity but worried about their addict's recovery. Or from my husband's perspective: an addict in treatment, worried about the recovery of his codependent wife.


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    Jun 18th, 2018 6:04pm report

    I heard this song and it hits home with me. I was in a 10 year relationship with a man who I had a GREAT life with...successful in our relationship, successful in business, successful in everything...then...he got addicted to drugs and everything fell apart. For two years, I went into co-dependency mode constantly trying to "fix" him and get "our" life back - but I was dragged right down with him. Everything was pretty much a downward spiral and all was lost. My life right now is a daily struggle just living day to day - and I fear homelessness every day. It amazes me every day how someone like me who never tried drugs or was addicted to anything in my life can be left to suffer more than the addict themselves. My pain and heartache is and always has been completely exposed...it's not self-medicated at all...so I feel the consequences of his decisions way more than he ever will. He still chases his high every day. He still worries me.

    So - when I hear the lyrics...here's what this song means to me:

    "I’m alright today, You gonna find a way to cross and you gonna get there..."

    (Me saying I'm alright...I've let go of the past...and he's going to find a way to cross and be clean just as I'm going to find a way to cross the next bridge and get to a more secure future without him somehow.)

    "I’m on fire today, Ain’t no water here to calm or even put me out..."

    (The result of me not self-medicating...there's nothing to easy my pain...therefore, I am feeling all the heartache and the struggles 10-fold.)

    "I’ll find a better way, Am I crazy or the wind is gonna blow me down..."

    (Trying to stay positive - yet filled with uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring.)

    "I’m gonna leave it all out there to dry
    I’m gonna leave it all out there..."

    (Me saying that I'm done covering up for him...I'm going to leave all the past behind...not let his drama or drama of others affect me.)

    "You seem tired today, were you up all night afraid of what the future might bring..."

    (Everyone's perspective of me and him, or me to him, or even him to me...)

    I feel fine today, I had dreams of you in places I’ve not seen before

    ("I feel fine today..." is us convincing ourselves and to the world that we do feel fine - but underneath it all...it's a cover-up. The next sentence: "I had dreams of you in places I've not seen before..." are conversational diversion tactics in order to detract people away from the truth behind the lies.)

    "You get so carried away, like lovers new to bodies first to touch you here..."

    My perception of him getting carried away by drugs and his thrilling addiction to them while I am trying to get him back on track and clean.

    "This ain’t a getaway, you build walls around your heart to try to lock it in..."

    What's basically happening to me - the feeling how I can't escape or let go - so I have built walls around my heart to help let go and deaden the pain of all my loss...meanwhile - he is building walls with drugs to self-medicate all of his inner pain that was there long before I ever entered into his life.

    "And upon the wind it’s carried over the cities and the plains
    You got time you’re on the mend babe
    And everybody wants the same
    Everybody wants the same thing..."

    Then entire section encompasses me trying to move on - and time is healing the wounds. For him, is that at times he does want to get clean...but can't. He will have periods of being clean, (i.e. "You are on the mend...") but falls right back into it. The epidemic can't be escaped by moving or running from it since it's everywhere ("across the cities and the plains...". We ("everybody wants the same thing...") both want him to be clean...but he can't get clean. There is no escaping because it is "over the cities and the plains...”


    "You worry me..."

    Me...even though I've forgiven and have moved on ...I will still always think of and worry about him forever. Even if he were to ever get 100% clean and our life returned...he would still always "worry" me.


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    May 22nd, 2018 5:32pm report

    The most revealing lyric is in the chorus: "I'm going to leave it all out there to dry up". To "dry up" is obviously a reference to an alcoholic going on the wagon. I believe Mr. Rateliff has struggled with an addiction to alcohol in his life. He also makes allusions specifically to the negative consequences of alcohol and addiction in other songs, such as "S.O.B." and "Wasting Time". I believe this song is about a couple, he and the woman he loves. It could be how he feels about her, or conversely he could be describing how she feels about him. It is about the struggle for recovery; you might "feel fine today", but you may also feel "crazy or the wind might blow [you] down." Though "you are on the mend" and "you gonna find a way to cross and you gonna get there", you have to realize the truth of addiction: there is a void in your heart you are trying to fill with a substance. Thus the line about "you build walls around your heart to try to lock it in." Whoever the subject of the song is, their partner sees their improvement but also worries about their nature and the possibility of a return to addiction, ergo "you worry me".


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    Apr 20th, 2018 4:01pm report

    I think it's about a couple trying to get sober. The singer seems to be beating his demons but his partner he fears is relapsing into old habits.


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    Apr 15th, 2018 4:38pm report

    He senses shes fixated/worried about a relationship's future so he "leaves it all out there to dry" meaning he's done playing poker with her, he's laying his cards out there for her to see--take him for him, hoping it helps ease her own worries. He cares about her alot. Ironically, at the same time, he's actually unsure about her..."she seems tired, up all night, building up walls around her heart to lock it up" and in a way has already moved on perhaps because he 'left it all out there' and because of this he feels content and free from it all enough to have moved on and he hopes she will do the same.


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    Mar 18th, 2018 3:02pm report

    A woman he loves has problems. He's trying to help her. But after all is said and done, he's still worried about her.
    So true to life. We try to help others, but never know.


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    Feb 14th, 2018 2:49pm report

    To me this song is walking away from your past.
    Letting go.
    You’re feeling good in your new life and it’s wonderful “I’m on fire today”
    “I’ll find a better way”
    Then his mind starts to wander and he’s concerned about the person he left behind.
    “you seem tired today”
    “Were you up all night afraid of what the future might bring”
    Then he quickly replies “I feel fine today”
    And starts “I’m gonna leave it all out there to dry up”
    So he’s deciding to walk away from his past
    Then the song ends with
    “You worry me”
    so still, even though he’s done with the past and happier , he’s still showing concern in some way.

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