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Queen: Don't Stop Me Now Meaning


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Song Released: 1979

Covered By: Glee Cast

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Don't Stop Me Now Lyrics

Tonight, I'm gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive
And the world, I'll turn it inside out, yeah
And floating around in ecstasy

So, (don't stop me now)
(Don't stop me) 'cause I'm having a good time
Having a good time

I'm a...


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    Oct 1st 2014 report

    This song was written by Freddie Mercury while he was at the height of his career. It's about him enjoying his life and living free. It's also about him traveling on tour and having a lot of sex with various partners. He was kind of going out of control with his fun and when his friends would try to calm him down he would argue against them. Hence, "Don't Stop Me Now". It was during this time that he contracted HIV and later died from it. The guitarist for Queen, Brian Mays, dislikes this song very much because of the meaning it has and the consequences Freddie and all of Queen had to suffer based upon the "Don't Stop Me Now" mindset Freddie had during that time.


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    Mar 10th 2011 report

    It's about him saying no matter what he's going to have a fucking great time regardless of what you say to him.


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    Mar 21st 2012 report

    i think this song is about masturbating. listen again and you'll see that too

  4. anonymous
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    Dec 12th 2020 report

    Freddy's just gonna sit back, relax, and have a hella good time. There is no care in the word in this song, its about how you should just keep going when you're having a good time.

  5. anonymous
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    Jul 3rd 2017 report

    I thought it was about LSD

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway
  6. anonymous
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    Oct 16th 2016 report

    A song about somebody that decided to start his life being happy and gay, not necessarily developing towards the homosexual way ''yet', but maybe as the out of control way of the neurotic. Made to be sext up and confused with temptation in bisexuality. In any case, a person full of personal happiness for just being joyfully alive to give it's love now to whoever's sex appeal would come along to have fun and go all the way in whatever kind of sex comes along and to ''knot'' have his disires stopped. Or, unless in otherwords ''don't stop me now'' is a song expressing and ideolizing the sexual freedom of what happening around him then in temptation. To experience the power of the egotistical ideology of homosexuality that was influenally glamorized within the sex revolution. Which was after perverting's men's conservative ass and whatever. To which the individual's normal way of life was lead in many cases to be ''converted abnormally'' to become another asshole or whatever for ''The Craze of Pansexuality'' liberal culture of the left that was on the rise back then. All in the name for equal rights that is and the freedom in need to have our souls saved.

  7. anonymous
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    Apr 4th 2016 report

    Thought it was about cocaine. Never mind.

  8. anonymous
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    Jun 3rd 2014 report

    I think that the song is about a rocket and a tiger in it going to space, GAY?? I THINK NOT!!!!!!!

  9. anonymous
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    Feb 19th 2013 report

    He is in a mood, he feels excellent.
    Fantastic song, music.

  10. anonymous
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    Nov 25th 2012 report

    Those of you who say this is about homosexuality, drugs, and other common interpretations are wrong. Obviously enough, he mentions men and weomen, so this song would have to be bisexual, but I would rather think that it is not about sexual preference or drugs. Truly, he just feels good, like when you just feel like nothing can go wrong.

  11. JimmyT
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    Feb 9th 2012 report

    As somebody has already rightly pointed out, and I thought it pretty well known, it was written after he rogered a huge number of Brazilian Rent Boys - whilst taking a shed load of coke.

  12. anonymous
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    Jan 11th 2012 report

    it's about sex, what do you thing that it means when he says "i'll turn it inside-out YEAH" he says that he's a racing car pasing by like "lady goddiva" (a woman who rided a horse across her city NUDE) and that he's a rocket ship ( a cock) like an atom bomb "about to explode ( he's about to cum), and he's 200 degrees hot!!.
    now tell me, who the fuck want to be stopped while having sex?? he also admit that he's not gay, but bisexual, he wants to turn a man AND a woman into a "supersonic man/woman" i think it's all i could deduce.

  13. anonymous
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    Dec 22nd 2011 report

    It's about him doing what he wants, what makes him happy, and how he's not letting anyone stop him.

  14. anonymous
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    Oct 14th 2011 report

    Apparently its all about freddie shagging 80 rent boys, provided by his manager, after a gig in brazil..

  15. anonymous
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    Sep 6th 2011 report

    What a gay fuck? It's pretty obvious that the song is about a very happy guy, in ecstasy, at the speed of light. So self confident that he defies the law of gravity

  16. anonymous
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    Aug 9th 2011 report

    Lasagna doesnt come in pots it comes in trays. Did you perhaps mean a pot of the sauce stuff?

  17. anonymous
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    Aug 6th 2011 report

    wtfh? "mars = prostate = both are red"? stomach is also red, vaginal/anal/oral lining can be red. so is a pot of lasagna.

  18. anonymous
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    Jun 17th 2010 report

    this song is clearly about promiscuous activity. what do you think mars is when he says "i'm a rocket ship on my way to mars". its obviously a mans prostate being that he is gay, and mars and a prostate is red, and a rocket ship is a penis. he also speaks of having sex with women, a so called " i'm gonna make a super sonic woman out of you".

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