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Stein um Stein Lyrics

Ich habe Pläne große Pläne
Ich baue dir ein Haus
Jeder Stein ist eine Träne
Und du ziehst nie wieder aus
Ja ich baue ein Häuschen dir
Hat keine Fenster keine Tür
Innen wird es dunkel sein
Dringt überhaupt kein Licht hinein

Ja ich...

  1. anonymous
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    Jul 18th 2014 !⃝

    I think this song is about forced marriage in some countries..

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    Jul 10th 2011 !⃝

    My idea of it is someone was hurt v deeply. As result the other wants to do the same as was done to them, or to make them feel as they felt. Trapped, sad, no hope-or light. To put them in the position they were once in. May be as a child felt, or relationship. Basically pay-back is a b**ch.

  3. FreakMW
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    Jun 29th 2010 !⃝

    This song is a parody to the typical textbook example American Young Family from the 50‘s, I mean a house, the preaty wife, the hard working husban, a preaty garden outside... but here, there is a problem that was probably preaty often in these kind of households, The person that is supposed to be walled in is the wife whitch is evidently abused by her husband.

    in the lyrics it says

    I have plans big plans
    I'm going to build you a house
    (Bilding a house can be refered whit to settle down and in a house there is to mutch space for just one person so it is for a probably young family)
    Every stone will be a tear
    (Could mean that the Woman is alredy fealing sorrow and the more the house buldin go on than more she‘s suffering)
    And you'll never move out again
    (There is a promise like that one that you make while a maridge, to be there for each other doesn’t matter what it happens, till the dead.)
    Yeah I'm going to build a little house for you
    with no windows no door
    It'll be dark inside
    No light will get in at all
    (That there will get no light inside means that, no budy could see whats going on inside. There is just an house and that's all what you see. So you can’t look behind the facade and know what’s realy going on)

    Yeah I'll make you a home
    And you are to be a part of it all
    (To be part of it all, part of that facade of an textbook family)

    Stone by stone I wall you in
    Stone by stone
    I'll always be with you
    (That he is walling her in, could mean that this kind of life was like an prison for young woman and again there is that „for ever“ promise.)

    Without clothes without shoes
    You watch me working
    (at this point the translation could mean clothes or just dresses, anyways that person is humiliated.)
    With your feet in cement
    You brighten up the foundation
    Outside there will be a garden
    (again it’s about to be part of that facade)
    And no one will hear you scream
    (that nobudy will here you means that no one can look behind the facade, and that you scream at all means that there has to be some kind of suffering)

    What a pounding what a hammering
    Outside it's starting to get dark
    (that it’s geting dark means that the day is about to end and also the work)
    All of the nails stand at attention
    when I ram them into your body-wood
    (again suffering)

    Even when I had so much to interpret in it this song doesn't mean so much and it don't have to be true. Even when Rammstein is a band that loves to provoce and to show the miserable of life and sorry for my bad english

  4. 19734
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    Apr 17th 2010 !⃝

    It's about someone encasing someone in a house without any doors or windows.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway

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