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Adios Lyrics

Er legt die Nadel auf die Ader
und bittet die Musik herein
zwischen Hals und Unterarm
die Melodie fährt leise ins Gebein

Los Los Los
Bop Bop shu Bop

Er hat die Augen zugemacht
in seinem Blut tobt eine Schlacht
ein Heer marschiert...

  1. anonymous
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    Nov 14th 2015 !⃝

    Speaking as a heroin addict of some years now (with more than a few relapses plaguing my conscience, too), the resonance of some of these lyrics inside me leads me to believe that whomever wrote them had at least first or second-hand knowledge of the somber romance of addiction.
    Describing heroin as music that you play inside your blood, especially from a professional musician's perspective, is so understandable for me... A lullaby that puts all of your pain-mental, emotional, physical-to rest... Poetry can be neither right nor wrong, but fuck if it isn't so *right*.
    And then, the words that I (as well as many more addicts, I'm sure), find so painfully & powerfully profound:
    Nothing is for you
    Nothing was for you
    Nothing remains for you
    Those words (in Deutsch...) will be my next tattoo. They are the cold, final, resolute truth... The culmination of loneliness sown from years of alienating & betraying loved ones, the emptiness left in the wake of ravaging guilt, self-hatred, and running away from my life, burying it in dope rather than facing it...
    There are so many songs about heroin... But somehow, across a language barrier, Adios completely knocked me down, managing to reach me, to touch me, to change me... Even through a thick, dark opiate fog...

  2. Avengedsoul34
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    Nov 15th 2011 !⃝

    Its all about being a mental patient and then going or passing away.They sing these for everything they stand for.

  3. 13r4cl1y
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    Nov 30th 2010 !⃝

    It is obviously about Herion, this seems to be correct because herion is known to give you constipation really bad and cause halluciantions.

    He puts the needle inside the vein
    (There goes the herion)

    Asks the music to come in
    (Herion usually lightens the mind, in Tills case maybe music would let him rest)

    Between his throat and forearm
    (The inside bend of the arm (usually were you shoot up) or possibly his heart)

    The melody goes softly through the bones
    (He has the sweet feeling on the drug taking place)

    He has his eyes closed
    (Then the hallucinations come)

    In his blood a battle rages
    (Probably freaks the hell out of him with pain)

    An army marches through his bowel
    (the constipation)

    The intestines slowly become warm
    (When the herion has run its course your bowels loosen thus you need to take a crap really bad)

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