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Red Hot Chili Peppers: 21st Century Meaning

21st Century Lyrics

All the creatures, on the beaches
Makin' waves in a motion picture
won't you keep this, inbetween us
Search and seizure, weigh the Venus

The dollar bill will
Return your ill bill
Mom and dad take your don't be sad pill
Turn the screw and...


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    Oct 10th 2006 report

    All the creatures, on the beaches
    makin' waves in the motion picture
    won't you keep this, in between us
    attacks globalization and movie industry, the condition and erosion of our wetlands and beaches

    the dollar bill will
    mentally ill bill
    while mom and dad take your don't-be-sad-pill
    turn the screw and twist my language
    don't frustrate me I'm contagious
    talks about increasing # of people with socio-mental disorders (anxiety, depression, adhd, etc), degree of partisanship in politics and news media

    it's my favorite combination
    comin' down with the favored nations
    deep rotation, mutilation
    learn to give and take dictation
    oh, oh oh, oh oh
    like the cain and abel
    oh,oh oh, oh oh
    time to run this table

  2. anonymous
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    Feb 14th 2019 report

    I think this RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS song is a kind of a Nietzschean prophetized 21st century western mind and her now problems, dealing with nihilism and death. all said and done after the death of his father when Nietzsche was a 5 year old boy. who warned us about the aftermath problems of what the western enlightenment ideologies of men that possessed them have done to the world without Him[God]. who've for the most part, those intellectual men stopped realizing the need to look up to the one true God that gave meaning and hope to one's life within his society and his language. And what can happen if we follow the unearned wisdom of men and his sometimes frightening and false egotistical dreams and wants without Him being around to decipline us anymore. a revealing song, made and sung by the great band, the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. where the lyrics of their song also have been revealing themselves to us in otherways of how the English language of the west and her words came to be used conspicuesly within the more- man made industrialized and corp. capitalized western society. where her original language source beginnings came more out of the old Hebrew and old Germanic language, but throughout time her language has been twisted and had her meanings perverted with mostly new modern Hebrew add on words before and after a conquest. mixed for the use of [V]Empire control manipulation of the people with the language that has been learned and used as a magick 'witchcraft tool' on one's mind to be divided and conquered,especially the lower classes of the masses of people who were considered just sheep and cattle to be used by parasitic and piggish intellectual elite sorcerers. this manipulation with the new add on words to language, more then less began after the last temple fell, where years later led up to the schism of the one Christian church between the eastern and the western Christians that gradually and sadly have been led down and out of time with the re written bible, which took away some good old words and the continuously have been adding new ones to the language throughout the re-setting times that changed the meanings of all kinds of things. which made it all the more difficult for a true Christian understanding, but a lot easier for 'rising corp. cults' to become powerful and sometimes malevolent dangerous when pushing their own kind of manifest destiny indoctrination, taught with the enlightenment of their words, by which enslaved us, and our minds even more towards this westernized un-Christian false reality made and taught with the new add on spoken words of false prophets and liars of many kinds that divide and confuse the mind, body and soul to feel spiritually and moraly weak, sad to say, which actually has been leading us away from the true Him, but towards sickness, depression and nihilism of the 21st century kind, but it seems that's all meant to be revealed and experienced for a good reason one hopes.

  3. anonymous
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    Sep 27th 2014 report

    Once again, on a spiritual and very high level, AK knows that History repeats itself, and this is the BIG ONE... He longs for his true Queen, she exists... She awaits him as well. Retrospect? The entire St. Arc album is devoted to the TRUTH... When 2 souls finally meet up, they will change everything... The Universe has waited for this throne for eons... 4 is the throne... 8 is EARth... And, I am.

  4. anonymous
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    May 10th 2014 report

    Shakespeare, where are you in the 21st century? Our language requires even more brilliance, untwisted meaning, and brutal wisdom to make a huge leap and real difference in order to find the uncomfortable and honest truths in a sick and strange world gone mad. There is still some hope, please help.

  5. anonymous
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    Mar 13th 2008 report

    With things going all out of hand the 21'st century represents to me a metaphoric slap in the face. global warming, inflation, jobs going overseas, interest rate hikes, crude oil on the increase terrorism and ignorance has come to this '21st century' and of course the mentally ill bill. where everything we previously had worked for is seeming more and more out of reach, but in the universe as the song illustrates ' theirs a reason for the 21st century, I'm not to sure but I know that its meant to be, and that its meant to be'

    its ultimately comes across as standing outside the square and observing the present and seeing the future as changing dramatically, its allready happend the industrial revolution is beginning to decline as things get out of hand, more and more people are having metal issues and 'don't-be-sad-pill' and we've branched off into alternative energy sources just as the Hubble telescope looks back into the beginning of time and spiritualism is becoming more globally accepted.

  6. anonymous
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    Aug 17th 2007 report

    I think the last person is right, it's about how everything that you say is right is right. There is no ethics in the world, because right and wrong is what you say it is. And if anyone says otherwise people hate you under the excuse that your racist although they are just as racist, maybe even more because there ethics is that whatever feels good is good.

  7. anonymous
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    May 23rd 2007 report

    I think it's about the 21st century basically and how we try and make what is wrong right and what is right wrong...

  8. midnitegreen
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    May 9th 2007 report

    I think it's about how we forgot about god.

  9. mz.Kiedis
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    Nov 5th 2006 report

    I really don't know but here my guess is that the song is about the band moving on together and continuing to make music, along with memories of their old times - it's not lost but they are moving into a new age.

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